A wish come true …

Since launching Big Picture Scrapbooking one year ago .. it has been a wish of mine to partner with my favorite scrapbooking magazine (gee … which one might that be?) to provide online education that supports and extends content in the magazine — and, so it is with great pleasure that I am announcing our first-ever Simple Scrapbooks class at BPS!
Check it out HERE!


Our January/February issue is on it’s way to subscribers and newsstands everywhere and in it you will find a very fun feature celebrating our 5th anniversary (another reason I’m so happy!) Elizabeth Dillow is the author and she has done a fantastic job of developing a class around one of the projects in her article.

Even better news? We’ll be running a class tied to each issue of the magazine, so if you’ve ever read an article and said "I wish I could see more of that project and get more information on the concept and creation" — your wish just came true, and that makes two of us.

{big smile on my face now}
oh, and even better news than all of that? You get access to our new SS classroom as soon as you purchase the class — no waiting for a start date. Buy the class and you’ll have three weeks to download and access the classroom. It’s all very cool (thanks to the team at SS, Elizabeth D and my team at BPS (especially Kayce) I love you girls!!!

I can’t wait to get your feedback.


  1. Yay! Well, let me be the first to sign up for it then! I love how creative you and your team are, not only with the projects, but in the means of delivery to all of us out here who just can’t get enough. Thanks so much for all you do, and happy 5th!

  2. Hoo-ray!!! That is awesome! I cannot wait to check it out – I took Donna’s class this past year (it was the only one I could manage with being pregnant too!) and I just love everything about it. I’m on the fence for Heidi’s class – I REALLY want to take it – but I’m so far behind with projects now. . .LOL
    Thanks for all you do Stacy – you are truly a remarkable woman!

  3. Just signed up for Elizabeth’s class and I really like the idea of “open” – signing up and having immediate access. Just wish SS was here, too. Anyway you can make it so immediately available? ;-).
    Delighted to learn of the BPS/SS offering – that’s going to be quite a powerhouse! You go girls!

  4. Cool Stacy. Can’t wait to check it all out!! Have a BLESSED Thanksgiving! Peace and blessings.
    Cindy B.
    ps. I signed up for the Scrapbook Etc. event and I can’t wait to meet you in March. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

  5. ohhh! very cool and what a great idea! I love that we’ll be able to sign up for the classes and complete them right then! Fun, fun, fun! :)

  6. way cool!

  7. Ok, I just have one question—do you EVER sleep?
    You are just a one-woman whirlwind of scrapping genius!
    You GO girlfriend!

  8. Ok, when I logged on to BPS today and saw the new class listed, I just had to check it out. When I saw the start date was yesterday, I thought for sure there was a typo…classes start on Thursday, right? So I immediately signed up, and YEAH!!!!! There was the class! I’ve already downloaded the information and listened to the audio. What a neat concept! And I love that I bought it today, and it started today! Way too cool!
    Thanks! And Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. That is such an AWESOME idea!!!! WOW Stacy, you think of everything! Congratulations BPS on another great stride! And thank you too!

  10. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! I have every issue and have loved them all!
    The SS classes at BPS sound terrific. I will definitely be signing up!

  11. congratulations! you must be excitied…a dream come true.

  12. love it, love it, love it! I’m printing out my handouts now and will listen to my audio next :) Happy anniversary and congratulations!

  13. What a great idea, but we shouldn’t be surprised! You continue to pull out all the stops to bring new and fun content to BPS. Thanks for pouring your heart and soul into the great endeavor! Happy Thanksgiving to the newly expanded Julian Family!

  14. What a thrill to see my sister’s name on your blog :)
    I guess I will have to sign up for the class!!!!!

  15. Stacey – you ROCK!! can’t wait to check it out on BPS! thanks for all you do on BPS and for SS as well!


  17. a BIG congratulations to you and your team! i love your style, ideas, and inspiration. thank you for keeping it coming.
    happy thanksgiving!

  18. This is such fun news!! I am totally addicted to BPS courses, they have been so much fun and so inspiring. No question that I will be signing up for the SS ones too!!
    Many thanks Stacy for all the cool stuff you keep coming up with, LOVE IT!!!
    All the best from a Happy Scrapper in Dubai!

  19. So creative, amazing, and wonderful.
    I am a HUGE fan of Elizabeth. She’s one of my scrapping idols. I am signed up already!! :) YEA E!!!! :D:D:D

  20. Yay E!!!! :D

  21. How cool! I love that idea of offering classes in conjunction with the mag!!! I hope you include digital classes!

  22. BPS has been a lot of fun this year! Congrats and keep up the great work. I hope you and your family have a very Blessed Thanksgiving!!!!!

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