Snow and Spain

I just typed that post title and it made me think of "the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain" — from My Fair Lady, I am always surprised at how our brains are the ultimate storage device, cataloging and calling up all kinds of "related" topics when we enter new data. Not at all what this post is about — this post is about …

a little over four inches last night — we are so excited!!

can you tell? I simply said "Ok, show me on your face, how snow makes you feel" — love it.

do you remember putting on boots over your jammies, because you couldn’t wait to get dressed? Now that’s the kind of no-rules spontaneity that will nurture your creative side!!

Wow. what a week — I don’t think I’ve been this busy in a LONG time. I’m exhausted, physically, emotionally and mentally and I’m actually thankful for it, as it reminds me that to grow, you really have to "push" yourself — sometimes the push comes from outside and othertimes inside, either way the growth is inevitable. Let’s just say I’m experiencing growing pains (which btw, I always tell my boys is such an exciting thing!)

So, got this email from Carla in Spain and it made my day, my week and possibly my month!

I don’t know if you remember me. I’m the spanish girl who wrote you last year explaining  you that scrapbooking didn’t exist in Spain. Today i write you this to say:
"I got your book!!"
There is a brand new store in spain, which sells scrapbooking supplies throw internet and I was lucky enough to receive your book for my 21 birthday.
I’ve already read a big part of it and learned a lot. What I liked the best was to know about your "family fun library". I never imagined before this non chronological way of scrapbooking. And what I found the most important thing is to describe people. I will try to describe more the people I love and myself, instead of the dates and places! (like you say in page 34).
I send you a picture of me the day I got the book (it isn’t a very good one) and the other presents I got.
I’m really in love with it! :) Congratulations

and, here she is …

isn’t she adorable?
Carla — just want you to know that you have embarked on such an amazing journey. Don’t rush and for heaven’s sake, don’t expect perfection — little children and fresh fallen snow are perfection, the rest is what we make of it — so go and have fun and see where it takes you and by all means — DESCRIBE MORE THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE AND YOURSELF! 

happy, happy Thursday (thursdays are good days, I like thursdays!)


  1. Man, I wish we had gotten that much snow! We got just enough to make our grass look like the powdered sugar was spilled. :) For my 3 year old, that’s worse than none at all!

  2. Oh, yeah…I saw you on HGTV this morning. :)

  3. Kim Bolyard says:

    Wish I was there….I am a Florida girl and of course have not memories of putting boots on over my jammies to go play in the snow. Wish I did. But I do have memories of playing in the rain puddle int the front of my house after a Typical Florida afternoon rain shower.
    By the way I am loving sorting my photos for LOM class…the class is great and I am feeling a sense of accomplishment. Thanks so much

  4. …and that snow is heading for us here in Colorado. I’ll mail it off! Nowhere to put anymore! LOL
    Now off to sort more pictures! Change is good! :)

  5. Paula Pascual says:

    Hi Stacy
    I am a Spanish scrapbooker too although I have been living in the UK for four years. I love you Big Picture and the magazine you founded it’s my favorite. I am so glad that the scrapbooking trend is spreding to my country, and I guess I have to thank you for that as well.

  6. My son feels the same way about snow. He likes to play in it ASAP and can’t ever get enough of it.
    I have an authographed copy of your BPS book and it’s my new Bible. I need to break away from the old way that I have not been getting much done. I want to try the color drawers, and we’ll see if I could get more motivated around here. Thanks for the inspirational words in your blog. Keep it going.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Missing snow. Who know where we will end up, but one day we will see snow again. I just know it! And how exciting that your book is making it’s way through the plains of Spain!

  8. Hi Stacy,
    I got your Big Picture book for Christmas from my Amazon wishlist. You’ve really inspired me to get scrapbooking again! I love the notion having several working scrapbooks sitting on the shelf and just slipping in a new page whenever I get the chance.
    I’d really like to see more about scrapping memorabilia. I tend to save ticket stubs, letters and graduation programs. When do I use pockets or archival spray to safeguard my stuff? Or what do I do when I don’t want to glue something in place because there’s information on both sides – like postcards, for example. Your thoughts on that would be so welcome.
    Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration.

  9. yep – we got snow, too (Upstate, NY).

  10. What a great letter from Carla! How exciting that more people will now be preserving their memories! Thanks for sharing!

  11. STILL no snow in the Boston area – we have broken a record here. My boys are jealous. Ohhh and I remember boots over jammies from when I was little…thanks for the memory spark :)

  12. I also got The Big Picture for Christmas this year and am thrilled with it. It’s just the way I like to scrap, but this gal can always use more encouragement and ideas.
    I am savoring it slowly like a bar of really good chocolate. :-)

  13. I love your attitude! Thanks for the reminder that growing pains are good things… sometimes I forget that… thanks for the attitude adjustment!
    And oh how I miss Spokane winters and cute Julian boys. Love you!

