I’m off …

to London, to teach at the ScrapFever event hosted by Amy Heavey and Willow Tree Crafts. I’m totally exhausted (as usual) as I generally burn the candle and both ends in order to leave home somewhat prepared. Don’t tell Paula, but I actually stayed up all night, looking for the cords to my projector. yikes! (no findy either) I’m extra excited about this trip (aside from the fact that I’m going to London for the first time ever!) because I’m taking along my mom — we are meeting up in Seattle  and then flying through Minneapolis, where we hook up with Paula. Anyway — with this trip on the calendar, I’ve created a short wish list of things to do and see — even last Saturday, I was quickly thumbing through the Target kids catalog and noticed this adorable kit, which led me to my computer to google the company. It’s called the little experience and they are based in Britain (West Sussex to be exact) — I really don’t know where this is — and maybe its not even London? Anybody know how close this is to London? I would LOVE to visit a store or an outlet or anything — and I’m not sure, they might be online exclusively. Anyway — adorable. Check out the free stuff to do page with printable recipes and other activities — there’s even one for slime (one of my boys’ favorites!)

I’m also in love with my new Trisha  Guild books on pattern and inspiration (see links at right) hoping to perhaps visit a Designers Guild store too. You simply must visit their online store — you’ll be totally inspired — here’s a sneak peek.

I’ll try and keep you posted with some highlights along the way — I’ve even made a little inspiration book for this trip!!

p.s. so proud of Clark, he and a group of his friends at Greenacres Middle School were awarded the Chase Youth Award (pretty prestigious in Spokane) for their media campaign "What makes a different, makes us great!" We found out yesterday afternoon that he had won. I had to cancel my LOM chat (sorry!) Here he is with his friend Kelby, sandwiched between a local news guy and the mayor — cool eh?


[8:41am pst]
I made it to Seattle! I just finished a really good (hot) breakfast sandwich that is helping calm my no-sleep jitters. So, just thought I’d check in and discovered that my new friend Kate has left a comment. You simply must go visit her blog. Kate came over to my house on Sunday afternoon to chat. She is from Spokane, but currently a student at University of Missouri in magazine journalism and design and she is adorable and so talented!  Look what she found at the Etsy: jacquelineknits store:


hello? how cute is this — and I was just thinking the other day that I am NOT going to take up knitting, like so many of my friends (maybe I need to reconsider?) or maybe I’ll just go support jacqueline! I flipped over little tooth fairy pillow and knitted coasters!

Speaking of knitting, if you haven’t been to Lain’s blog before, now is the time. She is posting some very fun weekly challenges and I might add, hosting some very fun contests that include prizes!!

maybe I’ll check in from Minneapolis (with a shout out to Cathy, who came to my rescue yesterday with some layouts I needed to an upcoming article in Memory Trends magazine — thanks CZ.)


  1. Have a great time on your trip, and congratulations to Clark – that’s really cool!

  2. Queenofstash says:

    No they are not based in London – about 1 1/2 hrs drive from where you are teaching (they are south of London, you are north in Watford). Looks like they are suppliers rather than retail, there are some outlets in Central London if you are heading in to see the sites (eg Hamleys). Have a great trip!

  3. Congrats to Clark!

  4. RScrapIT says:

    Stacy, I’m so glad you went to Clark’s award. We LOM students truly understand. We’ll chat when you get back! Have a good trip.

  5. Have a FANTASTIC trip! Can’t wait to read all about your London experience! Congrats to Clark! How very cool indeed! :)

  6. As Queen of Stash said, the kids craft store is on the South Coast, miles away from London. Willow Tree Crafts isn’t even in London…it’s north (in Watford).
    Any more info you want on what to go see or do, just give me a yell. I’d be happy to help (I’m in the UK). Also I can let you know where the closest meetinghouse is to you, if you are going to church.

  7. Have a great trip, my friend!!!!
    Safe travels, and congrats to Clark. That’s amazing!

  8. See you Friday. Can you post which kits you’d like as I can check with our local Cancer Research shop as they seem to be stockists. If you’re going to London you have to check out Hamleys.
    If you want a guide to London on the Monday I’m staying overnight in Watford ;)

  9. Just googled Designers Guild and their main store is just behind Hamleys
    Designers Guild,
    267 & 277 Kings Road,
    London, SW3 5EN.
    You also want to visit Libertys which is virtually next door to Hamleys.

