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So,  I’m in a head-down and get-it-done groove and kind of a not-so-happy mood this morning (too cold to jog which is the real reason I’m bummed) cleaning up my kitchen and house and didn’t notice Taft who went outside to get a new gallon of milk (from the garage fridge) he comes in, pours cereal and starts eating, after a few minutes he says:

"Are you sure this is cow milk?"
"Yes, Taft — it is cow milk"
"Then where did we get it?"
"At the store honey"
"But, this milk is really great — I’ve never tasted milk this great before"

I finally clue in, turn around and see that he is drinking the whole milk (purchased for the ice cream maker — see post Dec. 7) and then I just start laughing, the whole blue mood thing lifts and I think poor kid’s living a skim existence and doesn’t even know what he’s missing out on.

just found that particularly funny, and insightful — could totally be used as an analogy "what part of life are you skimming yourself on" 

Here’s to weekend with a little extra "cream"


  1. So great. Love they notice the difference. Mine always call it the creamy milk, like it’s a huge treat even without adding the sugar, vanilla, etc.
    Love your blog you are SO inspiring to me!

  2. Taft’s reaction is too cute and totally funny! I had the opposite reaction when I was younger … I must have been 11 or 12 or so and I was used to a skim existence and then I went to my Grandma & Grandpa’s house (and they only had whole milk for their coffee). I took one taste of it and thought, “ick! too thick” It was as if I was drinking cream! But, hey, give me whole-cream ice cream and I’m a happy camper!!
    So what flavor are you making???
    Hope it warms up so your runs can return to normal… I’ve been out for the week in the running dept (I have a neuroma in my foot – ouch!!) So I’ll be trying to de-grump-ify for a few more days (grrr) until I can walk without limping!

  3. Very cute! I’m sure he enjoyed his ‘whole’ milk with his cereal. Good luck keeping him out of it!

  4. My girls think anything other than skim milk tastes like goat’s milk. Too rich, too creamy! My husband thinks just the opposite. He thinks we drink blue milk. All a matter of opinion.

  5. Too cute! Kids really say the darndest things. Hope this weekend only gets better and better for you.

  6. That is very funny. We forget. My son had never had white bread. I always buy multi-grain. He tried white and loved it for a change. We forget they’ve never had non-diet soda.

  7. I had to chuckle over the skimmed milk story. When I was younger, we (lived in Missouri) used to go up to Wisconsin/Minnesota to visit relatives. We would go to the State Fair, and my favorite booth was the milk booth. The milk they served was so good! Cold, frothy, and just fresh! There was just something about that milk that I just couldn’t put my finger one, but it made me go back for seconds, thirds, and…. I remember thinking that the cows must be healthier up north than they were in the “middle”…it was a few years before I figured out that Mom had been serving us skimmed milk all this time, and it made no difference whether the cows were from the North or the “middle”. Thanks for the terrific reminder.

  8. About 10 days ago, I made myself a yummy bowl of Rainbow Rings cereal (Whole Foods healthy version of Fruit Loops). I bought these for the kids, but they looked soooo yummy, that even though I’d all but sworn off milk (except for adding a wee bit of 1% milk to my oatmeal in the mornings) I dug right in…And I used the whole milk that my 1 year old drinks. I felt a little guilty, but it was so darn good…I now treat myself to Rainbow Rings a few times a week, but I usually use the 1% even though the whole milk is a whole lot yummier!
    Stacy :-)

  9. That is great. As kids we actually had milk that was in the fridge in gallon glass jars topped with wax paper before the lid was put on and the cream had to be skimmed off. We made icecream with cream.
    (okay dad went and milk some cows and we got some of the milk)
    What’s in my fridge 2% milk, (just what really is the other 98%).
    Who has Oreo’s?

  10. Okay, cute story, Stace….
    but as i read the words “too cold too jog” i thought, “That is not the Stacy Julian i know! She wouldn’t let a little thing like weather get in the way!”
    You need to think like a midwesterner, sister. Dan got back from an after sunset run just a little while ago. Outside temp: 12.
    Bundle up! : ) and enjoy your run! wish i did that sort of thing.
    love you!

  11. Gayle Humpherys says:

    OK Stacy, I have to admit that when I read your post at first glance, I thought you were saying that the milk had an *expiration date* of Dec. 6 (long forgotten in the other fridge)! So I was feeling so sorry for poor Taft who thought that month-old sour milk was the best milk he had ever tasted! :-)

  12. Aimee Porco says:

    Our minister once did a whole sermon on this and had that same quote,”What are you skimming out on in life?”
    Thanks for bringing back the memory..you are an amazing woman. THANK YOU.

  13. I feel ya on the running! Two days without going outside. I didn’t even go get the mail today! It was 19 degrees when I got up this AM. I told ds that we’d go outside to play after it got above 40. Guess what? The high was 39. Blah.

