first time in a long time …

that I’ve stayed up too late! But man — I’m cruisin!
1. Prep Fiskars TV segment for CHA (check)
2. Finsih final review of Gretchen’s new workshop 28 Days (check)
        this is going to be very fun, btw (such cute projects)
3. Finalize two NEW SS/BPS classes (check)
        one will be free this month (more info soon)
4. Post my goal for Heidi’s A Year to Remember Class
        and finish my layout to post in the gallery (check)

I interrupt this checklist to announce that I will be learning (kind of re-learning) to play the piano this year. I will play a hymn in church by September (yikes). OK — there you go. I’m committed now. I asked my boys’ teacher (who comes to our house) if she would consider adding me and she said YES. So, it’s meant to be. I have wanted to do this for a very long time and now I’m doing it!!!!!

5. Update my Brownie Tracker with pictures (check)
6. Sign and send in my SS contract for 2007 (so I can get a check! check)
7. Finish outlining two NEW classes for 2007 events/visits (check)
8. Figure out why my keynote is not working on my laptop (check – thanks Allison)
9. Work on/finish up a little video for some upcoming events (almost check)
10. Post a picture of my sweet baby girl (check)

Daddy’s girl in her cute Christmas dress — was supposed to post this with my holiday hightlights that never happened — sorry.

and finally …
11. get in bed before 3:30 a.m. (check)

btw …
The casserole on Sunday was really good (2 out of 4 boys gave it a thumbs up, and Geof and I really liked it)


  1. Teri Miner says:

    I too was up late checking things off my list! Beautiful picture!

  2. “7. Finish outlining two NEW classes for 2007 events/visits (check)” – Can’t wait to take your class in March at the Scrap Etc Event!!!

  3. Such a cute photo!

  4. Hey! My cyber friend Helen W. is coming to CHA to work with Fiskars also. She is from Australia. Wish I could be there to meet you both!
    I just shake my head at how busy you are and how cheerfully you manage it all.

  5. What’s a brownie tracker??

  6. Stacy, I love your goal… I can’t find your layout on our YTR gallery though.
    Addie is such a cutie!

  7. sweet picture! good job on all your check-marks.

  8. Beautiful picture – and it is fun to see what all you are up to. Hope you get a lot more done today (and more sleep, too!)

  9. oh so cute.
    love the flower hairband!!!

  10. Addie is such a cutie. Love the headband (I need to get or make some for my little grandbaby).
    Having played in church since I was 12 I am really excited about your goal. (I hope your boys learn to play for church also.)
    One thing that took me years to learn about playing, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I finally received the what I thought would be the highest compliment, my piano teacher said I sounded like her. Then I did receive my highest compliment my husband while hearing her play leaned over and said I sounded like her.
    Pick your favorite hymn or childrens song and it should be easier for you to learn. Good luck!

  11. I really want to be you when I grow up! What a fun and exciting life (and busy).

  12. she’s such a cutie bug! :)
    don’t know how you manage so well all that you do-you’re a wonder! :)

  13. Our granddaughter had this same dress for Christmas!! But she had a sweet little tam that she was so good about keeping on – it’s a beautiful outfit!
    I love your checklist – you are SO organized!! Looking forward to the next BPS classes too.

  14. Love the photo of Addie and her Daddy =o), is she going to come to England with you in March? Looking forward to meeting you then. Well done with completing so many things on your list!

  15. Oh too cute, with shiny little patent shoes too! Hope Addie comes to visit England :)

  16. “Yaaah!!!” (Spoken the cute way my 1yo says it). That’s how I felt when I finally saw two new posts here on your blog. (I didn’t get a chance to get online yesterday.) Loved #6…’Check. Check.’ Cute! And speaking of cute, what a cute pic of Addy :-) Don’t know how you pull those late nighters. I always say I’m going to pull an all nighter and catch up around the house, but it just never happens. I’m still nursing the little one and nursing makes me sleepy. Regarding the casserole post below, don’t you just love yummy new recipes. I’ve tried 2 in the past week. Both were hits around here. One was for soup and the other for sheppard pie. I will try to post the recipes for you and your fans later on…Perhaps by commenting to your casserole post. Grandest of days.
    Stacy :-)
    P.S. Off to do yet another load of laundry, which is the one household chore that I enjoy.

  17. Gorgeous, Gorgeous picture of your new baby with her daddy. You’ve inspired me to get my list going for the week!

  18. I think you got more things accomplished in that night than I did all week! {grin} Love the picture of Addie and Daddy. Piano — I keep saying I’m going to start playing again, and never spend my time wisely enough to fit that in. Good luck to re-learning it.

  19. she is good-enough-to-eat yummy beautiful! And what a proud poppa – wait til he finds out just how a little girl can twist a big man around her baby finger!
    You have been one busy beaver! Good for you! And now I must cruise over to the gallery to look at your lo.

  20. Addie is so dang cute!
    Congrats on taking Piano lessons!

  21. Oh my gosh!!! What a cutie Addie, her & daddy are just delightful!!! She looks like a porcelan doll…..
    You have been so blessed to get her… She’s the luckiest little girl…..

  22. Love that picture – another I think you should blow up REALLY big! I’m also about to start piano lessons! I’ll keep you updated on my progress. My lessons start in 1 more week. Can’t wait to hear about the new BPS classes!

  23. Stacy, I love your YTR layout! I really like the picture of the piano keys in the little frame! Good luck with your goal!

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