Look what Lisa ..

in my Library of Memories class has done with her dimensional letters (chipboard etc!) I believe this is one of those tool drawers from walmart — I’ve had so many questions about my Pottery Barn cabinet/drawers (which btw is not currently available) and this just makes me so happy to see that Lisa has adapted the idea to something less expensive and MORE readily available …

Thanks so much for sharing LISA!

and … great news from this new batch of LOM students. The "Ahas" are starting to come in (one of my favorite things for obvious reasons)
Here’s one from Michelle:

Yes, I am shouting…THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I get it! WOW!   

I had a free morning after I took the kids to school and logged in to start this week’s lesson earlier this morning. I printed out everything and listened to your audio…I have to tell you that the particular exert from Cathy’s book is one of my all time faves too. Then, I got out our family’s scrapbooks and the sticky notes to see "where I have been."

When I was done, it was like a lighting bolt had struck me. Sure, I remembered scrapping most of those pages in the past seven years, but when I really looked at them as a whole, using your guidelines, it was an amazing revelation…

I learned so many important things this morning!

First off, where are the pages about all the people outside our immediate family that I love? Sure, here are pictures of them scattered in our scrapbooks. But there are virtually no dedicated pages (three spreads over the past seven years…argggg!) specifically telling WHY we love these people who are so important to us. What is it all about if it is not about the PEOPLE we love!?!

Second, the pages I liked the least were the "guilt" induced chronological pages.  The ones that I felt like I had to scrap because I had not made a page about "X" holiday for "Y" year. I have quite a few that are populated with rather bad photos and no information other than "Christmas 2003" or something akin to that on them. Oh, man, WHY did I make these pages? To think about all the time I spent agonizing over them because they had no focal point and the photos really were not that great and I really did not have a story to tell and I took so long to scrap them because I really was not enjoying the process.

And, most importantly, the pages that I loved looking at the most were the ones that told the WHY and were filled with all of the tiny details that I had forgotten.

So, thank you for your insight today. I am enjoying this process more than you can imagine. My mind is racing with things I want to go write down so that I won’t forget these things…

I am getting the BIG PICTURE and it is really grand!

and on that note — go have a great day.
I am finally starting to feel ready for CHA (after two LATE nights) and am starting to feel the excitement. I always hear "I wish I could go to CHA — I bet it’s so fun" and it is, but it’s also a TON of work to prepare for and missing five days of work means you have to be really on top of deadlines etc… anyway, I’m starting to feel like I can pull it off ..

might even reward myself and go shopping this afternoon — having something new to wear is always FUN — too bad I’m so fashion-challenged that I don’t have a clue what to get — any ideas?


  1. whatever! you always look so cute! i personally think fun, funky (comfy) shoes ALWAYS make a outfit feel fresh and new. thanks for sharing the AHAs, when will you off LOM again?

  2. I love the words she said..especially the part about working on stuff that doesn’t bring you enjoyment. I recently tried out for a DT and didn’t make it. Everone keeps asking me why I am not more upset…I realized through the process that I scrap for different reasons. And in the end it was more important for me to come away with work that reflected me and not just what was expected of me. Mostly I came through it glad that I could still look at my work and see me…and those that I love to scrap about. I will never turn the page in the album and not be glad I took time out to scrap that page that way.

  3. maryellencarlise says:

    I SO CANT WAIT (!) til I can take the LOM class! I just know I would learn SO MUCH–evn just the comments Michelle taught me something!! ENJOY CHA! Can’t wait to see you favorite finds!
    Smiles, Mary Ellen

  4. For fashion
    This is the year for Nautical, you know red and white stripe with some sort of sailorish (not sure if that’s really a word) but you get it. Target had some really fun red jewerly. (the best) Or go with something polka dotted. Good luck.

  5. For the fashion comment: Since you are going to Cali and it’s inside.. mabye get a new colorful cotton shirt or a new pair of really cool flats (they are very much the ‘in’ thing now). Those usually are very comfortable, espeically since you will be on your feet most of the time. =0)
    Happy Shopping to you!!

  6. I am so full of AHA moments today after going over this week’s lesson. You are AWSOME! This is the best class and I can’t wait for more.
    I think you should get something comfy and cute. How about something from the Isaac Mizrahi line at Target?

  7. Ok, I’ve been in and out of the discussion, webiste and magazine info. on BPS, but haven’t really jumped on board yet. I get the emails about new classes, but haven’t read you book or signed up for one yet. All of these posts have me thinking this would give me better focus so I could stop agonizing over the chronological and being behind. Where do you suggest I start for an “aha” moment!!??

  8. You need to get some yellow and some green Crocs for the show floor. Then get a really yummy awesome soft T-shirt with a phrase on it you love – in either yellow or green.
    And finally – some rest! Nothing makes a trip more fun than being rested when it starts – heaven knows you won’t be rested when it ends!

  9. Any of BPS’s color me happy combo’s would work! You are a working Mom – A colorful t-shirt, comfy jeans and some cute crocs ought to do it! I agree with the rest thing. Get you some of that first and foremost!! Enjoy CHA!

  10. There is this adorable tulle skirt that will be in the 7gypsies booth at CHA that I think you could pull off wearing!!! :)

  11. Ann Taylor Loft, it’s like Garanimals for adults!!! They even have printed style guides so you can look at the photos and pick what you like. Also, the clerk will put it all together in your size and bring it to the dressing room for you!
    Side note: Love to read your blog in the morning with my coffee when the little ones are eating breakfast. Thank you for the tips and smiles.

  12. very cool to be that organized! tfs. and have a great time in anaheim!

  13. This is the very thing I’ve been telling people who say that they don’t have enough time. Forget the chronological thing and just scrap what moves you…the things that tell your story, and the story of those you love. That is what is important.
    Have a great time at CHA…I can only imagine how exhausted you will be. I sure wish my store was doing well enough that I could go. Maybe next year?!

  14. What great comments to your class. Since it’s one of my goals for this year, I MUST get signed up.
    Enjoy CHA and get yourself something comfortable to wear!

  15. Thank you so much for posting that chipboard storage idea in your regular blog! I missed out on your BPS class this time around, hoping to join in on the next one.

  16. I’m going to second and third the suggestions about Crocs. Ugliest shoes on the planet, but the most comfortable things I’ve ever put on my feet. Bright, happy colors.
    And remember, you’re “never fully dressed without a smile”, which you have covered. :)

  17. Hope you have a great time at CHA! I have a question for Lisa…how did you put the ABC tags on the drawers? What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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