Doggie Tales …

What is this thing?

It’s kinda cute …

I think it’s a doggie!

It is, it is … I love doggies {smooch!}

Ok, so this is what I do when it gets really late — make up little goofy picture stories. I think I should defintiely go to bed now. I just wanted to say thank you to Grace for giving this adorable little puppy to Addie. Grace’s mommy brought it to me at the Seattle show and I think that she should see just how much Addie is enjoying it!


  1. Stacy – that’s a mini album. . .story and all for Addie to read when she learns to read. . .go quick, make it!!! Yikes – how do you do it girlfriend??? LOL
    She is precious!

  2. I check daily hoping to see a picture of a tiny beauty. She makes me feel those special stirrings – like maybe two isn’t enough. Maybe another trip to Korea is in order for our family! There’s nothing like a baby – espcially when their internal clock changes from Korea to home!

  3. Oh, these pictures are so precious! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. How cute is that?! Precious. We love seeing your baby–and boys.
    Sweet dreams.

  5. so sweet! now was that an “open-mouth” kiss? LOL!! gotta love how babies kiss with their whole mouth–gotta see how that doggie tastes too!

  6. You made my day! And Grace’s. She was SO excited.
    She was sitting next when she saw the pictures and said,
    “That’s my friend mommy, my friend baby Addie with her special doggy”
    I just love how much she loves! :)
    I also have the photo of you and I together with the dog – and I’ll send that to you in just a minute…
    Thank you so much for sharing these…

  7. Oh my I just want to eat those cheeks…she is so darling.

  8. Just wanna say congratulations. Addie is gorgeous!!!

  9. Your baby melts my heart! I know that you know this already as you have four other precious children, but some advice from another mother of five who is a bit further along:enjoy every minute! I cannot emphasize enough how quickly days melt into years and years into a lifetime. Your children are your most important creation and deserve your creative energy! Just love ‘em!
    Check out pics of my clan:

  10. Those little stuffed toys are so soft and I think that’s what attracts the little ones to them. Addie is just so pretty and I love this series of photos. I also want to add, please enjoy these little moments with your children because time goes so swiftly. My brood range in age from 32-22 and it seems like yesterday they were all at home and I was so busy I missed a lot of sweet moments because time is a blur.

  11. She is just so lovely.

  12. Linda Beeson says:

    Just adorable!!! LOVE seeing your share pics of her. I missed seeing both of you at the Seattle show – I was too busy working!!!

  13. I think…
    if you make up enough picture stories…
    you could then print them all out in color on 8-1/2 x 11 paper
    and slip them into an album
    and call it DONE!!!

  14. How precious! I almost forgot how dry our little one’s skin was when he came home from Korea. Try Eucerin. It worked for us. Addie is beautiful.
    This is hard. There are a million things I want to say to you because of our shared experience. Just make sure you visit Korea at some point so you have first-hand stories to tell her about her homeland. I’ll always cherish seeing our son’s homeland. I can’t wait to take him back there so he can see it for himself.
    Maybe you could arrange a scrapbooking cruise/trip to Korea and China at some point.

  15. Barb Brandt says:

    Dear Stacy, Addie is so beautiful!!!! It sounds like you had a beautiful Thanksgiving. I was in bed ill from Wed. evening very, very late through Friday midday and so I missed Thanksgiving and I missed the mad shopping day.
    You recently sent me your new address and I have misplaced it as I am not at home I am at my sister’s in CT and there has been a lot of paper shuffling, moving in to her new house etc. I thought I put it in a safe place, but that does not seem so. So, if you would be every so kind and send it to my e-mail box again and I will be much more careful this time.
    I wnat you get Addie’s gift mailed. Have a wonderful holiday season and a glorrious New Year.
    Love, Barb Brandt

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