  10. If you get a chance to go to the Designers Guild, please take pictures! I’ve always wanted to visit that place and never got a chance during my one and only visit to London.
    May I suggest that you go for tea and scones & clotted cream!?! Yum, yum. Have fun!!

  11. Cant wait to see you this weekend Stacy! Sorry that the store isnt closer to London but you and your Mum will find so many fabulous things to see :) You will love Libertys, it’s such a beautiful store covered head to toe inside in carved panels, a true work of art.
    Safe journey!

  12. Hey Stacy–
    THANKS so much for posting the link to that kids craft company. So cool! If you click on “Stockists” on the left side there’s a list of stores that carry their products. There were about 10 in London itself, although there might be others that are closer to wherever you’re going! Enjoy–I studied in London for a semester at the BYU program there and absolutely loved it. There’s so much to see and do–if you have time to take a bus tour that’s probably the best way to see all the big stuff without getting lost…hop on & off whenever you want. Have a great time!

  13. Ah…you’ll love London and the entire area. I spent 4 days there just before Christmas and I adored, adored, ADORED it…except for the prices. Being American, the pound to dollar exchange is almost 2 to 1! Ouch. But we found a great little restaurant at which we could afford to feed our family, ate some fast food and enjoyed riding the underground/tube (mind the gap!) everywhere. LOVELY place to be. Want to go back, without kids someday!

  14. Lots to check out. No wonder you never sleep! Thanks and have a great trip with your mom.

  15. Oh if you are planning on shopping then definitely go to Hamley’s and Liberty’s as they are right near each other, on Regent Street. That’s right in the shopping district – and practically opposite the Apple Store for those who like that kind of thing LOL. So sorry I can’t make it to the crop, but I live in Watford, so I’ll be thinking of you :) Not the most beautiful town in the world (ahem) but plenty of shopping. And very friendly natives ;)

  16. Stacy….have a fantastic trip!
    Can’t wait to hear all about it and see photos. In the meantime I hope you get some sleep :)
    Congrats to Clark on his award. Definitely more important than our LOM chat.
    Take care!!!

  17. Stacy-
    just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. everything you do is amazing to me! How do you do it all?? I would love to find a way to make a living doing what I love – scrapbooking! Any tips?
    visit my blog http://www.songofstorms.com/blog

  18. Marsha Hamilton says:

    I did my student teaching in London years ago (11 years!), and then got to go back on my honeymoon! LOVE LONDON!!!
    You gotta have an egg and tomato sandwich at the Waterloo station deli…so good!

  19. Looking forward to seeing you at Scrapfever.
    & congratulations to Clark.

  20. Karen in Toronto says:

    West Sussex is about an hour minimum south of London, probablty more depending on where you are in London.
    Hmmm, just noticed it’s Watford. Driving would probably take two hours minimum, but travelling through or around London, as you’d need to do, is often slow & unpredictable timewise.
    Trains go from Victoria Station to Arundel, take 90 minutes-ish & there’s 2 an hour on Saturdays.
    HTH …wish I was there to take your class!! Pssst – come to Toronto!!

  21. Stacy,
    To whom I am indebted to forever. To whose book, Big Picture, was the first one I picked up as I began my hobby of Scrapbooking and have never looked back. I have Photoshop’ed the Picture of the Funeral and took the cars away for better focus. Email me and I will be happy to send it to you, if you would like. Sorry about the loss. Have a great trip and enjoy the chance of a lifetime! gina

  22. Marlyn Gelb says:

    Thanks for posting that link to the little experience. A recipe for lipgloss-you may be 5 yr olds new best friend! What an awesome company- tell them to open here! have fun in the UK-buy some Doc Martens!

  23. I just love Tricia Guild don’t you. I wish I could afford to buy all of her fabrics and her use of color is just well AMAZING!
    Thanks for all the great things you posted today!

  24. looks like a wonderful trip, have fun!

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