sunday dinner …

is in the oven and it smells so yummy — it’s a new recipe and really easy, so I’ll tell if it’s good. I got it from my friend Kerry and didn’t even write it down. You just put frozen chicken breast in a glass casserole dish, layer on some grated cheese, then a mixture of stuffing mix and stewed tomoates (make the stuffing in the microwave, mix in a big can of stewed tomatoes) and pour it over the chicken and cheese — and then more cheese (sprinkle the whole thing with onion or garlic salt or whatever you like) and bake at 350 for awhile (I didn’t ask) but it smells super good!!

Crazy weeks — bad blogging weeks. So much to do (teaching LOM and answering TONS of email questions — this is so good and I love doing it — just takes time.) Also prepping for CHA. I’m bringing Addie along and that is adding a whole new element of prep to my week! Just got some tickets to attend two of the sessions of the US Figure Skating championships that are in Spokane this week. Gonna pull my boys out of school on Tuesday and go — life is good. LOTS of snow and LOTS of wet, snowy laundry. Built a little snowman yesterday (love the feeling of playing in the snow) so good for my creativity.

OK, gotta go eat. Have so much more to say.


  1. Oooh I can’t wait to meet Addie!

  2. That recipe sounds great! I may try that myself. Mmmmmm. Enjoy CHA and hope that little Addie is a good little girl and does some shopping for her own studio! LOL

  3. Just wanted to say….I’m really enjoying LOM. Thanks for giving us your time!

  4. Hi Stacy,
    Speaking of baby Addie, I am wondering when you will show us some more Addie pages? I adopted a little girl from Taiwan last August and brought her home to four brothers and as far as scrapbooking goes I have the boy thing down but I am clueless about Pink pages…would love some Stacy Julian inspriation!
    She is adorable by the way!

  5. Sesil in Chicago says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I think I will make that for dinner tonight.
    Good Luck at CHA with Addie. I am sure you will do great.
    Thanks for the great work you do in all your work.Thank you!!!

  6. Sounds yummy beautiful, I hope you have a wonderful week. Traveling with a child is always an adveture!! Hugs Wanda

  7. that sounds so delicious. i think i will attempt to make that tomorrow. thank you. thank you.

  8. Wonderful recipe! I didn’t have the canned tomatoes so I just used the chicken and stuffing. Everyone in my family loved it!

  9. Woohoo skating championships! I have tickets for Tuesday and Thursday nights :)

  10. Writing down that recipe. . . always looking for new ones to try out.
    Skating . . .love it. Jealous that you’re getting to go to the championship! We’re hitting Stars on Ice on Sunday.
    LOM . .. so sad I missed the signup this time around. Got distracted with things and went to sign up too late. I’ve heard great things about it.

  11. I mentioned in the comments of the ‘Just too Funny’ post above that I tried two new really yummy recipes and I want to share them, but don’t want to type them up…So, I’ll tell you where to find the recipes. The first is called ‘Updated Shepherd’s Pie’ and you can find it at (Hint: Use any sour cream and any shredded cheese. I substituted ground turkey instead of using the ground beef and I used chicken broth instead of beef broth. I used frozen peas, carrots, and broccoli for the veggies in my pie.) The other recipe is in the latest issue of Family Fun magazine (Feb 2007) and it’s on pages 69 and 110. It’s a delicious and easy soup called Moroccan Chicken Stew. (Hint: Using diced tomatoes and any raisins you have on hand is fine. Frozen green beans are fine too.) There are some other yummy recipes in this issue that I’m going to try too. Hope you gals like these if you try them. Note: I’m not affiliated with Kraft or Family Fun. Just an ordinary mom who likes to try easy recipes now and again.
    Stacy :-)

  12. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting Addie at the show! I’ll be there with my baby girl on Sunday and Wednesday (I’ll be solo on Monday). Just a few more days to go!

  13. Karen Peterson says:

    Saw the blurb on iceskating and was wondering if your boys enjoyed it; my daughter and her friend (and family left Alaska on Wed night to go just to watch the USFS Championships! Small world I guess; also in the LOM class,but not progressing as I should (too hung up on finding the albums!!) Darn perfectionism!

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