Day 3 …

OK, this one is kind of silly, but I couldn’t help myself. They are fun and colorful and totally without purpose — except I guess to toss around in moments of boredom. They are called …

felt balls. I mean did you really think you were going to pull off meaningful Christmas gifts without felt balls? I personally don’t have a clue what you should do with them, but I’m pretty sure when you figure it out — they will make you extremely happy.
Basically, too cute for words — and the price is right too.

Check it out at CB2 (Crate and Barrells new, very hip site)


  1. Felt ball!!! I have an idea. They are good for throwing at the person that buys you socks for Christmas – no injury done but you will still have a sense of satistfaction.
    Love the retro colors too!
    They would look so lively and pretty in a big hurricane glass on a shelf!
    Of course, we’ve been playing a lot of toddler basketball in our house, so it would probably end up in the kids room for our nightly hoop sessions before bed! :-) Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  2. How do I send you a photo of myself finishing the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk? That was my Do Something Good for Yourself challenge.

  3. I am just laughing looking at these cute felt balls…….I must have them… dont’ know why! Tena

  4. Ahh… so cute! Juggling practice, maybe? Or cat toys? Or alternatives to Duraflame logs if you don’t want to make an extra trip to the grocery store??? ;)

  5. I love the colors!

  6. love these! thks for sharing!

  7. one word – Velcro!! These little babies would stick to velcro strips! Make a simple “bulls-eye” type game board to hang on a wall, using the velcro as the “rings” of the bullseye. Then you have a wonderful little game for all ages and nothing gets broken!

  8. Those are cute. A friend and I actually made our own felted balls. We stuck wire through the centers of the styrofoam balls, added beads, twisted the ends, and made cute ornaments.:)

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