Day 10 …

This one is for you, because I think I’ve found the perfect and portable (and quite affordable) piece of scrapbooking furniture!
Check this out …


From Ballard Designs, it’s called the Billpayer cabinet and I think it would make a great little workstation. For a long time, I was a "closet" scrapbooker — meaning simply I had NO room for my hobby and had to operate out of a closet (or corner of the laundry room, etc) and I would have LOVED to have something like this. Now, I have a wonderful studio in my basement, but with a new baby and kids/family in general, I’m forever bringing projects upstairs to work on or finish and then trying to find a place to temporarily store/stack my stuff. I’m thinking about getting this as my "remote/upstairs" scrapbook room. The top caddy lifts out — could hold an extra set of basic tools, the drawers could hold other specific things (materials files for your current project) and the file drawer below, could hold a full set of color folders for scraps of cardstock and pattern paper (or stickers, rub-ons) — whatever filed by color. Just think how easy it would be to sit down and whip up a few cards?!

It’s priced at $199 — but it looks like a nice piece of furniture and it’s got hidden casters so you can roll it around, and it comes in black or white. Not a bad price really.

So, what do you think? Should I get it?
I can’t really buy myself a present, but I can wait and get it after Christmas — don’t you think?


  1. Stacy,
    What a great piece of furniture, I’m going to start looking for something similar here in the UK.
    I think you should definitely have a present for yourself, even if it is after christmas.
    I have been loving the things you have found for the 12 days, those carpet slides look like such fun!

  2. Stacy,
    I don’t know why you can’t buy yourself a Christmas present?… or would it be a business expense!
    I think this is great, and I especially love how nice it looks. Great find!

  3. This just needs to go on your Christmas list, right after the soft-serve ice cream thing w/the sprinkle dispenser. (they HAD to have you in mind when they added that feature).
    Happy happy joy joy

  4. Stacy – If you do decide to get it, do a Google search on Ballard Design coupons (or some other word variation)…I ordered some stuff from them and found an on-line coupon for $50 off purchses over $200.
    Not only do I think you should get it, I think I might get it as well…except I know my DH already got me the Cricut–and we try to keep the Christmas budget to a manageable amount. Maybe I’ll treat myself after the holidays!

  5. mom78968400 says:

    I also just Googled it and until Dec. 13th, they are offering free shipping for purchases over $50 so that may be an added bonus. I just did a zip code search to CA on their site and shipping alone would have been $50. Sounds like a good deal. Let’s see, I could have some soft serve ice cream and then slide on over to my desk. Sounds fun. Have a great week!

  6. SURE you can buy it for yourself! or it can be from Addie…let’s face it, she can’t go shopping yet!

  7. I have this–it’s my bedside table–a place for pens, scissors, books, bills, school notes, and a file drawer for important stuff–it’s GREAT!
    Have a wonderful Christmas! What fun to have a new baby to share the holidays!

  8. Hi
    I am from sydney, Australia and i have been reading your blog not for long i saw the Clique TV they did on yourself and loved it you room looks great if only we all could have a room like that.
    i love the billpayer cabinet you just showed us however because i am not in the states i can’t get it. Also the table you have in your room its great and i would like to get something similar and i have notice the gentlemen is doing more and i know it would be hard for me to get something like that.
    I think Australia scrapbooking is so far behind US and the price of things here is unbelieveable. I also find it hard to get somethings in Australia
    So what i am ask is can you provide me with so scrapbooking supply shop that don’t cost a arm and a leg for shipping so i can have great pages like yourself.
    Or if anyone else can’t i would appreciate it very much.

  9. Ohh you SO need that!! (And so do i, but i will be content to live vicariously through you. . .so do it for BOTH of us.)

  10. Definitely – go and order it for yourself! I would love this in my studio, if shipping to Canada wasn’t so atrocious. Enjoy – while I drool!!

  11. ok…that is really awesome.. I need that.. I think you need to buy it.

  12. We”gift” ourselves al1 the time: A walk at dawn or dusk; an hour or so of uninterrupted time; a manicure; a package of fun napkins…so,of course you can give yourself this cart. And from others’ comments, $50 off shipping is Ballard’s gift to you. Go for it! Enjoy! And have a great holiday, sprinkles and all!

  13. Stacey:
    You work…of course you should get it!
    Buy it! They found you a coupon!

  14. I’m standing in the background singing “get it” “get it” “Get it” “GET IT”! And then I will too!

  15. Get it, get it, get it!! Ballard Designs is a great place to shop and that cabinet is perfect for the organized person like you!

  16. i vote for you to treat yourself! it is a beautiful piece of furniture!

  17. Why not? I stodd in line for almost 2 hours Thanksgiving morning to get a good deal on an 2G silver ipod nano for MYSELF!! Yep, I typed it right! I bought the 1st BIG present for me. I’ve already used up over have the space and now I’m thinking I should have gotten a bigger one!
    Check out myspace: Thaleia aka mommie2angels

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