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Ok, I’m determined to update the look of this blog over the next couple of weeks. Unlike many, many other bloggers, I’m happy with a new banner about twice a year!! I did just add several new links to the Keeping Tabs sidebar (left) If you have time, check them out!! I’m especially happy that we now have a magazine blog, authored by Angie Lucas — she is doing such a great job. It really ought to be on your regular blogging route!!

And while your surfing, check out SmileBox
I met them at the Seattle Show — their website says it all:

Smilebox creates a new category of service called “creative messaging,” which draws from related categories including photo services, scrapbooking and greetings; delivering a new medium for communication that is unparalleled in its ability to convey mood, thought and emotion.

plus .. gotta love the logo!


  1. Hey Stacy — can we get an RSS feed on th enew SS blog? Then we can add it to our homepages and keep tabs on it easier! Thanks!!!
    PS I really got a kick out of your Clique TV video — even though I am not a mom, don’t have a house in th esuburbs, don’t drive a mini van and work in an office. I still enjoyed! Wow I had no idea you were so….CUTE… in real life!

  2. mom78968400 says:

    SMILEBOX is quick and easy to use. Just another toy to have. Sent out a layout…family loved it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. kathy stilwell says:

    I love the Clique TV video!! And have fallen in like with the lazy susan on your kitchen table!! Can you divulge it’s origins? ha.ha. By the way, you are altogether too happy AND organized. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Hi Stacy — I just wanted to thank you for the tip on Smilebox… I LOVE their site!!! What a fun, cool new way to send messages to friends & family! Thanks for spreading the word.
    Also, loved your Clique TV segments… really insightful into your day. You’ve got your hands full (I love your lazy susan!). And, thanks for sharing the pics to your newest addition — she’s precious!
    I would also like to know if we can get RSS feed for the new SS blog. Do tell!
    And, am I the last to know… what happened to Cathy Z?!?!? Her blog is dead and I don’t see any links to her from other blogs. Did something happen? I feel like a real dork inquiring… but would hope you could shed some light (can you tell I’m a worryier). I’m a fan of Cathy’s am going to miss her blog.

  5. I love love love the SMILEBOX! How Fun! Just sitting here with my coffee and playing with all the fun things they offer. Thanks for sharing!

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