I think emails often …

disappear — in the same fasion that socks get "eaten" in the dryer. As hard as I try, I cannot keep track of email. I’m seriously convinced that some messages evaporate into cyperspace!!! I am trying to track down a blogger from Germany who was kind enough to send me a little interview — I’m finally done and would love to find her, so I’m going public — HELP!! Wo bist du?

I have so much "catch up" to do on this blog thing of mine, that today I’m going to share a couple of encouraging things that have been shared with me recently (btw, recently could mean as far back as November!)

First of all, I LOVE it when I meet scrapbookers that have worked on their Big Picture tagbooks (from my book) Seeing this great and very personal resource take shape just makes me giddy inside — Here are some shots of Emily’s tagbook — met her in Seattle.



Way to go Em — thanks so much for sharing!!

Also met Dani in Seattle –she was in my first session of Library of Memories and then showed up to surprise me with some of her albums — so cool.


We are already on lesson five of the LOM 07 session and I’m reminded all over again how good we are at making ourselves feel bad — for some of the silliest reasons, which brings me to share my next topic. If you have five minutes, you really should check out this very insightful video about women and "numbers" — it warns us against basing our value on the wrong things and encourages us to do more of what really counts in the long run. Melissa sent it to me and I think it’s totally awesome!

And in closing, something Taft said to me tonight as we read his library book. I sat down next to him and he put the book in my lap with "this one didn’t win Mom, but I think it will still be good." I questioned him and he explained "there’s no gold seal on this book — it didn’t win!"

Have a good day — but be sure to look beyond others’ judgments — gold seals aren’t the only evidence of success!


  1. Good luck finding your German friend. I do agree that e-mails have a tendency to disappear into that sock dryer in the sky!
    I love, love, love that tag album. Right now I’m into making (and giving away) mini albums and I may try one of those!
    Take care and ‘happy’ catching up!

  2. How funny that Taft would say that. I have a 5yr daughter and she always asks, “why didn’t this book get a reward, her word for award? It is a really good book.”

  3. Hi Stacy!
    Lynn Baker here… hope you are doing well!
    Is this the blogger you are talking about maybe? http://scrapbook-trends.com/
    I have her email addy if so… :)

  4. Stacy — Thank you for sharing the video. It sad but so true. Why are women so hard on themselves. We need to learn to live and let go.

  5. Stacy,
    Wow, my 5 yr old daughter said the exact same thing to me last week when we were reading. I didn’t get what she meant at first about the book not winning. Then she told me about the gold seal. I live in Chicago so I guess that is being taught all over. BTW, love the tag album.

  6. Awesome video Stacy! :) Thanks for starting my morning off right!

  7. My sister-in-law sent me “The Big Picture” recently, instead of sending me flowers after I had surgery. Let me tell you, that book is SUCH an inspiration. My friend Suzanne got it quite awhile back and had raved about it, but I’m generally not one to buy idea books…they usually land in my lap.
    And what a blessing to have TBP land in my lap. I’m grateful that my SIL found the need to send me something that would occupy my time during a slow recovery.
    Thank you for an awesome book…and once I am up to scrapbooking again, I will be working on my tag book as well. You are such an inspiration!

  8. Anne-Liesse says:

    Thanks, Stacy, for the video. I’m in one of those “worth-funks” that I get into from time to time. I needed to be reminded about what numbers to think about. Thanks.

  9. :-) Here I am. LOL! Send you an email! I can totally understand the sock-email relation, that is so funny. Love the tag book.

  10. My problem is I have a hard time deleting my emails, I really need to work on that and learn to archive into a folder and be more organized. (Way to long a sentence)
    I love reading your blog Stacy. I find things to ponder and be grateful for. I know that sometimes I get so caught up in the here and now and just getting through today that I forget to live. Even though we haven’t meet (yet) I am glad for all my cyber friends.
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. thanks for sharing this today…so good to be reminded!

  12. Your sock analogy made me smile. I remember a sermon at church when I was a teenager. It was near the holidays and the pastor made a similar analogy about socks in the dryer and elves with mismatched socks as they only took one from the pair. I have way too much experience with lost emails, my fiance is in the Middle East and I truly believe that there are cyber elves. They sit there with their mischevious smiles picking off the occasional email in cyberspace before it can reach it’s intended recipient. Thanks for the smile!

  13. Thank you for once again finding something that is so easily inspiring! I watched to movie and almost cryed as I watched because I so often think of myself in the negative instead of the positive. One day at a time!
    Thank you so much for you, you are so truly inspiring in so many ways. I would love to be a fly on your wall just to get an up close picture of your world.

  14. Michele Elder says:

    Hey Stacey! It is fun to see my tag book on your blog! (But my name is Michele-not Emily) It’s ok :)… I am also in your LOM class and I love it! For 16 years of marraige we haven’t been able to have kids…now I just found out I am pregnant. I am ecstatic with JOY! I can’t wait to scrapbook the cute things my kid says. ( I love reading your kid’s cute quips!)
    Love Michele

  15. Thanks for the video link. It was great. My own addition to the 2nd part is “the number of diapers changed today!” :) Obviously I have small children at home! :)
    Also–I love your list of blogs and noticed you changed what pops up when I put my mouse over their name. Love it. It’s a little thing that probably takes a really long time to do, but I’ve noticed it and love that you always have such good, positive things to say about fellow scrappers/friends/business associates. Don’t tell anyone else, but yours is my favorite blog to read! :)

  16. So loving the LOM class and I’ve been telling everyone who asks about photo organization a little about your system. I think I’ve recommended your class at least 20 times now! :)

  17. Cindy Gordon says:

    HELP!!! I have recently found the world of scrapbooking blog sites and there are a couple I always check! I keep seeing info about the Library of Memories Classes (LOM) but CANNOT figure out how/where to signup for them. I’ve registered on the Simple Scrapbooks site and the Big Picture site but no LOM classes are listed. Can ANYONE help me??? Cindy

  18. shelley davis says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I have just recently started to read your blog. Today I saw the post of little Addy in her Friday bib. My heart jumped.
    I too took a journey of love to find my daughter Grace. It has been almost 18 years ago since she arrived home from Korea. Asain babies always light my face up. They are so beautiful.
    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. Enjoy her. In a wink of an eye she too will be 18 looking at colleges.
    GOD bless,

  19. Hi Stacy,
    could it bee you are looking for Nat???? She publish an interview with you today! Here:
    Hope I could help you find your German friend…;-)
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  20. I’m going through “All together 2 Happy” withdrawal. Where are you? Hope all is going well and you are getting much accomplished.

  21. stacy–I have a question. I just found you on clique tv–so fun! I was wondering what kind of planner it is that you are using there?? I think Lisa Bearnson mentions a planner of your on her blog, but I can’t seem to figure out the name of it or where I can get one? thanks!!!

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