tender mercies

Ok, I’m so embarrassed. I’ve been trying to write this post for over two weeks now. I keep post-dating it, thinking "I’ll for sure have time by such and such a date" and then all of sudden the pictures pop up again without an explanation of any kind — sorry.

So, tender mercies –that’s what I call those little everyday miracles that just sort of blow your mind and leave you in complete awe of God and the universe and how orchestrated things can be — even things that really shouldn’t matter in the grand scheme life. I’ve experienced a number of tender mercies lately and wanted to share two.

First. I get this great idea for an article in SS — so I share it with the editorial team and we put it on the schedule. The article will be in the May/June issue and Karen Glenn wrote it. Anyway — it’s about starting with a BIG moment or event and then going backward in time to discover whatever it was that unexpectedly led to the bigger thing (make sense?) For example, in the fall of 1988, I was dating and completely smitten with Peter. Peter was pretty much everything I knew I wanted in a future husband and so life was good — until of course Peter broke up with me — before he dropped the bomb however, he gave me a UofW sweatshirt and a Basia CD (remember Time and Tide) and as it turns out, that sweatshirt changed my life. Fast forward a few months and I’m sitting on the floor outside the physics lab madly working on my lab report (in my sweatshirt) when Geof Julian walks up and says to me "Is the W for Washington or Wisconsin" — the rest is of course history and the short story is that I owe Peter and his consolation prize a BIG thank you!! And just for the record, had I married Peter (who was way too much like me) I’d be in the looney bin by now — I’ll save the tribute to my honey and his calming nature for another day.

Back to the tender mercy part. I totally tell Karen Glenn that I will do a layout for the article and I start to look for a picture of me in the sweatshirt. I can’t find one anywhere. Not in any of my files or even in my college album and I KNOW I have a handful of pictures in this sweatshirt. I know of course that I can do a layout with a picture — but I’m just so busy and bummed that I finally tell Karen I can’t do it and I feel bad and try and get over it. About 2 weeks later I get a baby gift from Heidi, my college roommate and I open it up to find two cards. One written to me and one to Addie. I read mine — very sweet, and then I open the other one and find this photo/card that says "This is your mother Stacy …" inside Heidi shares with my new baby some of the things she appreciates about me. OK — that’s the tender mercy — I can’t believe that out of the blue, the very picture I’ve been seeking shows up on a card in a baby gift! I just stand there with my mouth open and then I start to cry. I can’t believe it. I mean actually I can believe it and that’s why it’s so amazing — I was raised to give credit to my Heavenly Father, and I do, but I am still so amazed that with he He has to do, He still helps make little things like that happen!! For me, it’s too tender and too merciful to be a coincindence.


I have no doubt that if we are willing to "listen" to our spirits and hearts. We can be tools in God’s hands to bring about little miraculous mercies and blessings in the lives of others. So, thank you Heidi for always being the kind of friend that blesses my life. I adore YOU!

Second. I got home from CHA, got really sick and had SO much to do (projects, my LOM class, column and articles, etc..) and felt very, very overwhelmed. I was working on this little video project (for the Srapping Fever Cruise) and really, really needed some cool music. It was a Saturday at 1:00 a.m. and I kept falling asleep on the couch and wanted so badly to go to bed, but I had put this thing off way too long. Anway — I’m just not musically minded. I LOVE music, but I can’t remember names of musicians or song titles or anything and I had no idea where to start looking, so I said a little prayer that I could just pull this thing off and get it done and somehow figure out some music that would make it feel inspiring. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning to an email from a wonderful student in my LOM class telling me of a song that she had heard that should be our "theme song." The mp3 file was attached to the email! I couldn’t even believe it. It is called Little Wonders, by Rob Thomas and it’s perfect. Another total miracle/tender mercy. All I did was "ask"and it magically appeared. The video is now done (thanks to the miraculous Kayce Rehn) and on it’s way to South Africa. Here’s the song.

Download RobThomas-LittleWonders.mp3

Anyway — life really is good. It’s incredible exhausting, but it’s so good and so full of tenderness and goodness and wonderfully happy moments if we just open our hearts and eyes to them. I’ll repost the adorable cookie note from my Chase soon.

I’m really sleepy now.

p.s. I shared my tender mercy sweatshirt story with my SS team at CHA and they gave me another chance — my sweatshirt page is now in the article!!!


  1. omgosh! How sweet is that note! What a cutie! (Love the hair, too!)

