just want to publically thank …

They are just really good people. A couple days before we launched Big Picture (not really having any idea how fast it would catch on or anything) I picked up the phone and called Drex. I told him what I envisioned and without even hesitating he said "we’re in — we’ll help you" And boy have they!!! You might think they are just an online resource for our supply lists, but they are SO MUCH MORE — they have really guided us as we have (and are still) learning to navigate this worldwide WEB thing. The have been a huge support to Paula with all that she gets to deal with and they have offered many resources to Kayce as she worked around the clock to launch the new site in January.

I of course love them for all of these reasons, but mostly for the fact that they try very hard to say YES to me. For example …

Way back when I was developing Library of Memories I asked if they by chance wanted to send everyone in my class a ScrapStrong bracelet to wear as evidence of their own ScrapStrong  pledge I require them to take. They said YES (and YES again this year.)
Proceeds from these bracelets incidently support the Lance Armstrong effort, in  his fight against cancer!

When I was madly looking for "tab and tag" options for my LOM class, Tricia (purchasing manager at SBC) called and said "Have you seen the new McGill punch?" — I said "no, would you send it to me?" and she said YES!

It’s awesome — click here to check it out.

and …
When we re-ran Lisa Damrosch’s hit class, Product Playground I
suggested that Scrapbook.com build an optional "kit" for students — a
sort of "one-click" purchase that would bring all six categories of essentials right
to their door. Naturally, they said YES again —

Which brings me to my other point today. There are actually a couple dozen kits (pictured above) left-over!!

If you could use these items or know someone who could — I really want to help SBC sell these, so we can talk about more ideas — I want them to continue to say YES! I’m not asking you to buy something you don’t need — but if you could use a generous helping of rub-ons, ribbon, photo corners, bookplates, chipboard and brads — then I’ve got a steal of deal for you. Not only will you receive some great stuff in the mail, you will become an honorary member of the BPS "Just Say YES" committee willing to support the good people at Scrapbook.com and  indirectly many of my crazy ideas!!

I’ve wanted to "call out" their support of us for a LONG time and just haven’t — there are so many people who have believed in us and supported us — and all of YOU at scrapbook.com are at the top of the list!!!!



  1. elizabeth holder says:

    i would like to purchase these kits to help- can u guide me to the right spot?

  2. scrappysue says:

    Elizabeth if you click on the green word “optional” above, it will take you straight to Scrapbook.com and the kit, HTH! Love this company as well as BPS, it has been so very helpful to have class supplies I can purchase in one place, and not have to spend hours upon hours searching the web. PS, Love the Glimpses Class Stacy, can’t wait to get started on it! Sadly, I won’t be able to use the ticket, unless you fancy a visit to Dubai!! Sue

  3. Eeek! I’ve been looking for a file folder punch for literally MONTHS. Thank you!! It’s already on my wishlist in my Scrapbook.com account just waiting for play money, whenever that may be. :)

  4. I have that MCGill Tab punch & I love it!!!
    I’ve had it only about 3 weeks and I’ve used it so many times. Very recommended!
    think I’ll head to scrapbook.com and pick myself up one of those left over kits.

  5. I would say YES..how do you get the kit???

  6. Pam Black says:

    Love the Glimpses class, Stacy.
    I signed up this morning and I can’t wait to get started! You never cease to amaze me, you are such an inspiration. Finally, I get to create something just for me!! Thanks again. By the way, I just finished teaching a class where we used the McGill tab punch on every page and it was super cute!! Love it!

  7. April Hendrickson says:

    Hi Stacy! Love your style!
    I recently purchased your Big Picture Book and have a few questions. Could you email me so I can figure them out with you?
    Thanks so much!

  8. Rhondaraz (Rhonda) says:

    I didn’t realize the ScrapStrong bracelets support the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong campaign! That makes me a very happy camper :) Not only are my husband and I avid cyclists (road & mtn — he races, I ride for fun), but we support the LIVEStrong foundation. When we got married, we didn’t want to buy a little insignificant wedding favor that adds up with 200 guests, so we got the LiveStrong bracelets and used those as napkin rings. It was loved by young and old guests. I haven’t taken my off since our wedding (not to mention we have been wearing them since they came out!). I will need to stock up on the SCRAPstrong bracelets for friends. Thanks!

  9. Being a firm believer in scraping lifes bumps in the road (aka cancer, accidents and other tragedies) I love the scrapstrong bracelet. Are they still available?

  10. Oooooooooo! I may have to get this kit. Thanks for the heads up.

  11. aw, shucks. this is the nicest post. thanks so much, stacy.
    i have a new motto, and it is “just say YES”
    you are the best.

  12. Love Scrapbook.com, I have made many online scrapping friends there, very very nice always! And the gallery has beautiful work in it! Vickie K

  13. Debbie Dow says:

    Stacy, I hope sometime you will be able to do some classes in Northern California? It seems like we get missed.Is there anything on your radar for us? Love all the encouragement and great ideas you bring to scrapbooking.

  14. OK, I had to head over to pick up the kit. How could I say no to you? Will the class be re-run again or at least the handouts posted somewhere for the Just say YES club? Ü
    Love BPS, I’m taking your LOM and the AYTR classes this year and love it. Thanks so much for the inspiration Stacy, and the ability to keep it simple! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  15. I love sb.com!! It’s my scrap home! It is such a great community, and everyone that works there is amazing!! I’m happy you blogged about them!

  16. Love scrapbook.com. They are one of my favorite resources. And I’d love to help.

  17. Stacy — Thank you for all of your guidance. I too have been very happy with the support from scrapbook.com I picked up one of the extra kits yesterday. I’d been thinking about it, so the nudge was good!

  18. Your blog makes ME happy!! Where can I take the Library of Memories class?? THANKS!! :)

  19. stephanie says:

    I’d love to help too. please send me the info.

  20. Hi, I’d like more info about the ‘just say yes’ kit :) Thanks! And I like scrapbooks.com, too!!

  21. Kellie Bower says:

    STACY!!! I cannot believe you have 5 kids now! I was looking at the pictures of Clark and Chase & can’t believe how big they are! I remember when they were little babies & I used to watch them. I am so glad I found your website. I have wanted to contact you for so long but didn’t know how. I love your cute family! I hope all is well. I also hope to hear from you, too! “Your favorite babysitter, Kellie”

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