Happy Birthday Girls!!

Allison Tyler Jones took some very fun shots of my BPS girls, when we were all in AZ for Creative Escape. I’m posting them today for two reasons, one — today, November 15th is our anniversary — Big Picture Scrapbooking is officially one year old. There are overwhelming days and exhausting nights, but I have in the span of one short year, grown to trust, respect and totally love these women. They are smart, hardworking, dedicated, understanding — and so generous with their time, talents and expertise — I count myself very lucky to work with them!


The second reason I am sharing this picutre is that the countdown is officially on, until we get to reveal how we will be using it — and the others! I’m not actually going to give you a number to start with or anything — I’m just saying we are getting really close, and you might want to hold your breath. It’s that BIG.

Make a great Wednesday and rememeber …

 "It’s all a matter of working
         with things to create a
Allen Kaufman



  1. Happy 1st anniversary BPS!!! Can’t wait to see what NEW & exciting things are in store for all of us in 2007…..

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wow, can’t believe it has been a whole year…and I have been in so many wonderful classes with BPS this year–Thank you for starting such an amazing program. I don’t know what I would do without it (can’t beat classes in your jammies at 11pm now can you?). So excited to see what you have up your sleeve now…I will be spending the beginning of the new year with a new baby, so I am DEFINITELY looking forward to more BPS to keep me sane!

  3. Congratulations, 1 year old already. Thank you for the wonderful classes you provide and keep up the good work. Can’t wait to sign up for your repeat class in January, I was so disappointed I was too late this year. Keep up the good work

  4. Debbie in CO says:

    I just finished my first BPS class and I absolutely loved it! It will definitely be the first of many. I hope to take the Library class in January and I’m just trying to be patient until registeration comes up. Congrats on a great year!

  5. Looking forward to what you have in store for us. I love this photo of you guys onnthe sofa…adorable, Happy Anniversary!!!

  6. HAPPY Birthday girls!I was just moving the furniture for the Thanksgiving carpet cleaning and thinking that a year ago I sat on my coffee table (which was in my Master bath) and talked with you about my first class!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BPS! i’ve enjoyed every minute of your 1st year and can’t wait to see what you gals have in store for us in the coming year. You ROCK! and i’m so glad you are here. Thank You
    for keeping my creative juices flowin’.

  8. A very happy birthday to Big Picture Scrapbooking! I have loved being able to take several classes with you this year and look forward to 2007. You continue to inspire me and make me love this hobby so much.
    It’s amazing to be able to take classes from the best in the industry. Especially being able to take them when I have the time. I love that. Since I’m expecting my second child in January, being able to take classes when I have the time will become even more important.
    Happy Anniversary!

  9. Congrats on one year! Can’t wait to see what is up your sleeve next!

  10. Happy One Year! You guys are doing an awesome job.

  11. HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY! I believe I have taken just about every class you have offered! I have had a fanstastic year growing not only artistically, but have restructured my outlook on scrapbooking with the Library in Memories class. Wow, have I grown! You guys are truly the best. I particularly love the idea that I can take classes in the comfort of my own home, don’t have to travel to the big city, have the ability to take classes from the big names in scrapbooking, feel the pressure of other scrapbookers around me, and have the ability to work on my projects as my time allows. This is the best BIG thing ever!!!
    I hope I don’t turn too blue holding my breath – can’t wait to see what you have in store for me next!!!

  12. Happy Anniversary! You all work so hard and it shows. Thanks for always bringing such incredible and fun projects for us to do at home.
    Best Wishes for continued success and happiness.

  13. I can’t believe it’s been a year! Congrats to all of you for all your hard work and everything you’ve shared with the rest of us.
    Great picture! I think I’m going to try that with my family!

  14. Happy Anniversary to all of you! What a great picture! : )

  15. Woo hoo!! Congrats on the 1 year anniversary. I’m slow at jumping in, my first BPS class will be this Jan with Heidi!! Yeah!! Don’t know why I waited so long, all I hear are great things about all the classes.
    Now, about what’s up your sleeves… would it have anything to do with PBS TV???? Hope so!!!
    I really don’t know how you do it… I guess after watching the CliqueTV series I have a clue.. YOU ARE SO ORGANIZED! That must be the way you get through your day. Busy mom, the mag, BPS, and your new surprise. Very inspiring.. Makes me feel guitly not getting more done in my own day.
    Thank you for all the inspiration!!

