Catch a Glimpse!

of my newest project and my newest class at Big Picture!

it’ my Glimpses album and it’s going to be featured in an upcoming special issue from Simple Scrapbooks with 42 other albums that are totally cool and meaningful — as I’m writing the editor’s note, I’m just so in love with the whole issue and reminded again how much I LOVE creating projects like this one — they are so totally freeing and FUN to make.

anyway — what I was going to say is that my Projects Now class, based on the book, featured in the special issue is NOW AVAILABLE. The extra cool thing is that included in the class is a "ticket" to an exclusive Glimpses Reception at all the events I’m attending in 2007 and 2008. Download the class, print your ticket and come hang out with me and other Glimpses students. You’ll get a surprise from me and maybe even something good to eat too! The first event is ScrapETC in Birmingham, which is just around the corner (I stayed up very late last night preparing one of my classes!) Please know that you DO NOT need to complete the album project to come to the reception — just come, see my album in person and share what preparations you have made in creating your own Glimpses book.

Totally excited about this.

p.s. first person to post and tell me who makes this paper gets happy mail - I can’t figure it out for the life of me!


  1. Kim Kesti says:

    Oh- I can’t wait to see your Glimpses album in the special issue. Fun! And, your paper? It’s Die Cuts with a View – probably from their Pocket Full of Posies line. :)
    Kim Kesti

  2. Mary Schneider says:

    Your posts and encouragement makes me happy. I am guessing that it might be KC & Company
    hope you have the unimaginable type of day!!

  3. Stacy I have the same paper I love. It is DCWV the posie pack.

  4. It’s a GREAT class, of course!!! :)

  5. I love this idea of this album so I am going to sign up for this class because I don’t have quite enough to do in my LOM and AYTR classes!!!!! But I like that the album is a “project now” class and I don’t have to wait! Love the paper. I believe it is Die Cuts with a View.

  6. Ok, now I’m stalking my mail man for a second reason! (bring me my Simple!) BTW: Is there any way to find out if you’re coming to something close by?

  7. I don’t know, it is cool paper. But, I think the coolest part is the zip ties holding it all together!

  8. Monique says:

    The green is throwing me off..
    but the flowers make me say
    Me and my Big Ideas, their Chester Line.. I could be totally wrong, but the brown flowers are really reminding of that..

  9. I have no clue about the paper but I love it!

  10. What a cute album. This is a class I just may have to take. So can you explain to us what Happy Mail is, just curious.

  11. scrappysue says:

    Oh how fun, another Stacy Class, I am off there RIGHT NOW to sign up!! Love the album, looks just like something I have to make! Have a great day! Sue

  12. Cute, cute album! I love these projects now classes and how they’re available for a year.
    Also love my DCWV Pocket Full of Posies stack…the paper always makes me smile!

  13. The paper seems like Autumn Leaves to me.

  14. Babette says:

    Great project! cant wait to take the class. the paper looks like Basic Grey to me. Have a happy day!!

  15. I have no idea, but you did say in a earlier post that Scenic Route was your favorite right now! Is that it???
    Hope you have a Great time with your class

  16. Pretty sure that paper is Pocketful of Posies from DCWV.

  17. Jayne Williams says:

    HI This is a wild guess but it reminds me of crate paper. Love it by the way!!

  18. Looks like it’s gonna be a fun class. I recently made a little “class” of my own, showing people how to make a paper bag book my way :o)
    It was a lot of fun!

  19. I downloaded the class last night and made all my notes this morning. Tonight I am going to pick my paper out and get started on picking out my pictures… :) I am determined to have this done by Scrap Etc.

  20. is that MAMBI??

  21. is that mambi paper??

  22. kinda reminds me of american craft paper.

  23. Dear Stacy, please plan to bring your Glimpses album to Scrap Event in Birmingham! Thanks!!!

  24. Whoops!! I got so excited at seeing the pictures of your album, I didn’t read that you ARE going to bring it to Birmingham! My apologies!!

  25. the mcgill punch is awesome! and congratulations on your march 7th date!

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