whew …

made it home safe and sound. I’m not taking a shower until I feel like exercising and that might not happen for a couple of hours, so I’m sitting here in my sweats, blogging. LOTS of laundry to do today and really just so happy about that! 

CHA was as always amazing — I don’t have the pressures of deciding what to buy for a store, nor do I have the responsibility of creating product and selling it, so aside from being prepared for meetings and taking it all in, it’s pretty darn fun. Addie did well — thanks primarily to Jenna, who was a real trooper.

here’s some highlights (emphasis on the some part, as I didn’t take near enough pictures)
Simple threw a little birthday a party in the CKMedia booth on Monday afternoon. There was a very impressive cake (looked like it had goldleafing on it) and we served that up along with prizes that included custom Jones Soda bottles, very large chocolate bars and some really cool Simple/Shutterfly calendars featuring photos from our recent Moments column. Naturally, I embarrassed myself (but, what the hey — at this point that is nothing new)

the whole thing made me cry (it was definitely a memorable moment.) If you have pictures, I’d love some — email me!

got to spend Sunday morning walking the show with Tote, who by the way grew more and more comfortable pulling my pink Target tote, so I could focus on Addie! Tote is the marketing/operations part of the Compendium dynamic duo.  Kobi (author of the She book and many, many other inspirational titles) was treated to a "wendy tour" of floor highlights and industry history/trends. Heidi, btw has some very fun NEW items, including Writers Block – little pads of paper that invite snippets of handwritten journaling. I also loved her new clock transparencies and jumbo photo corners!!

got to see Robin Johnson in the We R Memory Keepers booth — always a true highlight! Got to see these too — beautiful leather 6×6 albums in so many wonderful colors. There are other sizes also, but I’m still a nut for small, colorful and well-made. Cannot wait to get my hands on these. Some very nice metal letters and embellishments along with gorgeous papers!!

speaking of new albums. Ann and her sister Karen are doing a bang up job as new owners of ScrapWorks. They have improved upon (hard to do) the BayBox line of photoalbums and renamed them Anthologie. For those of you that took our Random Me A to Z class, and struggled getting page protectors, etc. you’ll be glad to know that these issues have been taken care of. These women are savvy and the business side is better than ever!

just plain LOVED seeing and spending "not enough time" with the simple team — here’s beth proudfoot, glowing in her pregnant state (wendy and elizabeth dillow in the background getting lunch)

kim morgan and karen glenn (identical twins, btw) have been designing inspiring layouts for years (both early Hall of Famers) so fun to see them together walking the show, and so fun to hear their ideas!!

rebecca cooper (author of Real Life Scrapbooking, coming soon) couldn’t be one ounce cuter! I’m so proud of her and her approach and example!

ate lunch two days in a row with wendy — sat here against this cement wall which felt like a cozy sofa, after long hours on your feet! So love this girl — got to visit with so many great people as they walked by.

Addie is awake and calling — time for a bath and more laundry.
more highlights to come!


  1. Glad you made it home safe! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Tara Whitney has some pictures of the SS party, a great one of you and Lynn eating the cake :)

  2. Teri Miner says:

    Tara Whitney also posted one of you crying…well, you have your hand over your face, but we got the idea.
    Congratulations on 5 succssful years of your vision!

  3. Glad you made it home. It looks and sounds as if it was a wonderful time. Congrats on 5 years, I remember the first issue (still have it). I love being able to keep things simple.

  4. Sue in Grapevine says:

    Go here for some great pics of the SS b-day party:
    you looked great – esp. loved the denim jacket!
    Loving the whole BPS mindset – so freeing. Bless you!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to post these pictures. Just makes me wish I could’ve joined in the fun!

  6. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    Your photo of Rebecca Cooper made me smile. I had just turned off the TV, which had been on E, and realized how careful I’m needing to be in raising my girls…television and media seem to think that over-the-top-sexy is the only thing teens and twentysomethings can be. So nice to see the life of someone like Rebecca showcased so often in the pages of Simple. What a great example her life is to young girls seeking a role model…talented, beautiful, sweet, and conducting herself with dignity as a wife and mother. I sure wish the general media would pick up on the fact that there are a number of young men who PREFER this type of “nice girl”!

  7. Stacy! I LOVE Addie’s socks! I actually have both the brights and pastel sets for my daughter Kamden! And actually, I had them on her when I took her to Memory Trends in October! I could hardly get out of a booth without someone stopping me and asking me where I got them! Anyway, kind of a random comment! Girls clothes rock!

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