We have a winner …

and her name is Jenn Curran! Jenn guessed "learn to play an instrument" and my goal is to learn (ok, technically re-learn) to play the piano. I had my first lesson on Thursday night and I’m NOT looking back!

thanks for the cute pic Jenn! Your happy mail coming soon!

still having a blast with miss wendy btw, have made four pages for an upcoming feature article and just so enjoyed brainstorming and collaborating on "possibilities." We enjoyed a sunny, yet brisk walk this morning to the top of the hill to see the view of the lake and it was just so nice, came back looking lovely and refreshed …


talk about zeitgeist, laughing at yourself and having fun!
you should  note that these  photos will self-destruct in approx. 24 hours.


  1. They say a brisk walk is like a beauty facial and I agree! LOL

  2. oh my word don’t let Addie see these you’ll make the poor girl cry!
    Isn’t Photoshop a wonderful thing?

  3. Gloria B. says:

    This must be one of the reasons I don’t exercise! LOL Thanks for sharing.

  4. jmderidder says:

    You always give me a smile and some happiness…in your own Stacy way…Thanks.

  5. Looking FAB-U-LOUS ladies!!
    You always make me smile!

  6. I think you guys better walk slower! I’ll never look at you the same again!

  7. CONGRATS about returning to the piano. I did started back in June. Like yourself, there is NO turning back!!!

  8. Joy Atkinson says:

    Those pictures are FABULOUS!!
    My husband and I got a good laugh, so FUN.

  9. hey stacy, kinda random but i have seen that you make bananna shakes on several of your scrapbook pages, could you share the recipe?

  10. YAY JENN! And what a fun goal, Stacy!! Between Kayce learning the drums, me learning guitar, and you on piano… we could form a band. Anyone have a good voice? I love to sing but not sure that I’m lead singer worthy! LOL! What’s next? Jamming on iChat? I need to get some chords down because even the easy ones are shredding my fingers. LOL!

  11. Thanks for Cathy update! I have missed her blog. And thanks for helping to create a great magazine month after month.

  12. Allison Barnes says:

    Dang, I thought I had it!

  13. Too funny! I can’t wait to see you scrapbook those for the magazine!!

  14. Just wanna say that I am totally enjoying your BPS LOM class so far! You have to be so super busy!! I can’t even begin to imagine…
    Looking forward to a great 5 months!

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