coming soon …

with new columns from Donna and Tara and  LOTS of great ideas.
I got an "early" copy when I was in utah last Thursday and it’s a great issue!
hard to say, but I think my favorite article is one by Lain, which will also be the subject of our latest SS/BPS class. It’s a crash course in moving beyond chronology (notice I didn’t say leaving behind chronology, just expanding your vision to include some other approaches) and it’s good stuff. Here’s a hint at something fun from my column (I even cleaned out my sock drawer to make room!)

our latest special issue and dare I say our best ever?! Not sure how anyone could pass this cover up (thanks to the amazing cathy z)
and maybe we just think this is true of whatever we have poured our hearts into, but this one is FABULOUS. It’s theme albums (like 40+) broken down into easy-to-follow recipes and they are so dang cool!!! You can preorder one now, or watch your local scrapbook store (sometime in May) I actually shared a sneak peek of this cover in my Glimpses class — but didn’t say "when" it would be availalbe. Sorry.
This one is worth the wait.

happy monday, btw.


  1. I wish I could get an early copy too – LOL! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Ooooh, I want both! Being in Australia makes them hard to get as fast as I want though!

  3. OOOOOH, I can’t wait to get my hands on those!!! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  4. ElizabethW says:

    I can’t wait! You know I’m a die-hard Simple devotee!

  5. they both look so great! can’t wait to see them. hope you have a good week!

  6. Can’t wait to get these…and can’t wait to read Lainie’s article! I love her writing style, she is simply fabulous! :)

  7. great covers!
    the color on them is fantastic..makes me want to peek inside!

  8. Oh YUMMY!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on both of these!!!

  9. eeeek I preordered that baby! I love love love me some mini albums! :)

  10. Yah! Can’t wait to get the new issue. I just pulled out my March/Apr issue last night while thinking it should be close to the time to get the new issue…And then you post a sneak peek here. Cool!
    Stacy :-)

  11. I am so looking forward to both of these magazines! I am totally going to pre-order them. Stacy I was at your class in Birmingham, Al and it was so inspirational! I had a blast – I do have one question, okay maybe two questions – what was the name of the happy book and also the singer of the Christian song Unwritten? I totally walked away from both of your classes with a different view on my scrapbooking. Thanks so much for taking the time to come to Alabama and thank your family for allowing you to come!
    One Happy Scrapper!! Cathy

  12. I love them both and can’t wait to see them! AND, Happy Monday to you too :)

  13. Michelle says:

    The link doesn’t work for something fun, at least for me.

  14. Time to shop!

  15. Can’t wait for these – they look so fabulous!

  16. Hi Stacy! It was so AWESOME meeting you in person (finally)! I can’t wait to get the new SS and this new idea book. I just saw it on the SS site a little while ago and gasped. LOL
    Thank you for being so genuine and lovely and taking the time to talk to me. You are a delight and an inspiration. :)

  17. I just got my copy today….GREAT issue. And you are right, Lainie’s article ROCKS! I loved it.

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