  2. It’s the special sweatshirt!! : )
    That cookie dough note is hilarious.

  3. LOVE the cookie dough note!!!

  4. Oh, I love the note! I get the same kind of notes from my daughter, and I take pictures of them too. :)

  5. LOL! Love these!! Hee hee!

  6. I totally love that note…and the picture with your styling hair! Really cool! :)

  7. SO fun that you photographed that note! Thanks for your cooperation-tee hee :).

  8. Love your ‘stylish’ hair and the note. However, as a cookie dough lover, that note wouldn’t stop me! LOL Sue

  9. Awwwww! Love that note!

  10. Go, Huskies! :)

  11. I think I had the same hair and the same Husky sweatshirt…and are those pink stretch pants? I think I had those too!!!


  13. WOOF!!

  14. The best part is that he signs his last name – way cute

  15. My chase used to leave notes like this… : ) Happy times. Now he just leaves notes asking for gas money… still love him but gas money isn’t quite as adorable! : )

  16. Susan in NY says:

    ROFL! Both photos are way too cute. We should have a challenge in LOM to scrap a photo of ourselves in our HS or college yrs. How funny would that be? I didn’t have the pink stretch pants, but I did have a hot pink minidress and BIG hair. I think my kids would die of embarrassment if I scrapped those photos. Fun! LOL

  17. Love the pics! What a hoot!

  18. MaryRuth says:

    I loved your post!
    It really is the little things that the Lord gives us that let us know that He is mindful of each one of us individually.
    With 6 billion (or however many) people on the earth the thought of that is mindblowing. But it’s true. He does know and love each one of us individually. And He wants us to be happy and to prosper and to enjoy the little things in life. I believe that is what scrapbooking does for me. It gives me the opportunity to recognize the little things that maybe I wouldn’t have paid attention to.
    Thanks for your post. I loved it!

  19. I don’t usually post, but I read your blog on a daily basis. You are a great inspiration! I just wanted to let you know that I agree with you about the amazing things that happen for a reason. I went to Kindergarten with a boy and he moved away in first grade to a neighboring town. I didn’t see him again until one night in college (6 hours away from our hometown) in a bar. I spotted him across the room and recognized him instantly- he looked exactly the same as in Kindergarten, only taller… Anyway, we got to talking and he introduced me to a friend of his from high school, who happened to be at the same bar that night. That friend was with his roommate, and we all became friends. I ended up marrying the friend of the roommate, and we’ve been together for 15 years now and have 2 beautiful children. If God hadn’t put that boy in Kindergarten class with me, I would never have met my husband. Amazing how things work! :)

  20. Andrea D says:

    so inspirational. awesome.

  21. Stacy….thanks sooo much for sharing this part of you. And I so wholeheartedly agree with you, it is amazing how things always happen for a reason…God’s plans for ourselves are always bigger than ours. If we only learn to have patience and trust in the midst of them. Thanks for such a wonderful post! :)

  22. So that W must be for Washington because it doesn’t look like a Wisconsin W (which is where I’m from!) :)
    Great stories! Can’t wait to see the article in the mag!

  23. I needed to read this today. thank you! your procrastination was another person’s tender mercy.

  24. Leigh Ann Brown says:

    thanks for “putting it out there”. I love how you share your heart and your talent so freely.
    Your post reminds me of the quote–maybe by Max Lucado? that says that “Coincidence is when God winks.” or something to that effect. I love those situations when you see and feel that God is completely invested and involved in even the seemigly small details of our lives. Thanks for the reminder!

  25. your story made my day. thanks, stacy. and thanks for the song. it’s been on repeat since i heard it. :)

  26. Not sure where I got the name from, but I call them “God winks.” Loved your stories — I was hoping the sweatshirt was from Wisconsin, so we’d have that in common!

  27. Is that not the most perfect song?? I wasn’t even sure if you would see the email…I know you get a gazillion of them. I’m honored to have been a part of the “bigger picture” that made sure it arrived exactly when you needed it. :)

  28. Isn’t the Lord awesome! And what’s sad is that so many people who don’t have a personal relationship with the Lord would chalk that up to coincidence. But He is good and His love endures forever.

  29. so glad you shared these stories…i have goosebumps.
    can’t wait to see that article and your layout with the sweathshirt photo.

  30. I love when that stuff happens. LOVE IT. And that “Little Wonders” song is my absolute favorite right now. I am a huge RT fan and that song is just perfect. I need to look out for more little wonders every day. Stop searching for the big ones.

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