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What a weekend! I thought I was going to get so much done — and I guess I did, but not even close to what I had on my list. Trying to finish thank-you notes for baby gifts and baby announcements and  … I’m 41 and still making totally unrealistic lists — oh well. LOVED having my boys home. I can’t believe how they have changed and grown since summer — it can be soo loud at my house. Started the Christmas decor thing — so excited about my new color scheme. Just wait until you see my stockings. Pics coming soon — adding more color to Christmas this year. Speaking of color, here’s some pics with my sister Darci (Grandma Addie, Aunt Shirley, Mom, Darci and Chanda were all in town the weekend before Thanksgiving — so fun. Came to hang out with Addie and to see my big boy, Geof and Clark and Trey in our church production of Scrooge — gotta post pics of that too. My husband was on stage, singing and dancing and he blew everyone away, including me. Trey now thinks he’s Hollywood material and is working on a home video for the Reflections contest at school.) Anyway, as I was saying, color and Darci …

Just cause she is so cute.

Ok, this is the top drawer of my island (there are two of these btw and each is a double drawer — in other words there is a shallow slider nested inside each drawer that slides in to reveal a deeper drawer below it. In preparing to move into my studio, I tried to pay really close attention to how I work — what I do and what I don’t do. I realized I DON’T put things away — I especially don’t put things away if I have to take out a box/compartment and open up a lid (it just doesn’t happen, which means my workspace can get pretty messy) So … my solution, which btw, I am LOVING is this — little tin buckets from Oriental Trading Company with brads and other little doo-dads organized by color (of course) sitting inside my shallow drawer and kept in place with a magnet! Now, I know that if there is an earthquake, my drawer is going to be a big mess. But … if there is an earthquake, my drawer will probably be the least of my problems, and in the meantime, I now have a grab and go and put away system for little stuff.
I also have one of those pill counter sorter-things that I can dump a bucket into — sort easily through the selection and then pour quickly back into my buckets. When I’m working on a page  that is *PINK* (which I’ve been doing lately!) I just grab my pink color drawer from my back storage area and my little pink bucket and I pretty much have what I need. LOVE IT!!

shallow drawer on the other side is where I store my paint bottles, brushes, mixing palettes and string, jute and some ribbon (on spools) — you could easily store oversized photos or specialty paper too.


Ok, the big drawer on each side of my island is for PAPER. Now, a girl like me (editor) has a LOT of paper. One side is organized by manufacturer with a few theme files thrown in and the other side is by (you guessed it) COLOR. I use two big 12×12 files and one old-fashioned green legal sized file folder for each color, for example — PINK. You will find a 12 x12 PINK file (for pink monochromatic pattern paper) and a PINK COMBO file (for pattern paper where pink is the dominant color,) followed by a legal folder with PINK cardstock scraps.

In the front of the PINK folder is where I keep my PINK letter stickers and rub-ons.


Love having this selection of stuff together by color — pattern papers, cardstock scraps and letters.

Just in case you are wondering, my black and white letters DO NOT go in the paper files. I use them so much that they are …
Img_1998 Img_1999

in a big yellow tin on top of my cardstock directly behind where I stand and work.

For me, it’s all about easy access. The stuff I use most is within arms reach and the rest is a few steps away in my back storage area.

Thanks for your questions and inquiries about my island. I know I am very lucky to have such a nice piece of furniture — I waited and saved a long time. It looks like two of you may also be getting one — and that makes me so happy. There are still up to two available. I know it’s not the best time of year for big purchases — feel free to email Steve with any questions you have.

Can’t wait to post who will be getting islands — I think it will be fun to also post pictures of Steve’s word working shop (in his basement) and keep you up to date on the progress.
You can request different types of wood in combinations different than mine. You can also choose your own cups (you will send him one and he will design your cup holders to fit) and number of cup holders. The islands comes with cutting mats, cut to fit the work-table side of the island. These are the super dense kind with rulers that can be used for measuring things.

If you have additional questions, you can email me and I’ll try to post answers!


  1. I have been re-working my scrapping space, and I love hearing what Stacy is doing because it gives me great ideas! Like the color organization!!!! This is a must!!!

  2. I’ve been trying to work on mine but it will be ‘on hold’ until after the holidays but I’m getting some great ideas. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to revamp my scrapbook space (which is a walk-in closet) before the baby is born in January so that I’ll be organized by the time it’s here. I want to be able to do my Heidi Swapp Year to Remember assignments and scrap pictures of the new baby, the five year old boy, and all the other stuff that I feel like scrapping without having such a mess. I have been toying with the idea of sorting by color, but now I’m totally convinced to go for it. I’ve got about 7 weeks, so that’s totally do-able. Thanks!!!

