Addie meets Addie

Have dreamed about this moment for a very long time.

I’m not Alison or Tara or Barbara or Cathy — but I love this!!!


Grandma is coming next week with my mom and my aunt Shirley and my two sisters — I can hardly stand it. There will be many more photo opps in much better light too!!

Oh how I love the women in my family — especially the Addies!!


  1. Lori in Spokane says:

    Such a pretty baby, Stacy. I bet you are just constantly grinning! And how can you not just STARE at that picture all day!
    I’m hoping you’ll share a “Christmas card” photo of your whole family, when you get one!

  2. hmmmmm I love it!

  3. That’s what life’s all about, right there… love it.

  4. perfect photo!

  5. Beautiful. Photos of 2 different generations and the shot of the hands is perfect. Can’t get any better than that!

  6. awwww….that is the sweetest thing!! :)

  7. ElizabethW says:

    That is wonderful – I’m such a big fan of family names – I think they make us feel part of something, stronger.

  8. Thanks for sharing your happiness! You are so sweet to send it out here and reading the recent entries has just lifted my soul today.
    What a lucky little girl and family!

  9. Awwww :) Those pictures just made me smile. Congratulations to your family on your new baby girl!

  10. I have an Addie myself…it is short for Adeline in our case. She is named after her great grandmother. Enjoy your Addies…there is always a little spunk when mine is around!

  11. Gorgeous pictures that you will cherish forever! Congratulations and happy days showing off that beautiful little girl!

  12. oh Beautiful Stacy..

  13. So wonderful Stacy. So so wonderful.

  14. I work with older adults all day; and I totally *LOVE* pictures of Grandmas and their Grandchildren!!!! Especially of hands! Congratulations!!!! I miss my grandmas! :-( Daphne

  15. Jolene George says:

    What great pictures Stacy. They melt my heart to see….very sweet to see the Addies together.

  16. Stacey, i just love the photos they are awesome….I can just imagine how much you are enjoying having pink lint in your dryer..

  17. Oh how wonderful! It was just amazing to hear you talk about both Addies at CKC…thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.

  18. such sweet photos, especially the hands one!

  19. I love these pictures. So sweet and will make such a nice memory in the years to come.

  20. Love that photo too. And in 50 years when Addie is showing her children the beautiful layouts you will create with them………no one will say……”oh My, she should have let Tara take that photo”…….Love Tara’s work, but you know what I mean. In 50 yrs, the people looking at it won’t care who took it. :) Great job!

  21. Amazing to finally see photos of the Addies together. I have followed you for years and loved hearing you were adopting (both our “babies” are from Korea).
    I totally understand how hard to describe the first time you saw and held your baby!
    I made you a scrapbook page and would love to email you a picture…
    my email address is
    Hope you are busy enjoying your beautiful Addie!!

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