safe and sound …

in Anaheim. phew — I’m always a little amazed that I can pull it together and get to an event like CHA and this time with my sweet Addie baby. OK, I am cheating a little — I’ve brought Jenna along, just so Addie doesn’t have to make the 8:00 a.m. breakfast appointments!

I woke Addie up at 5:15 — she didn’t make a peep (such a sweetheart) here she is with Jenna looking a little shell shocked, don’t you think?
Too bad Jenna and I don’t have a connection at The National Enquirer, because we could have sold them a great story (with a pic) about how President Bush was shirking his duties in Spokane

seriously, our Commander and Chief has a double that flew with us to Oakland (same height, same boyish/rugged looks, same gait — spitten image!) I guess we’d have to work on our paparazzi photography though.

Addie did wonderfully well on the plane — I got to hold her and devour my March/April issue of SS (no time for a full report now) I loved Elizabeth Dillow’s feature on overcoming imperfect scrapbooking scenarios (can’t wait for her book later this year.) I also loved my dear friend Deanna’s article on recording more of your childrens’ perspectives on their pages. This is our BPS feature class this issue — and we actually made it a free class (just so you could get an idea of how these classes work) and actually we are featuring an additional – I guess you could say bonus SS class — called No Excuses Journaling, by the lovely and very funny Lain Ehmann — it’s just a great issue packed with lots of "extras" for you! Also got to browse Heidi’s new idea book called Just For Looks, that came in her Y2Remember class packages — an absolutely fun and inspiring collection of pages (mostly by Heidi) using her product. No explanations, just a supply list and nice, big page idea after page idea!! I’m sure it will be available for purchase in stores too!

and now we’re in our hotel  — Jenna and I are inhaling some Panda Express (after a shopping spree to Target) and Addie is enjoying her first-ever teething bisquit. I feel a short nap coming on and then get to go to dinner with the Yamada brothers (of Compendium fame) They have come to scope out the scrapbooking world and I’m hoping to hook them up with a Wendy Smedley guided tour of the show floor (she’s the best for stuff like this!)

Ok — we’ll check in again soon.
I need to brag on Robin Johnson (and her Love Story class) a little.

btw, I got new shoes — Nike (the new red Mary-Janes) so dang cute.


  1. ElizabethW says:

    Stacy, your daughter is so lovely. Hope CHA is a blast – I’m scarfing up all the sneak peeks I can find on the internet!

  2. Sounds like so much fun. The shoes are adorable! But not as cute as the baby! :)
    Have fun!
    I can’t wait for Elizabeth’s book either!
    (lots of exclamation marks…. :))

  3. Teri Miner says:

    Addie is just adorable! I have to know…where do you find all the cute headbands? I’ve been scouring the stores here and haven’t found anything even close.

  4. oh my gosh, Addie is soooo cute. Giving me major baby-itis! Have a great trip.

  5. Addie is just adorable and looks like she did well with her plane trip! Enjoy CHA and we’ll look forward to more CHA reports!

  6. Hey there! I am taking your BPS class right now and never knew you had a blog. Imagine my surprise when I came here to find out you have ALSO recently adopted a little baby girl! My Gracie is from Vietnam- she’s my very first. Your class has been changing my life- I have eagerly read your book and all the lessons and messages from you, and now I’m eagerly digging into your archives to read your adoption story. Wow!

  7. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Hi Stacy…….’Glad you have all arrived and hope to get a quick hi with you in the next couple of days as you are traveling with someone I know well ;)! What a beautiful baby!
    Loving the LOM class.

  8. I think your paparazzi shot was VERY sneaky!!! I love it :)
    Addie is adorable and I’m glad she is getting to travel and experience the world already at such a young age – she looks like such a sweetheart!
    Have a blast at CHA! :)

  9. Amy Jensen says:

    I just had to add too about what a cutie little Addie is. I’m living in a house full of boys..even the dog is a boy and would love a sweet little girl to balance things out.
    Have fun and get some good ideas for some future classes and articles. :-)

  10. I love reading your blog. You are an inspiration! Addie looks like a little angel! Have fun at CHA!

  11. Cute new pictures of Addie and cute new shoes! I love your paparazzi picture… I have been known to do that in an airport before too… I hope you have a great time this week!

  12. Lovin’ all the cute photos of Addie. She’s a doll. thanks for the update and have a productive time at CHA

  13. I walked and walked looking for a chance to say hi to you at CHA yesterday- but I totally couldn’t find you and sweet Addie! :( So I will have to suffice with a virtual “hi” and no picture of you (My LOM teacher) and I together for my “people I love”- boo hiss! I did get to meet Cathy Z though, so the day was an awesome success. Have a great time here in CA!

  14. I really appreciate you offering Deanna’s class for free.
    However, when I sign up for it, it has a problem.
    I am unable to register.
    Can you please check it out?

  15. Thanks for reminding me just how exciting that first teething biscuit was!

  16. Stacy – congrats on your growing family! Not sure if this is the place to ask, but here goes -
    Where did you find the single slot page protectors for your May Everyday album on Page 91 of your Big Picture book? Did the Westrim album come with the 1-pocket or the 3 pocket or both?
    Thank you for helping me stay grounded – Marion in Rochester

  17. Stacy, I saw the Jone’s Soda labels on Tara Whitney’s blog for the SS CHA 5th Birthday Party… That was such a cool idea! I hope you had a blast!

  18. Your shoes were dang cute…but not at cute as Addie! So fun getting to see her in person! :)

  19. He he! I got those same red Nike Mary Jane’s last week at Nordstrom as well! Love them!

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