Mary Ruth is …

here! Yippy Skippy — it is getting late and we look significantly better in black and white.

Seriously,  how lucky am I? MaryRuth used to work with me here in Spokane — but then she moved to the great state of Texas and now she works and travels with the CK Convention team — she worked the Seattle show and has been visiting Washington friends ever since. It’s just a great week of fabulous friends coming to visit! Tonight we are scrapbooking — and can I just say that scrapbooking rocks?!  It does and I love it.

Just made my "Gotcha" layout. Very cool chipboard frame from Technique Tuesday, Strano ribbon, and adorable heart throb papers from Bo Bunny – plus a mish mash of letters from my little letter drawers (such a happy thing I might add)

MR worked on setting up her new My Book planner with American Crafts Play papers and letter stickers. So stickin cute!  If you haven’t heard, we are doing a holiday bash/planner class at BPS called the 12 Days of Christmas — if you’re already a BPS fan, this will be a fitting finale to the end of our first year (1st Anniversary is Wednesday) if you’re still holding out — and have yet to take a class — this should be your first. You’ll receive a planner in the mail and the rest will be like one big party with twelve days of continuous ideas and instruction on customizing and adapting this very cool new calendar — the concepts that have come in are simply inspiring!!

Also working on my Meeting Addie scrapbook and have to say that I totally believe what I preach — materials files and the formula worksheet in SS mag — so work. I started this scrabpook for an assignment in the mini-mag we did a couple of years ago and I am now whipping together with pics taken as family and friends meet Addie. Like it’s so not the hippest thing, nor does it feature the newest product — buy hey, it’s done and I have five kids and I find it very refreshing that I can scrapbook like this at least some of the time.  I’ll take some pics and share soon.


Just want to end with the thought that you are all so totally cool — to email me and share pictures and thoughts and feelings. I absolutely love hearing from you — can’t always respond, but LOVE it!!!! Jennifer, me and ?? (if you’re out there speak up) from Houston CKU!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your simple formula for an adoption album. I have a friend waiting on a little girl from China and want to make something for her, so I’m looking for ideas!

  2. Love seeing your Gotcha layout…wish you would share more of your layouts. I love it

  3. Knew I would love your girly pages!
    Don’t you think there is so much more out there for girly pages than for boy pages? Kind of like there are more cute clothes for boys than for girls. I mean I love to use bows and flowers on pages, but my four boys don’t exactly like having their pages full of ribbons, bows, and flowers. My last child was also a girl, so I am getting to use the ribbons, bows and flowers.
    Idea for magazine article – generic things (like flowers for girls) that you can use on boy pages.
    Love your energy!

  4. love your gotcha lo!

  5. Oh, Stacy-
    Your happiness just bubbles over and onto my computer screen — LOVE IT. I really needed a dose of good humor today, too.
    Thanks for you.

  6. arent friends the best? Almost as good as new babies right? i am so happy for you!

  7. I really enjoy reading your blog. You seem like such an awesome person, we need more like you in this world. Also really enjoyed you on CliqueTV!

  8. I am enjoying your blog so much. You are one busy person who must have endless energy! Loved the last pic on this days entry. Too cute.

  9. your happiness just LEAPS off the screen, you know? It looks good on you.
    I love love LOVE that LO of you meeting your daughter. Priceless.

  10. Stacy,
    Congratulations on Addie’s arrival! Little girls are awesome, our little girl came home to us from Guatemala 7 months ago and she is just amazing. I’ve enjoyed following your blog the past few weeks and soaking up your joy. I’m just starting to scrap her coming home trip and her lifebook. I’d love to see more adoption layouts, please post your meeting Addie book!
    Blessings to you,
    Cindy in Walla Walla

  11. Linda Beeson says:

    That frame is just amazing as is the entire layout! LOVE that you could use all that PINK!

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