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Puerto Rico!
What a trip — I’ve been home almost a week and it’s been CRAZY!! But I still must just share a few of the highlights with you. We left the morning after Valentine’s Day — so I must begin by sharing  what I left and how I missed her!

I still can’t believe I have five children — balance is definitely elusive, but I am loving trying to keep up!!
So .. back to paradise

these are the ladies responsible for bringing me to this amazing island. From left to right, Omyra from Spanish Memories, Paula (who takes of the details I would mess up), Wilmarie hostess and owner of Storia and Sandra who works with Omyra and takes care of product distribution in PR.

We toured the famous fortress of El Morro on the first day and I so enjoyed just feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin (sometimes midwinter, I just forget!)

The last to conquer and maintain this fort was of course the Americans, hence the reason that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States — loved seeing the flags flying together (just speaks of our ability, when we choose to embrace, rather than exclude)

Found these cool decorated "dressses" in a square in Old San Juan — loved the movement they depict and this one in particular appealed to me. I think it may be the opening image in my little PR scrapbook!

After a day of sight seeing, we head to Mayaguez, one the other side of the island, where Storia is. Wilmarie’s family owns the most amazing decor business (three warehouses of cool, inspiring stuff — check it out here) so it was relatively easy for her to convince her father that they should give up a portion of one warehouse to open a scrapbook store. Seriously, have never been in a setting like this. This is the scene that greeted me — check out the "stage" with hanging frames all done in colors from my book (Wow!!)

and, check out Storia — have you ever seen a store so colorful and fun?

as always I met so many wonderful scrapbookers and enjoyed a day full of classes, culminating in chocolate milk and brownies (chocolate milk in PR btw is WAY better than here in the states. It’s just a little less "sweet" and oh so creamy)

trust me when I say Puerto Ricans know how to have fun and party! We where showered with gifts and then enjoyed a lively photo shoot with the giant frames …

Wilmarie and her "girls" always wear the same color of shirt to work — how cute are they?
One week from today we all joined Omyra and members of her extended family on a boat trip to Palomino island — this is actually Palomino’s little sister — but holy cow, doesn’t it just it just conjer up images from Gilligan and gang?
We enjoyed the sunshine (OK, my fair skin can’t handle it — I’m now a peeling mess from my usual sunburn!) and  the chance to float around in the warm ocean.
If you read the SS online newsletter, you know my trip was complete when I "caught" a little Coqui frog. I so badly wanted to find and photograph one for my boys and I did!!!

I am so thankful to everyone who made this trip possible. As always, I’m amazed by the "universal" connection that scrapbooking affords us, and considered myself so blessed to share my love and enthusiasm with so many scrapbooking friends.

I came home to sick kids, a visit from the Cordon family (Nolan is Geof’s childhood friend and his family came up from Phoenix for some snow and skiing) I had a presentation to prepare for an annual stake Relief Society (women’s organization) conference which was Saturday and a surprise "Survivor" party for Clark, who turned 14 on Saturday. I’m serious, when I say it’s been CRAZY!! Yesterday we all took naps and I was finally able to finish an "overdue" article for Memory Trends magazine — I won’t even tell you what else I’m behind on!

Have a great week. I’m headed to Utah to spend time with my Simple team and plan for exciting things coming up. The sun is out today and I am looking forward to a nice long jog!!

life is good.


  1. What a doll Miss Addie is! I would have a hard time leaving her too. I know how you feel about the five kids, our Maya from Taiwan joined her four brothers at home last August and I am still trying desperately to find our “new normal”! But I am loving every PINK minute of it!
    Glad you had fun while you were away and good luck with the catching up part!

  2. I’ve missed you on your blog, but it sounds like your trip was amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Wow – you HAVE been busy! Thanks for sharing your trip! The scenery pictures are beautiful and I love those big frames!

  4. Nicole R (from AZ) says:

    It looks like it was a super trip!
    Here’s a sunscreen recommendation for you: Blue Lizard Baby Australian Suncream. The Aussies know about sun (and sun cancer!), and this is the best, reasonably-priced, chemical-free suncreen available.
    This product has a combo of micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide metals, which gives you TRUE full spectrum UVA/UVB coverage (yep, it dries clear, not white).
    Oddly, most sunscreens only provide limited UVA protection, if any, and there are some genuine, rational questions about how the ingredients in chemical sunscreens can themselves damage your skin (no, I’m not a “natural nazi,” just a very fair skinned gal who did some research on sunscreens a few months ago). There is also a lot of data that suggests that skin cancer is caused by UVA, whereas UVB is what causes sunburns (and UVB is what most sunscreens DO protect against).
    It’s not clear to me why the big US manufacturers of sunscreens have not yet started to sell a zinc/titanium sunscreen, but we are definitely behind the state of science on this one…
    You can get the Blue Lizard through for $16.00 for 9 oz, but I can’t find it in my local stores. :)

  5. Don’t know how you keep up! You have a very busy schedule and a big family to boot! Have fun in Utah…I hope baby Addie gets to tag along this time. Grandest of days.
    Stacy :-)

  6. What a sweet little face! I’m envious of your trip to sunny Puerto Rico. I’ve always thought that would be a fun place to visit. Can you bring some of that sun with you to Utah when you come?

  7. Welcome back! Looks like quite a trip and your photos are beautiful!

  8. ElizabethW says:

    What great photos! (Especially the first one!)

  9. Aimee Grenke says:

    Your life sounds so full and exciting !! Your baby girl is just precious :) Thanks for sharing the pictures of PR.

  10. Looks like you had so much fun! And that is one amazing looking store!
    BTW, Love your skirt…I have the same one. It’s so fun, it makes me want to sew ribbons on all my pants and skirts…

  11. what a sweet sweet photo of your daughter. tfs! have a great time.

  12. Beautiful photos!! Agree with the Blue Lizard sunscreen comment. I’d never heard of it before my 3 year old daughter’s dermatologist recommended the product. I noticed last summer that it’s now being carried in WalMart too :-)

  13. I am from Puerto Rico and now live in Los Angeles. I am so happy you loved the island!! Hopefully this will lead to more interest in the industry to hold more classes/ conventions there. After all, isn’t is a great excuse for an awesome trip?

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