on zeitgeist …

so last night, as I was winding down and shutting down my computer, I found a post that I had started. I spent several minutes adding to it, only to hit save and see it disappear into that big black hole of lost blog posts. AARGGH! I wasn’t about to write it out again!!

You see, I had typed out an entry from my new book (Christmas gift from Kayce — thanks!) Daily Candy A to Z  — in fact, the "Z" entry because I loved so much what was written.

I love it when foreign words make their way into our culture/language and even into everyday usage — such is the case with the German word zeitgeist — because I served an LDS mission in Germany — I’m extra excited about this foreign word! ZEIT means time and GEIST means ghost or spirit, so zeitgeist is then the spirit of an age — or the overall character of a generation. And the team at Daily Candy expresses just how I feel about it (or least how I want to feel about it)

Anyway .. it struck me on the way to the airport this morning to pick up …

**** SURPRISE**** Wendy Smedley*****HOW COOL IS THAT*****


that I could still share my thoughts and the book excerpt if I recorded most of what I had written in my original post — and since I have the pleasure of Wendy’s company. She could be a part of the whole thing — so, without further delay …

Download Blog1407.mp3

My Library of Memories class started today — we had some glitches this morning, that are now taken care of. I do have several more emails to respond to, so I need to go … as mentioned earlier, I’m taking Robin Johnson’s Love Story class and Heidi’s A Year to Remember — very excited about all of this — in fact, I plan to go into the Y2R class before bed and post my "goal" on the message board. I’m ready to go public and answer to the commitment that brings  — anyone want to venture a guess? It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and I am finally going to do it (be the first and I’ll send you happy mail!)

p.s. btw, you do know that Cathy is back, right?


  1. wild guess, run a marathon

  2. Write a brownie cookbook?!

  3. Jan in AZ says:

    Thanks for the heads up about Cathy! I’d missed her SO much. Let’s see…what have you been wanting to do…ummm – grow your hair long???

  4. Linda King says:

    Do something really girlie, since you finally entered the land of pink.
    By the way I’m taking heidi’s class, hope you have a truly wonderful and blessed year to remember.

  5. have a tv show?

  6. I was going to guess running a marathon…but then I started thinking maybe you already did that. Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll be successful!! :o)

  7. The best that I could come up with was travel. But where would you WANT to go? I’m going to say…Take a Cruise…To Alaska :)
    Happy New Year!

  8. It would have to be BIG. A couple of folks already said “marathon” so I’ll go with adding to your family or writing another book…

  9. mimisherry says:

    Ah, I was gonna say MARATHON as well…hmmm….whatever it is you will be good at it and it will be as wildly successful as all you touch! You have created a wonderful place for us all here at BPS! Thank you and God Bless you for ALL that you do!!!!

  10. Could it be to read the entire Bible by the end of the year? Or could it be to stop eating fast food? Or maybe it’s something to do with your addiction to shopping at Target…Like limiting how often you shop there or how much you spend. Whatever it is, best wishes. I know if anyone can do it, you can!
    Stacy :-)

  11. I am so excited to be taking your class. It will be my first Big Picture Scrapbooking class and it is already very interactive.
    My guess on your goal would be learn another language or a new sport.

  12. So excited to be taking LOM again! Thanks for that opportunity the second time around! And also to be taking Heidi’s class! Love, love, love BPS!!!! My guess on your goal is maybe to learn ballroom dancing? Its a long shot, but what the heck…it is a lot of fun!

  13. I am so excited that you will be taking Heidi’s class too! There seems to be a great group of gals there. Since you already ran a Marathon I am going to say come out with your own Stacy J line of products!?!?!?
    BTW… are you going to run with Heidi in the SLC marathon in June?

  14. You are such a busy person and still find time to take a couple of classes. Guess I have no excuse not to, right? It’s one of my Scrapping New Year’s resolutions for this year and I WILL do it! Thanks.

  15. I think we are in all the same classes…very cool! I’m not sure what your goal is but I am intrigued. I would have said marathon but you’ve already done that… maybe triathlon? Have you done that?! Or with a one year old maybe it has nothing to do with fitness and training. I need more time to think on this one!

  16. Run for President??? LOL
    Just kidding…I am thinking is has something to do with running.

  17. Learn to knit?

  18. Record your own Disco CD!!!
    Karen in Toronto

  19. Addie's mom, Sherry says:

    Create a new organization for moms of daughers named Addie?
    Sherry AKA “Addie’s mom”

  20. kathy in st. louis says:

    Teach a new class to the people in your church?

  21. Finish your scrapbook room? I’m in the class but couldn’t figure out where you posted. LOL. Now I’ve got to go work assignment!

  22. finish your scrapbook room? I’m in the class but couldn’t figure out which post was yours! LOL. I’m also in LOM, better go get sorting!

  23. Sorry for the double post (Jennifer & Agamemnonsmom). Couldn’t figure out what I was doing!

  24. I will guess that you want to write a book about great color combos and all the different ways of using color to capture different moods for layouts. Wow, was that specific or what??? Or maybe I just gave you an idea for a book… Either way have fun with your goal! Good luck!

  25. SO happy you have Wendy there with you! She makes my heart smile :)
    and…..I totally wanted to tell you that we got the ice cream maker you enabled on here…for a family Christmas gift from my mom and we LOVE it! It’s so totally us :) So TFS…ahem, enabling :)
    Have fun girls!!!

  26. hmm…travel? form your own candy bar company?

  27. Kathi in San Diego says:

    I’m guessing that you will be joining Heidi in training for a marathon!!

  28. Throw your own scrapbooking event?

  29. Throw your own scrapbooking event?

  30. Jennifer Curran says:

    Maybe learn to play an instrument?

  31. throw your own scrapbooking event????

  32. Okay, I’m dork of the day – thought my comment had not posted so did it again (and again)(and again)!! Sorry!

  33. Jennifer Burchell says:

    My guess is that you are going sky diving? What ever your goal is I hope you have a wonderful year to remember! Can’t wait to chat with you in class!
    Jennifer in Canada

  34. run a marathon

  35. hhhmmmm – invent a new color?
    Learn belly dancing?
    Get a tattoo?
    I KNOW – move to Vermont so I can take you skiing!
    Looking forward to being in the same class with you…”see” you soon.
    xoxo, Sarah

  36. My husband served a mission in Germany also. He loves the German language.

  37. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    It can’t be “have a daughter”. You’ve got one. It can’t be “run a marathon”. You’ve done that. It can’t be “get a green scooter”. You’ve done that. Hmmm. You’ve got me stumped. I’d guess triathalon, but that’d be pointless for me to guess, since I wouldn’t be the first to guess that one. Hmmmm. No idea.

  38. make your first digital scrapbook page or have you already done that?

  39. try your hand at an all digital scrapbook or scrapbook page. Knowing you though, you have already done this!

  40. Allison Barnes says:

    Hi Wendy! Wish I was there with you two! Miss you both!
    As for your goal?? How about your own product line….or pbs show? or come visit me??

  41. Allison Barnes says:

    I know your goal….Start your Big Picture Newsletter. Thought of it while I was sleeping last night.

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