  16. Melissa Cavanaugh says:

    Awesome photo on the couch, I can’t wait…in a few short days, my son will be Allison’s willing (?) subject!!! She rocks, and BPS rocks too!!! I have signed up for two classes now, I love them!
    Stacy, I love the freedom you have brought into my life, not only can I take classes when and where I have some time, but I don’t feel constrained by thinking that I have to be “caught up” or need to scrap only chronologically… (tho I still fall into that trap once in a while), your speech at CE, well, it was uplifting and inspiring and I so can’t wait for my next class to start!
    I remember reading your book last fall, I finished it in one sitting, and I was thinking, wow, she gets it, she even scraps things like bad hair days, it’s about the everyday things in life too, not just birthdays and holidays…thanks for that BIG idea, it has allowed me to go beyond event scrapping…have I mentioned that you ROCK?
    Paula, thanks for your friendship and the adorable photos…miss seeing your kids everyday, any thoughts of dressing them like pilgrims or elves???
    Have a happy celebration, we love your BIG ideas!!! (eat some strawberry whoppers for me) Thanks again!
    Melissa Cavanaugh

  17. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all the awesome project that you and your staff have given us. It is so nice that you have listened to all of us, about what works and what doesen’t and just turned it into this wonderful experience.
    Thank You :)

  18. Happy Birthday BPS!!! Thanks for all the terrific classes! I’m looking forward to taking more! You guys are the best!

  19. Happy Birthday BPS! Today is also my daughter’s 8th birthday – definately happy day :)

  20. Congratulations! Or is it happy birthday, you are 1 year old! Either way, I am very happy for you. The photo is so awesome, you three are having way too much fun and it sure spills over into everything you are doing with BPS.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  21. congratulations on your anniversary! you love your work and it shows, that is an awesome thing:)

  22. Happy Birthday BPS!! Love that picture you guys look so cute on the couch! Tena

  23. Happy Anniversary and Congrats on a very successful first year. I remember sitting outside at Memory Trends while you explained the concept and Paula jumping in with the logistics. Amazing how far BPS has come!

  24. Congratuations on making the 1 year milestone! I have enjoyed seeing what BIG things you’ve come up with and can’t wait for an even BIGGER year in 2007 with Heidi Swapp!

  25. HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY! I just love BPS and have LOVED every single class I have taken! Thank you for everything!

  26. Happy Birthday to BPS!!! What a wonderful first year you have had!!! Thank you for offering fantastic classes (I’ve taken quite a few this year)and for the amount of time and effort that goes into each and every class…top notch!!! I’m looking forward to Heidi’s class as well as the other surprises you have in store! Exciting!

  27. Happy Anniversary!

  28. Love, love, love BPS!! Great classes and anticipation of great ones to come! Library of Memories changed my life and the way I look at the memories I want to preserve. Thanks for all your hard work and for being a blessing in my life.

  29. i have to echo the comments..
    congrats on realizing a dream. a BIG one…
    and thanks for letting me be a part of the future.
    i believe in this!

  30. i have to echo the comments..
    congrats on realizing a dream. a BIG one…
    and thanks for letting me be a part of the future.
    i believe in this!

  31. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Congrats Stacy…and Paula and Kayce, your
    creativity and classiness set you apart in this business. Stacy thanks for freeing all of us to be ourselves. I love your Clique TV series and I hopped right up after the first one and put on my walking shoes!! I have taken a few classes including Donna’s all year and have felt like I was hearing from friends every week. I am Lisa D’s mom and she has had a great time. Thanks so much for conveying your enthusiasm in such a natural way.

  32. Stacey – I’m a bit late to the BPS party – I picked up the book on the company’s birthday and now – I’m completely inspired and cannot put it down.
    I’m single and without children, but scrapbooking is sooo important to me because I want to preserve these “single” moments for my children – perhaps so they realize that at one point I was someone like them…!
    At first I thought the book would not be for me (b/c I don’t have children), but it has turned out exactly opposite – I needed this, so I can scrap the whole me and not just things that happen chronoligically. Now I know what to do with my favorite photo of my parents holding hands… it has a home and a story and I can tell it!
    Thank you for showing me a new and improved way to see my memories and my story. I’m looking forward to the Library of Memories class in January!! and to the new things you have planned!
    Much love to you and your family…
    Alicia Johnson

  33. Congratulations! I was just yesterday looking through my fun book I made in your first class!

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