buenos noches

from puerto rico!
I’ve been a little busy lately — sorry.
met this man yesterday in the streets of old san juan.

i asked if i could take his photo and he posed with this ear-to-ear grin. when I was done he said "today is the best day of my life" I looked at him and he explained.

"I can’t do anything about yesterday and I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so that means today is best day of my life."

amen to that.

working hard.
having fun.
meeting scrapbookers.
telling stories.
life is good.


  1. Hey, glad your enjoying my island. I wish I could have joined in on the fun with the class you came to teach at my LSS but I missed out. Hope you have fun in Puerto Rico, with Wilma.

  2. What a wise man.

  3. wow!! sounds like a lot of fun down there. hope you get some vacation-ing in too.

  4. I am so in love with what that man said. I need to write that down so I don’t forget it!

  5. What a wonderful outlook on life! I’m definitely saving that quote and using it!

  6. Hope you enjoy Puerto Rico. Love what that man said, such a great way to live. very inspiring

  7. Kim Parker says:

    Ahhh to be where it is warm :) Enjoy your trip!

  8. What a great attitude that man has!

  9. so true! thanks for the reminder!

  10. Love Puerto Rico! My dh and I have done short-term mission trips there and can’t wait to go back again. Have a great time!!!

  11. What a great philosophy! :) Man, some people just have such clarity and have it right. Wow.
    Have fun in Puerto Rico!

  12. Hey Stacy,
    You can just skip on over to me in Key West and we can scrap for a day :)
    Glad your life is good. Mine is too!

  13. Everyone is busy!

  14. Hi Stacy
    Remember this post??? http://stacysbigpicture.typepad.com/altogether_too_happy/2006/05/im_leaving_on_a.html#comments
    I was the first that posted it and never got my class CRY CRY CRY
    Love you stacy,
    it’s ok..

  15. What a great philosophy. Having a bad day, and you have made me smile
    Wendy Myers

  16. Life is good. Don’t be sorry for being busy that just means your living. Thanks for checking in. It’s always nice to know what you are up to. :) Was re-reading the big picture last night and was wondering if you have any plans for another book?

  17. What a great philosophy. Having a bad day and you have made me smile
    Thanks for that
    Wendy Myers

  18. What a great philosphy!
    Having a bad day and you have made me smile, Thanks for that.

  19. I NEEDED THIS!! 2/18 was my birthday and I planned my daughters baptism that day..1 because she is 3 yrs old and we have finally found a church that we love and 2 because turning 37 is just icky to me. I worried all day about how things would turn out, I baked and decorated the cake, make dips, bread, meatballs, got my house ready with the help of my husband who could only be there for 2 hours because he is a hockey referee, got myself ready for the service at 6pm and then we came home. I still work today, Monday, the day after that everything went ok..even though there isn’t anything I can do about it!!!
    Scrapbooking is my outlet and Thanks to you guys I know I will have great memories of yesterday and that makes it “the greatest day of my life” THANKS!

  20. Love those words. Puerto Rico looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

  21. Amen indeed… needed to hear that today!

  22. I had a middle school teacher who always responded to the question “How are you?” with “Best day of my life!” He would explain it in a similar way and I always thought he was slightly nuts, but I do see the beauty in that way of thinking now that I’m older!

  23. Good stuff, Stacy!
    You just couldn’t resist that yellow shirt he was wearing, eh??? ;)

  24. That lovely man has his head on straight! What a wonderful blessing for you to run into him!

  25. That lovely man has his head on straight! What a wonderful blessing for you to run into him!

  26. I am so glad you got to go to my beautiful Island next time you go there I might have to go and see you and the girls. Stacy loved that photo my hubby and daughter are in Puerto Rico right now so I can’t wait for my photos!! Hugs Wanda

  27. Love the photo and his philosophy! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the sunshine!

  28. Great philosophy. I will have to adopt that one!
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hi!! I live in PR! Are you still here? Are you on vacation? Please let me know if there is anything you need. Have fun!

  30. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. I will connect with you next week re: Scrap Etc.

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