  14. yeah, we were a skim milk family since my dad was perpetually on a diet and LOVED milk. i remember every now and then there would be some whole in the fridge and he would drink it down in a heartbeat he loved whole milk so much!
    but an extra fridge huh? i think in another 5 years i’ll be there. with the 4 kids discovering that they actually like to eat and that i CAN cook, i can forsee more fridge space as a neccessity. i think i’ll need a new house though.
    think warm thoughts!

  15. Too funny. It’s amazing how much children do notice. I once had a school teacher friend teaching a 5th grade class. One of her students told her she smelled like his Kindergarten teacher. She found out who his Kindergarten teacher was and asked her what perfume she wore. They wore the same perfume. Incredible. Well, the secret’s out now Mom. He does know the difference.

  16. so funny!
    i am one of those freaky date checker people.
    i love skim milk & give my kids 2% and often wonder if they shoud get whole milk, thanks for the insight.

  17. Crack me up! What a cute story!

  18. Bonjour!
    Merci for all inspiration you give!
    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  19. I secretly used to “forget” to buy skim milk when my daughter was drinking whole milk before she turned 2, just so I could have it in my cereal. It really is so yummy. What a cute story!

  20. That’s funny! A year ago I was sneaky and switched my family from 2% to 1% milk…no one noticed right away…’til DH noticed the label in the fridge about 3 weekes after my switch. He complained until I told him he’s been drinking it for 3 weeks without a problem. HeeHee.

  21. Kim Parker says:

    Thanks for the smile :)

  22. Too funny. Good analogy, too. It’s a different way of looking at things.

  23. That is such a cute story!
    I am an extreme girl… I like skim and heavy whipping cream (not on cereal of course, but just for cooking), but nothing in between.

  24. Haha! Our poor, underpriveleged skim-milk kids…

  25. Too funny! My kids think whole milk “tastes funny” – like something is wrong with it or something! LOL!

  26. that is SO FUNNY stacy. particlarly for me, because my jeff and i fight about skim vs whole all the time. i was raised on whole, he on skim. so we both think the other is incredibly disgusting. :)
    poor taft!!!

  27. Too cute, Stacy. My kids don’t even notice, but then we only use 2% in our house. That’s as skim as my dh will drink! :)

  28. Julie Vaughan says:

    So glad you shared this story. I was feeling a little blue myself and it lifted my spirits. Thanks!

  29. Stacey . . .I love this story and will show it to my husband . . . the dairy farmer. He has been drinking whole milk – from the tank – his whole life and has a terrible time drinking anything less than whole. I on the other hand was down to 1%.. . .but whole is sooo much better and white milk is so much better than the blueish 1% too.

  30. Too funny! He would have loved it here when I slept late and my kids poured half and half on their cereal! We need some new pictures of Addie!

  31. What a wonderful story! Made me smile.
    I can’t abide skim milk. Never touch the stuff…

  32. What an adorable little boy Taft is! Love that story. I just finished reading the Big Picture for the second time and I am so in awe of you. You are so very inspiring and make me want to try to be and do so much more. Loved the ‘On the Clock’ glimpses into your everyday life as well. I got so inspired to be more organized. Still working on it, but with 7 kids it takes a bit of time to get everyone to cooperate.
    Have a great day, Stacy!

  33. Grew up on a dairy farm… loved milk from the tank. Always had cream in our cereal.
    When I left home I went from store whole milk… to 2%… then eventually to 1%. You couldn’t force me or my kids to drink skim! Yucko!
    Can hardly bear to hear your kids are enduring skim with their cereal! But now they know how good it is with whole! Ha!

  34. Melissa Sutton-Estrada says:

    Stacy, I am so loving your snow pix… we don’t GET snow in SW FL (trade you a hurricane for a blizzard)!! :) Anyhoo I am CALLING YOU OUT b/c I do NOT see where you posted your goal (although I probably missed it) on the BPS/HKS/AYTR MB!!! C’mon… we are going to push you to MEET YOUR GOAL, girlfriend!! :-D

  35. Melissa Sutton-Estrada says:

    Stacy, I am so loving your snow pix… we don’t GET snow in SW FL (trade you a hurricane for a blizzard)!! :) Anyhoo I am CALLING YOU OUT b/c I do NOT see where you posted your goal (although I probably missed it) on the BPS/HKS/AYTR MB!!! C’mon… we are going to push you to MEET YOUR GOAL, girlfriend!! :-D

  36. i love that…
    i’ll have to think about it.

  37. kristin kanner says:

    I have to say that I am out of skim milk and used my kids 2%…with my extra high fiber cereal and it did indeed taste better! Here’s to a little fat in the diet..it makes your coat shiny! I’m with Taft.

  38. Hilarious! I told my mom this story and she laughed out loud.
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. Stacy,
    I’m totally off topic here – I was wondering where or how you got the sticker of your signature on your macbook. You posted it a few months ago. I would love to get one for myself and for my sister. Thanks!

  40. OMIGOSH! I love kids! That’s hilarious. I watch 10 of them all day plus my own three. They make me laugh. Blogging about these moments is rad. Think of how fun it will be to go thru the archives in 10-20yrs from now! Good times! Thanks for sharing!

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