Up late and aware …

that some people are celebrating months of hard work and a very successful political campaign — CONGRATULTIONS CHRIS AND ALI EDWARDS!!! I, on the other hand am just up. I did finally organize my fridge — it’s been four full months since we moved in and I have been itching to do this.

Strange, I know — but an organized fridge saves time and effort that can then be allocated to other more exciting endeavors, say for example scrapbooking!!Dsc00531


I’d like to say that I feel bad for NOT blogging in awhile, but I don’t!! I am having way too much fun with little Addie, who btw is now sleeping all the way through the night. In fact, I am getting enough sleep that I am back to voluntarily staying up — for the quiet and productivity that it affords me.


You might think that Addie’s first big outing was to Seattle last week to hang out with Capri Swapp and take pictures with friends at the CK Convention, but you would be wrong — she in fact joined Clark and I at a pre-season Sonic’s game. I surprised Clark (he is such a great kid, and I just knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to hang with him) Addie did great and we were sitting in front of the LOUDEST group of serious fans I have ever seen!!! But they did offer to take our picture, so I forgave them. They got a free T-shirt, a free basketball — all kinds of stuff. They were serious.

Seattle was very, very FUN. I thoroughly enjoyed my all day album class — thanks to all who joined me there. We had an usually large group, but I think all in all, we did well — they were true troopers and made impressive progress toward album completion!! I also got to do two backstage parties — which are always FUN. I like to begin by asking everyone if they’ve been to a backstage party — because I’m never quite sure what to do. But I do love the more casual atmosphere, where I can not worry about "teaching" certain things and just relax and share!! I’m going to post the little movie I shared with my backstage groups.  Coming soon.






The highlight of the Seattle trip was Wednesday — first of all, the weather was beautiful, but better than that was the chance to hang out with Heidi and Emily and Paula. We climbed all the stairs from the Seattle waterfront up to Pike’s Place Market and I really wanted these two AZ girls to experience some of my favorite childhood memories  — so I marched right up to one of the fish throwers and told them I had friends from Arizona that needed to see a really good show. I should have known that request would come back to haunt me. As it turned out, I had to kiss a fish to get Emily’s stolen scarf back!!
Anyway, we enjoyed such a fun day — and got to do some very cool meetings pertaining to Heidi’s year-long class and the launch of our big surprise (coming around Thanksgiving) and for some reason, like I need to say this (not) I want you to know, that Heidi is even cooler than you think she is — and her class is worth $500 bucks (or more) every time we meet I get more excited. There are going to be so many surprises and little "exclusives" that I just wouldn’t risk missing it. And I truly mean that!
This girl has some plans!!

So .. I do have so many little things, pictures, websites etc.. that I want to share. I think I plan a bunch of little posts and see if I can make up for my less-than-stellar blog performance. 

Stay tuned!!


  1. Stacy,
    Glad to hear that Addie and you are falling into a schedule.
    And, it’s ok not to blog. Enjoy the everyday moments, like an organized fridge. (I LOVE organizing mine…)
    Looking forward to all BPS has to offer!

  2. so looking forward to HKS at BPS! So glad signup was around my birthday so I could use my gift money! WOO HOO! I think you guys are so great and I love love love taking the BPS classes. Can’t wait to see the surprises! Also, so happy that Addie is fitting right into your lives and everyone is content! Looking forward to seeing some “girly” scrapbook pages from you! Thanks for all you do, Stacy. You are so inspiring!

  3. Oh man I am so inpired by the fridge pictures.
    Labelmakers rock.

  4. OK, great post and great times for you, but the highlight of the whole thing for me was seeing that baby bottle in your fridge. LUCKY

  5. I want you to know: I passed up registering at ScrapBowl here in VA in Feb 07, so I could save my money to register for Heidi’s class on BPS. I think I will get more out of it.
    I am so happy for you, Stacy. This jouney you’ve been on and how you’ve allowed us to witness it. I am just so happy for you.

  6. Happy to see your post. And look forward to many more. But congrats on that beautiful baby … How awesome and exciting!

  7. great photos. i bet you girls had a marveous time together. i can’t not wait for heidi’s class. i am signed up and the anticipation is killing me. i know this is going to be fantastic and i so glad i am part of it. keep up the great work. love that little girl!

  8. Catherine says:

    I’ve missed your more frequent blogging, but hey, who wouldn’t understand…you’ve been enjoying your precious new member of the family! So happy for you! I am continually amazed by you ladies in the scrapbooking industry…how you even have time for a blog at all. We do appreciate the peek into your most interesting lives. I also would love to see a few of the first “girly” pages you create! Maybe to inspire me for my little girl’s pages.

  9. I just wanted to second that I am glad you are taking the time to enjoy your new family addition. As one of your very large ultra extended family :-) I just smile as I read about how wonderful things are going for all of you. Thanks for thinking of us as part of your work and life. We are better for it. Blessings to you all.
    And the baby bottle in the fridge pic was a real keeper.

  10. crazy!! myself and some other co-workers were in the same place, maybe a few hours later!! coming to work the CKC event!!
    glad to hear that you had so much fun!! can’t wait to see what is up everyone’s sleeve!!

