it’s official!

addie grace has been recognized in a court of law, under the seal of the State of Washington as a member of the Geoffrey Julian family!
the picture isn’t great — but the memory of raising my right hand in an oath of honesty and stating my intention and personal responsibilty to raise and love this little girl as my own …

that — has been imprinted on my heart.

and I think Geof feels the same way –
March 7th, 2007 was a very good day!


  1. Congratulation! I have a little sister who is adopted from China. Micaela is so precious as your daughter is.

  2. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you and your family. Your daughter is absolutly beautiful!

  3. How wonderful for you and your family!

  4. Congratulations! A happy day indeed!

  5. Congratulations! I was adopted as an infant and always loved when my parents told stories of my offical adoption day and how special that time was in the courtroom.

  6. Congratulations! What a wonderful day for you!!

  7. KatieButler says:

    Congratulations! What a special day for your family. :)

  8. Congratulations, how awesome is that!! Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness with your beautiful family.

  9. Oh! What a fun & happy day! An eternity of happiness to you & your family!!!!

  10. mom78968400 says:

    sometimes the best photos are those imprinted on our heart. congratulations!

  11. Congratulations!!!! Adoption ceremonies are so moving to observe, I can’t even imagine how amazing it would be to participate in one! What a lucky little girl!

  12. It’s a good day, isn’t it? My daughter’s pictures are fine, but in my son’s adoption day pictures we’re all shadowy figures. Oh well- those moments are forever imprinted in my brain anyway! Congratualations on making it official! (I bet it felt official when you first saw her picture, am I right?!)

  13. Welcome to the Julian family, sweet Addie!!! and Stacy…welcome to mothering a daughter. It’s SO different from mothering a son!

  14. It’s a good day, isn’t it? My daughter’s pictures are fine, but in my son’s adoption day pictures we’re all shadowy figures. Oh well- those moments are forever imprinted in my brain anyway! Congratualations on making it official! (I bet it felt official when you first saw her picture, am I right?!)

  15. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Copngratulations, Julians!! Addie is a beautiful addition to your family. wonderful!

  16. Congratulations! What a special day for your family!(as tears cloud my vision!)

  17. Congratulations! I think all those photos are terrific—and I love how the judge is smiling so happily in the first one : )

  18. congratulations! what an amazing day!

  19. RScrapIT says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to you, Geof, Addie and your entire family! So awesome!

  20. CONGRATULATIONS…hugs for everyone!!

  21. Congratulations! Love that picture of Addie w/her daddy!

  22. Congratulations! We are just starting our re-adopt process for our little girl from Taiwan, so seeing those pictures makes me smile knowing that soon I will be there!
    She gets cuter everytime you post a picture! Yeah for Miss Addie Grace Julian!

  23. Congratulations!!!! She is such a little doll :)

  24. Congrats Stacy – I am so happy for you and your family! What a wonderful day!!!

  25. YAY!!! Congratulations! What a wonderful day to celebrate and to cherish!! I love all of the photos too – they ROCK!

  26. Congratulations Stacy & Geof. What a wonderful addition to your beautiful family. Addie is beautiful.

  27. Major CONGRATULATIONS to the entire Julian family! Our special day was Jan 29, 2001 – my husband adopted my son. I don’t have any pictures, but remember it like yesterday. I always wonder if our judge remembers us…we were his very first adoption. Have fun with your little bundle of PINK!!!

  28. What a very special, thilling and amazing time in your life! Thanks for sharing these so very sweet pictures of you and your family! Sending you many happy thoughts and best wishes for a FABULOUS new life together! You guys look all so cute together! :)

  29. Congratulations!
    We finalize Nadia’s adoption today. =)

  30. Congratulations! SO happy for you and your family.

  31. Congratulations to the Julian family. Addie is one lucky little girl.

  32. Oh what a WONDERFUL day, I’d say! So much love!!!

  33. This is so GREAT!! my youngest brother was 3 when my parents adopted him. I was 13. I still remember sitting with my other brother and watching my parents raise their hands in front of the judge. Unofficially, the judge had my brother and I also promise to be the best big brother and sister we could be! CONGRATULATIONS!

  34. Rachel :0) R says:

    CONGRATS!! I am happy to read all went smoothly. One my “legal” adoption date (1 yr after my birth date), I divorced my parents by creating havoc with Cherios in the judges chambers and he signed the wrong documents. No worries, though – all was quickly rectified. I wish you much JOY in the future with your beautiful family. :0) R

  35. Marsha Hamilton says:

    Congratulations! Our adoption finalization day was August 25, 2005. We call it “Signing Day” for Beau!