  14. We got two inches of snow in Bellevue and it shut the schools down. ;) Our driveway is so icy that I couldn’t get out to take my mom to the airport to fly back home to Spokane. (It sounds nice and toasty warm over there).
    The real reason for my post is to tell you how much I love your family fun library. It is funny that you blogged about it today. I actually took all my layouts out of their albums last weekend and reorganized them into a family fun library of my own. It is still going to need a bit of work but I love the new system!

  15. what did Ms.Addie think of the snow? :)

  16. How Cool.
    Maybe you could post her address so we could all send her supplies.
    Dont you just love snow, we haven’t ha any this year. Still Hoping

  17. No snow in Illinois but are expecting some over the weekend. The weather man is a bit ‘vague’ about the amount and that always makes me nervous! Yikes!
    Love the story of our Spanish friend. It was a lovely thing that you did, sending that book and she seems so sweet.

  18. I LOVE when you post. Its like a little gift with my coffee in the mornings.
    I hope you guys have a wonderful time in the snow!

  19. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Well, no snow here on the CA coast, yet !! It is very cold thought and if it tries to rain who knows what may happen! I have been sorting my photos like a fiend and find it going okay for my LOM class.I will do more today and then need to do the digital so I may be in good shape by next week…Kiss those snow boys….you said it best, they are the magic!!

  20. Yeah for Carla! How fun that she shared that with you. She is embarking on one cool journey. :)
    Look at all that snow. . . Makes me a little nostalgic for Spokane winters too. I’ve been gone for almost 14 years now, but a piece of me will always be rooted in Spokane. My brother and I would pull on our boots and go outside to get a closer look just like that! Then we’d bundle up and my Dad would take us sledding at one of the golf courses. Good times!

  21. yes, the weather man murmured the word “snow” and the boys have been obsessed with the idea since then. too bad…no snow! that didn’t stop the excitement of some water frozen in a bucket left out overnight. aaah to see the world the way they do! LOVE it! (and yes, took a picture of that bucket! lol!)

  22. How awesome to have gone out and played in the snow with their jammies on!!! We haven’t gotten any white goodness yet and my daughter is growing more impatient with each snowless day.
    Love that Carla is getting scrapbooking books and supplies in Spain.. maybe she’ll start some crops with her friends and spread the Big Picture philosophy… describing more of the people and places she loves and the things that form the story of her life. That’s so what it’s all about!!!
    Back to tagging in Bridge (yes I know I was supposed to be done with this the first time I took LOM)… but when my computer crashed there were 4 months that didn’t transfer because I didn’t back up the tagging I had done. GRRRR! But thankfully all the photos are still there (they are always backed up – just a few days worth of tagging wasn’t). :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  23. Dude, I just love you & I can “hear” you when you write… love that. You make me want to just hang out with my family and let the rest of the world go by – you make me realize how scrumptious my kiddo is and how much in love I am with my hubby. Thanks for that reminder, sometimes we just need a nudge that says, “HEY – look how awesome your life is!”

  24. Thanks for mentioning that you are getting famous too in Spain. We do carry your famous book in our scrapbookingstore in Spain and so far we are the only ones here. BUT in spain We are expanding!
    We will scrap it forward!! would love to have more teachers from abroad though!! Warm greetings from Spain with no rain:)) actually weathers is great here!

  25. I’m Carla, the spanish girl :). Thank you for all your nice comments. The scrapbooking community is really friendly.

  26. I’m beginning 2007 with a NEW scrapbook system… the Family Fun Library. What albums do you use for this?

  27. Sue Street says:

    Hi Stacy!
    I actually met you in Seattle in November this past fall, and while you were signing autographs for a few of my friends, I snapped a couple of pictures of your mom “treasuring” addie! They turned out great, but I don’t know how to get them to you…is there somewhere that I can send them, or possibly an email addy that I can send them too? my email is:…I am sure that you will love them! they turned out so cute! :) Smiles Sue

  28. Sue Street says:

    Hi Stacy!
    I actually met you in Seattle in November this past fall, and while you were signing autographs for a few of my friends, I snapped a couple of pictures of your mom “treasuring” addie! They turned out great, but I don’t know how to get them to you…is there somewhere that I can send them, or possibly an email addy that I can send them too? my email is:…I am sure that you will love them! they turned out so cute! :) Smiles Sue

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