  11. SOOO fun! I don’t think I’ve seen two more-loved babies than those two. They just radiate happiness and contentment!

  12. I can’t wait to see what BPS and HKS have in store for us over the next year!! I love surprises!! This will be my first online class and I think I picked a great one to start with.
    Congrats on Addie sleeping through the night! I finally got my 16 month old to do that also. It sure helps keep the sanity around here when momma has enough sleep.

  13. Thanks for the update. It’s fun seeing the little pretty in pink girl. She is going to grow so fast. Every week she will look different than the week before. What Fun.

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE the organized frig. But I’ve gone so crazy with mine already, I think my husband would check me into organizational rehab if I tried pulling that one. ;)
    Your photo of the bottle in the frig just inspired a new scrap layout, or maybe a mini book — evidence of my one year old son in our house. Can’t wait to get started! Thanks!

  15. You don’t have to apologize for not blogging. You have a new baby! Enjoy it! We’ve all been there.
    Loved your Clique tv video segments!

  16. thank you for sharing your world with us. your daughter is just beautiful.

  17. First of all…congratulations on the gorgeous baby! Love your blog!!!
    Secondly…when you have backlighting like you do in some of you pics…you need to manually turn on your flash (override) look this up in the manual to see how to do this. Your pictures will come out much better. Lastly…thanks for sharing your wonderful family and life!

  18. You are one heck of a woman! Love reading your adventures and LOVE seeing sweet lil’ Addie too! Life is really good, isn’t it? Blessings to you.

  19. wonderful update Stacy.
    Love the pics of you and your new little one… sounds like all of u had so much fun!
    I for one, would love to hang with you for a weekend!

  20. That’s all you have in your fridge??? LOL! (Am I the only one who noticed??) ; ) And I loved your episodes on CliqueTV…inspiring.
    And that is one cute lil’ pink thang! Sweet girl…

  21. enjoy that sweet baby girl, she’s adorable, thanks for sharing

  22. Laura Glover says:

    That little Addie is just so precious! Makes me miss having a baby. My youngest is going to be three and her two older brothers are 6 & 8. Thank you for sharing all you do on your blog — I am ALWAYS inspired and happy after I check it out. LOVED your Clique TV stuff last week…Awesome!

  23. Great to have you back Stacey!
    Glad to hear that your family is getting into a rhythm.
    I spent the week finally organizing my scrapbook paper into colors. I know it is something you believe in, and I finally took to time to do it myself because I needed a new way to look at my collection of papers.
    Thanks for your continued inspiration.

  24. okay, i loved your post about the fridge but not because its organized! i loved seeing all the west coast brand food items, Lucerne, Tree Top… you see I am a Spokanite, lived there for 13 years and now live in Albany, NY. i find it incredibly funny that the first thing i notice and miss about the west coast are the food labels… maybe there is a scrapbook page in this!

  25. I sooooooo wish I could take Heidi’s class!! She is my FAVE & I really wish BPS would offer a better payment plan for those of us with smaller cashflows.
    Everyone that is able to take it, I’m sure you will have a BLAST!!! And I can’t even imagine how great the surprise must be with all this hype about it!! You lucky scrappers!! :)

  26. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    I’m so PROUD of you for not blogging. There’s a time to share, and a time to retreat with your family and dream-come-true daughter and savor the moments as they happen. Still SO happy for you!
    I’m a fridge labeler, too. Jams & Jellies, Sandwich Prep, it’s all labeled. There’s even an empty spot for Leftovers, so whoever opens the fridge can forage there first. I don’t eat leftovers, but am willing to help others who like them find them in time!
    Love the blog catch up, but also loved that you weren’t blogging. I thought, “Good for her!”.

  27. Addie is so precious! Why in the world would you blog when you could just sit and hold her?!?!?!
    I can’t wait to hear what the “surprise around Thanksgiving” is. I’ve been so excited about some of the most recent classes lately that I can’t WAIT to see what this is! I’m taking Beth’s Year in Pictures class now, and I can hardly wait for Week 2 tomorrow! (I actually did all the prep work this week and felt like I got so much accomplished!) It feels so great that at the end of the 4 week class that I will have a year long keepsake that I know my family will love. I can’t wait to make several of these type albums with the great schemes she provided.
    Happy Wednesday!

  28. I love the baby bottle in your fridge. :)

  29. You sound so happy! I’m really pleased for you and your family that your gorgeous littl girl is fitting in so well. I WANT to live in Seattle and do all my weekly shopping at that Farmer’s Market. :)

  30. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    Just had to post again, because early this AM as I was catching up on last week’s http://www.mycliquetv.com ‘s episodes about a day in your life, I realized…
    You’ve made it your mission to cure “scrapbook guilt” with Simple Scrapbooks and The Big Picture, and now you have “blog guilt”? No, no, no. I just thought that was funny!

  31. Phyllis R. says:

    You are SO forgiven for not blogging! Family definitely comes first. I have to say though, you have great timing for taking a blog break, ’cause I was able to get my Stacy fix by watching your Clique TV segments. I loved you before, girl, but now I think you are my new hero! Thanks for letting us get an inside peek at your life. And thank you so much for all the ways you inspire, your loving spirit, your smile! Enjoy these baby days!

  32. Stacy…thank you so much for the fun backstage party at CK! Glad you updated your blog but I understand how it can get away from you!!
    Take care,

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