  36. a zillion congrats…and hugs for all…what a wonderful day indeed!

  37. How wonderful. I bet you can’t wait for the forever part of the adoption.
    Congrats to the whole family.

  38. congrats to you all- I hope your heart feels full to bursting with the completion of your beautiful family!

  39. Monica Taylor says:

    Congratulations to you and your family! I have been through the adoption process three times (in Utah) and can relate to your joy!Our family celebrates each child’s “adoption day” (court/finalization day). It makes them feel special and gives us the opportunity to really celebrate the blessings of adoption! All the best to you!
    Monica T

    Thanks for sharing such a special occasion with us!!

  41. How wonderful … congratulations to you all … she really is such a cute little girl. :)

  42. I am SOOOO impressed with you!! you don’t look like you cried through the whole darn thing!! by the picture at the end of our adoption proceedings I looked like one of those puffer fish!!
    and congrats to the newly formalized family!!

  43. Susan in NY says:

    Congratulations to your whole family! What a sweet blessing she is! Enjoy every “little wonder” with her. The Rob Thomas song you posted about the other day really touched my heart. I have played it over and over and even found the lyrics online, printed and posted them on my desk as a reminder. Thank you for sharing the song with us & much happiness to your family!

  44. Congratulations for Addie and your family! She looks like a delight!

  45. dang it, you made me cry!
    congrats on such a momentus day!

  46. I am so touched by your post. My Mom has recalled to me many times the day she and my father stood in court and my adoption was finalized. It will be a memory you will have forever and share with Addie as my Mom did with me. Nothing felt more special.

  47. congratulations!

  48. Crystal says:

    Congratulations to your whole family! I look forward to watching Addie grow and become an amazing woman!
    See you in Edmonton! I signed up for “Glimpses” last night – my sister and I are going to work on ours together!! Thanks for thinking up such great classes for us.

  49. Monica Martin says:

    Congratulations on your forever daughter! I remember when we finalized my three year old daughters adoption, it was such a special day for all of us! Of course, I scrapbooked it! Hugs to all of you, and I love the photos of both of you with Addie~

  50. Congratulations to you and your family! My hubby and I were lucky enough to adopt 2 beautiful little girls. Both visits to make it final were absolutely wonderful, but my favorite part was taking them to the temple, and then finally being able to give them their “baby” blessing. (They were both around 2 years old when their adoptions were finalized…but well worth the wait!) As mentioned by one of the other ladies, I’m sure that it was final in your heart the moment you laid eyes on her!

  51. WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO that is so awesome… you look sooo happy.

  52. So very happy for you and your family.

  53. congrats!!!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous addition :)

  54. Addie Julian is so beautiful and makes a wonderful addition to your family!

  55. Congratulations! All that waiting has “officially” paid off. :)

  56. what a memorable day! congrats.

  57. Regina Ponce says:


  58. Congratulations to the Julian Family! You are so wonderful for giving that precious child such a loving home. She is so lucky, and so are you!

  59. Congratulations Stacy and Geoff!! The baby you have vowed to love and care for is now officially all yours. Let the spoiling begin. Oh yeah….I’m sure it has. LOL!

  60. Becki Columbus says:

    Congrats Addie and the rest of the Julian Family! Isn’t wonderful to finally hear the words that you’ve known in your heart all along…she is forever your child.
    From one Forever Mom to another…Congratulations.

  61. Great news!
    Don’t forget to edit this post to add it to the “that girl” category you made. In my haste to post I often forget the category, but being able to go back and see all the posts in a certain category is helpful to me for my scrapbooking…. I don’t have to slog through all the posts to find the one I wanted to help me in my layout journaling, for example.
    So happy for your family!

  62. Congratulations, Stacy!

  63. Congrats Stacy! What a special day for your and your family.

  64. Congratulations!

  65. Many congratulations Stacey!! :) It’s a wonderful thing you have done and I’m sure you’ll all be so happy with little Addie in your family.
    See you at Scrap fever!!

  66. Congratulations! Everytime I see the photo with the judge, it just makes me smile. Addie is a very lucky little gal to become part of such a wonderful family.

  67. congratulations to you and your entire beautiful family!

  68. Congratulations on the final step in your process – my daugther’s celebrated 8 and 9 years home from Korea this year! What a doll your Addie is!

  69. Congrats on making it final! What a wonderful blessing! I can’t wait to experience it all for myself when we go to China!!! :)

  70. Congratulations! What a blessing for your family!

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