Happy Turkey Day!

Read from the scriptures and reflected on all that is right and good in life.
Talked to Darci first thing this morning — she called from CA to get the puff pancake recipe.

Addie is asleep in her little backpack I can feel her warmth against me.
The smell of Turkey is beginning to waft (hope that’s a word) through the house.
Geof and the boys are cleaning the garage. Loving the busy sounds and the occasional interruption "Mom, where do you want Dad to put this?"
Set the table with my new Fiesta Ware (so colorful.)
Listened to Elizabeth Dillow’s audio message while folding laundry — laundry is done.
I’m headed out on a long, slow run, so I can eat, eat, eat the rest of the day!

Thankful for these and so many other "little" things.
Especially grateful for you — for scrapbookers. For women who love life, who want to make it memorable, who value creativity and strive to bring beauty to their surroundings. You are remarkable and I am so very grateful for the community that I feel with you.

p.s. new Making Memories peel-n-stick vinyl letters for your wall!

Enjoy your blessings!


  1. It sounds like you have a wonderful day already underway! Happy Thanksgiving Stacy!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
    Thank you Stacy for sharing what you are thankful for.
    Here is mine… I am thankful for my mom’s apricot stuffing recipe! Today wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Stacy. Best wishes for a wonderful day and weekend!

  4. Happy Turkey Day to you too! Enjoying a little peace and quiet with baby down for nap, bread rising in the oven, pumpkin pie cooling on the counter. These are days worth remembering and scrapbooking. Enjoy the rest of it!

  5. A long, slow run — you go girl!! We took a slow, lumbering walk! :) We feasted and slowly are making our ways to slumber — it’s been a delightful day — a year ago my husband had heart surgery on 11/26/05 (our baby just 9 weeks old) – so this thankgiving is a special one – a year out, all is well. Praise Him for that.

  6. Karen Greenfield says:

    good word: waft!! It is so exactly what good smells do! The photo of Addie on Heidi Swapp’s site is soooo cute. She looks very thoughtful and intelligent. Are the boys still besotted with her?

  7. hope you had a wonderful holiday with your new addition!

  8. Linda Beeson says:

    Liking those letters! I saw them advertised lately but I wasn’t getting the picture exactly till you showed a great use for them!

  9. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Stacy. I enjoyed meeting you with MR after our scrapbooking weekend in Sandpoint. You truely are a fun person to know, and I know why she really loves having you in her life. You’re the best!!!

  10. Waft is most definitely a word and turkey cooking is one of the waftiest smells there is (and no, waftiest is NOT a real word).
    Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was just exactly the way it should be.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  11. We had a lovely Thanksgiving and it sounds like you and your family did, as well. Isn’t it a wonderful miracle that you are celebrating with a ‘new’ little member this year? God bless you and all of our scrapbooking friends who cherish the blessings in their lives.

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