My Scrapbook Island …

is my most favorite part of my creative studio. It was built by my friend and master carpenter Steve Holdaway. Holdaways

Steve built my island in the fall of 2003 and then he and his wife left for a three-year mission to Mexico. They just returned this summer and he is now building a similar craft-island for a friend for Christmas — and now, this is where it gets really good — Steve came over the night before Thanksgiving to take some measurements and refresh his memory on some of the details and he said to me … (are you ready?)

If I’m going to build another one of these islands, I might as well build three or four — do you know anyone who might be interested? Do I? Keep reading … but first, here are some photos of my scrapbook island that Steve took when he built it:



Hopefully you can tell from the pictures, that this is a beautiful, hand-crafted piece of furniture, and you should know, that Steve is NOT interested in mass producing these, as the process takes almost three months of detailed work. I’m going to include some information about the island that Steve sent me in an email:

4′X4′ footprint (can be set up in a 2"X8" configuration also.)
39 1/4 " tall
Solid hard maple and walnut exterior with figured wood in drawer and end panels.  (Could use other hardwoods if desired.)
Interior high quality Baltic birch
File drawers (2) for 12"X12" paper hanging files.
Nested storage drawers (2) with two 38"X15"X4" drawers in each (approx. size)
Includes rotary cutter mat for each side.
24" X 48" (approx.) light table on one side.
24" X 48" (approx.) cutting/work area with scrap collector
Ball bearing, full extension slides on all drawers.

I truly can’t express how beautiful my island is, or how much I love it. Steve neglected to mention that there are two shallow drawers on the work area side (where I keep things like adhesive, Un-Due, photo-cloths, sandpaper and other things I use  everytime I scrapbook. There is also a very cool (and this is my favorite feature) long, skinny opening to catch all of  those small scraps of paper (garbage) this hole drops into a drawer that you can pull out and empty — so totally awesome. The paper drawers hold Cropper Hopper 12×12 files and are built for lots (200lbs) of paper storage. The construction allows you to either use this piece as an island (footprint 4′x4′), or arrange it along the side of a wall (4"x8") and it features an electric outlet to plug in things like a heat gun or sewing machine. It also has 16 cup holders along the sides for writing tools, markers, scissors, etc. It also come on heavy-duty casters so you can move it around and clean underneath — basically, Steve took my wishlist for the perfect work center and improved upon it — he is an engineer by trade and just has one of those brains that thinks of every little detail.

So, how do you get one? Here’s some more info from Steve:
Price would be $4000 plus any applicable tax and shipping.  (Estimated shipping weight 300 lbs.)  I’ll needed to get started on the project by 11th of December so we’ll have to set that as a deadline for orders.  I’ll need a deposit of $1500 on each order by that date.  Delivery would be before end of March.  (Earlier if possible.)

Now, I realize this is not inexpensive, but really for the quality and craftsmanship, this is an AMAZING price and opportunity. If you have questions about how I use my island, please feel free to email me. If you have questions about the piece itself or the materials or terms, email Steve at

I have had so much fun moving into my new studio and deciding how best to use my island — stay tuned and I will post some pictures later today or tomorrow.

This is going to be so cool!


  1. That is incredibly stunning.
    Anyone want to buy me one? In return I will give you my undying love :-)

  2. If only I had the $$$…
    it is truly beautiful. Maybe BPS or SS should have a contest to give one of them away?????
    16 cup holders? Sounds like a mini-van!

  3. absolutely GORGEOUS. The craftsmanship is amazing, I can’t recall the real name for it, but the notching on the sides of the top where the pieces fit together is incredible. He is ONE talented man and his wife is ONE blessed lady to have him around the house!
    Yeah, definitely won’t be buying one of those anytime soon. We just found out we’re having TWINS! That would be in addition to our other two sweet boys.

  4. please let me win the lottery, please let me win the lottery, please let me win the lottery, please let me win the lottery, please let me win the lottery
    and Congratulations to Christina!
    Twins, how wonderful!

  5. wow – if only. . .what’s that Barenaked Ladies song, “If I Had a Million Dollars”. . .that is truly remarkable and you are right – if you’ve got the cash, it’s well worth the investment. . .if only. . .

  6. Wow- that is way cool. What an amazing piece of furniture. Wish I could afford it!

  7. Oh my! It is just incredible. That would be perfect for me.
    Now only if I had the money, I guess I can dream.

  8. WOW! If only money grew on trees. Maybe simple scrapbooks can give one away in 2007??

  9. oh wow. Your island is gorgeous. I would love one. But after conversion and shipping, it would be at least $10000 AU dollars.
    Not in my budget, but oh so yum!!

  10. Oh my gosh! That’s a phenomenal piece!!! I wish I had the money and space for it….lol…I might give up my bed for that!!!! LOL Beautiful craftsmanship!

  11. Lyn Meeker says:

    O.K. .. I litterally drooled at the dovetailing! … I’m glad that I have a DH who likes to work with oak! … I’ve got a less detailed 8ft work surface .. but I also have a desk and album case…
    But if anyone is hedging on the idea .. I will let you know that the price for that piece is about the lowest you can get for the craftsmanship, wood, and time spent on that piece! (those pieces)

  12. Love it!! Neeed it!! Want it!!

  13. AMAZING!!!!
    Maybe he could sell the plans for it?

  14. Stacy, you are just too cute – and how blessed you are to have Steve in your life. It’s neat how God teamed you guys up – I mean seriously, would he have EVER even known there was such a need for a strange piece of furniture like that? :)

  15. Katherine McKamey says:

    What a beautiful addition to a workspace! Too yummy to cover with messy stuff. I seriously asked DH if I could order one and he took me by the hand and walked me into my “craft room”, hands on my shoulders rotated me around the space in the middle of the room and said “4ft by 4ft? Were you planning to hang from the ceiling to scrap?” Oh well, it was such a beautiful dream while it lasted!: )

  16. Tish Heflebower says:

    Would he be willing to sell plans for it? We’d of course promise not to sell the plans or one of the tables to anyone else. My husband is an excellent cabinet maker and we’ve been considering different plans, but why reinvent the wheel when someone has made a gorgeous one. It’s not so much the $4000 but shipping it to the east coast that has me concerned, that and how to get one preassembled through the old, small doorways in my house.

  17. That is a beautiful piece of woodworking. How lucky you are to have such a wonderfully talented friend. Enjoy!

  18. oh to dream
    it really is beautiful!!!

  19. Stacy, you are one lucky scrapper! This piece is truly wonderful. It would fit perfectly in my sb space (said in hopes DH is reading Stacy’s blog comments and has a couple extra grand laying about…not likely but one can dream).

  20. Suzi Gass says:

    Would love to have the plans. Are they available? We are building a house and have a wonderful craftsman as well that would be willing to build it for me. Can we purchase them?

  21. Tracy Wood says:

    My sister AShley is IN LOVE with your work. This is her dream table! She is the ultimate scrapper! Maybe Santa will bring her one! Great job!

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