I interrupt this Saturday …

to bring you my new favorite paper RIGHT NOW.

it’s Marina Drive in the Laurel collection at Scenic Route and it makes me so happy!
working on my new Finish Line Scrapbooking class today — almost done in fact.

ok, back to scrapping.
cleaned my studio — what a energy-boosting activity that is!


  1. That is some fabulous paper, Stacy! I hadn’t seen that. On the verge of an order at PiperLime, too — I have such a weakness for fabulous shoes!! :)

  2. Donna Bettencourt says:

    I used those for my LOM library albums and love em…they match the American Crafts albums pefectly! They are in the LOM gallery…..
    Donna (Lisa D’s mom)

  3. I found this line in Atlanta when I was visiting my daughter two weeks ago and bought a whole stack of it. Just love it. I used some of it to make an album to collect the photos I’m taking for Barbara’s Photo 101 class as well as for the cover of my inspiration notebook. Loving the class, too.

  4. i am going to get some tomorrow to play with. i love srp co’s new lines. they are great! have fun playing.

  5. That is great looking paper and I must find some! Maybe I’ll stop at Michael’s tomorrow and see if they have some. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Stacy I can’t wait to take your class in Bama.

  7. Way Cool I don’t think I’ve seen this big a sample before! Must have this paper the colors are AWESOME!

  8. Oh, yeah. I’ve got some of this yumminess heading my way right now. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  9. Sue Bone says:

    Can’t wait to do your class at Scrap Fever in Watford, England. I also love Scenic Route but don’t have a LSS, so will have to home the kit club I belong to add that to their forthcoming kits.

  10. krisfred says:

    THANK YOU, Stacy for the SUPER SURPRISE for Donna D’s 52 week BPSer’s!!! SO thoughtful and sooo needed!! HUGS!

  11. Cleaned your studio? What a great idea, I just keep stacking one project on top of another! LOL!

  12. I just played with some of that yummy paper this weekend with Emily Falconbridge! It is even better in person!

  13. Love that paper. It’s totally speaking to me right now…loving color and bold things.

  14. Stacy I ordered this paper about a week ago! It should be arriving today! I really thought the whole Laurel line by SR was great! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  15. Looking forward to Alabama and your classes. :) Can’t wait for the glimpses class to be post either. See ya in Bama!

  16. I am in love with scenic route!!!!

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