  4. Hello I know you don’t have control but please please I am on the waitlist for Heidi Swapp’s class…please open more spaces!!!

  5. I have always loved your letter drawers but didn’t realize until this post that the unit was actually hanging on the wall. Where did you get that piece? Thanks!

  6. What a wonderful way to sort your stuff, your full of inspiration, both on and off the page, thank you so much!
    I hope you are enjoying your new baby girl too! She is so beautiful, your so lucky to have her.. and her you!
    xx An AussieScrapaholic & #1 SJ Fan

  7. OMGosh! The magnets with the tins in the drawer is GENIUS! I am so copying that. :)

  8. Stacy,
    Those big buckets are awesome! Where did you get those?

  9. Tell us more about the drawers with the letters.
    I assume you have chipboard letters. And foam stamps? Was this piece custom built?
    I really like it

  10. I love how you organize!!!!

  11. Stacy, you are soooo organized! I have a small scrapbook area that my husband designed for me a few years ago in the kitchen nook. Unfortunately, it’s completely cluttered with keepsakes, photo envelopes, old calendars, and scrapbooking supplies. My little doggie sleeps in there too. I haven’t scrapped there in over 2 years. I’m sure you could organize the space really well…But reading your blog inspires me to get in there to declutter and start scrapbooking again. Oh, one more thing, I like your newly refreshed border at the top of your blog page. Grandest of days!
    Stacy :-)

  12. I think I have died and gone to scrapbooking heaven. OMG, LOOK AT ALL THAT PRODUCT, can I could scrap at your house? Very good tips on the organizing, think it has inspired me to some sorting and organzing of my own.

  13. I would def put my hand up for one of these…it would be perfect for my scrap space and would fit well…The only problem is I live in New Zealand and I suppose the postage would be really high

  14. Stacy – it’s all just so gorgeous! The island, the little buckets, the color organization…I’ve sent the link to the island to my husband, just in case he was planning on an extra-extravagant Christmas – no nibble yet, though! hee hee…

  15. I am hyperventilating at how fab your island is! If I lived in the States I would be biting your hand off for one of those works of art (I think the shipping to the UK might just blow my budget!!) Beautiful scrap space and lots of great ideas that those of us with a little less space can use too, thank you for sharing Stacy xx

  16. Hi Stacy…
    Love love your room. Where did you get the adorable little boxes on the wall with the tags tied on them? Love them!
    Also, congratulations on the arrival of your new daughter…what a great time of year and so much to be thankful for!

  17. Love love LOVE these little glimpses into your organization, Stacy! And you are right — Darci is too cute!

  18. I am so in awe of your organisation skills – now if you could just come to Ireland and show me how to do it that would be fab LOL

  19. brilliant … someday, when I have a room, I’ll be implementing some of these ideas …

  20. Hi Stacy!
    I just wanted to say that I like the new picture of you at the top of your blog… super cute!

  21. Hi Stacy, I am all very new to scrapping and seeing all your stash has and space has just blown me away! Something to aspire to!

  22. Jane Swanson says:

    I SO admire you!!
    What an organized woman you are….such an inspiration. Your island is AMAZING!!! Maybe Simple Scrapbooks could have a drawing someday and one of these could be the prize!!! It’s the only way I will ever even come close to having a chance to own one. Steve’s work is beyond incredible!
    [Huge congrats on your beautiful daughter!!]

  23. Jennifer Gibson says:

    Hi Stacy! Love your organization–I loved seeing you show it on Clique TV. One question–what kind of paper cutter do you use? Thanks~ jenn

  24. HI! Those little bitty brad buckets are something I could TOTALLY get into! I need those. I have a strange attraction to miniature things anyway… but the easy access thing? Oh yah. I am all about that! I’m a piler. I probably wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to open things up to put things away. You’re a genius. I’m totally gonna copy. :)

  25. Staci
    Been trying to hunt down your cutter of choice???? Can’t figure out from Clique TV. Also – I’m a professional organizer and love that you show so many options on how to organize – color, shape size, etc. Exactly how do you organize premade accents if they aren’t able to go by color? I usually do by theme – season, sports, school, parties, etc. but thought you might have other suggestions.

  26. Can we see your studio in FULL view!! I think what you did is amazing..
    love the little mini’s…

  27. Ann Stafford says:

    I love your studio and how you organize things by color. I am in the process of sorting everything into color myself and it’s wonderful! I, too, would love to see more pictures of your studio. I am planning my studio in my head and hope to implement many things when that time comes. Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re such an inspiration to many, myself included! You being upbeat and happy all the time is so contagious – thank you!!!! Thank you for sharing yourself and your personal life. It’s what made me renew my SS magazine when I’ve not renewed others.
    God bless you!
    Ann Stafford

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