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ok, here’s the deal. I have scads of things I want to say and share with you  –  a backlog of blogs, if you will. So,  starting May 1st. I am throwing a month-long party on my blog, which will be updated twice a day. There will be a little of everything — quotes, stories, challenges, great links, good books, questions, prizes, announcements (including a special one on National Scrapbook Day)  and all the other stuff too. Kayce made me a new banner and I’m so ready to go. I dare say it will be almost as exciting as this — the self protrait I snapped on the swings, in Galaxy Land at the WestEd Mall.

I’m on my way home now, from Edmonton — it was a great weekend and a dream come true  (more on that Tuesday!) I get to go on a field trip with Chase tomorrow (totally happy about this) and I’m sure play some serious catch up on the home front. Here’s a little send-off thought for the week:

Isn’t the phrase "quality time" annoying? Is there any time that you spend with your family that should be second-rate time? Bargain-basement time?  [Loretta LaRoche]


  1. I love the happy yellow color of the new banner. I love reading your blog, so I can’t wait to see what you have in store for May.

  2. WOOHOO a blog party! Sounds like fun, can’t wait! (Loved the new “do” BTW) :)

  3. Whoo-hooo! I am excited to see this today. I was starting to go through “Stacy-withdrawl” as a result of the end of our LOM class, so now I can still get my fix! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us Stacy!

  4. I love Loretta LaRoche!!! She spoke at my company a number of years ago. I absolutely love her wacky perspective on life. Can’t wait to hear more from you in May!!

  5. andrea d. says:

    oh, i can’t wait!

  6. those swings are my absolute favourite ride there (also feels the safest!)
    so glad to see you were able to catch a pic, I’m still too scared to let go…lol
    thank you again for inviting me to your reception…you are everything I knew you would be :)

  7. I’ll be here!!!

  8. Ooohh…can’t wait for May!
    This weekend was amazing, it was so great to connect with you and hear you teach and speak. You are so inspiriational, and now I have a million projects I want to do! I’m definatley going to do my own “finish line” album…so cool.
    You are awesome, Stacy, enjoy your field trip tomorrow and thanks for sharing so much of yourself with all of us!!

  9. Awesome, I am looking forward to the Party, I am having a small party too if you want to mention little ole me. I bet you have more free time now that our class is over :o( *sniffle sniffle*

  10. Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to read your thoughts. And love the banner – the images are so warm and happy. Thx

  11. Really looking forward to all the fun you have in store for us this month! Will be sure to check back!
    Love your hair too — very chic!

  12. That looked like a fun ride! I can’t wait till tomorrow for Blog Fest 2007!

  13. Party Blog sounds like fun!! Can’t wait!

  14. Oh hooray! More Stacy! Can’t wait for the new stuff.

  15. can’t wait gf.. cant wait! hugs

  16. Sherry Upchurch says:

    Welcome Back! Have totally missed you! Can’t wait for the fun!

  17. wowie!! Looking forward to popping in for a month (cool) to see what you share, show and tell!! :)

  18. scrappysue says:

    Woo Hoo, roll on May, I will be here (at least twice a day as usual, LOL!). This will make up for LOM ending *sniff*!! Sue

  19. Love the new look of your blog~ I have missed your posts…here’s to a fun MAY!

  20. Michelle says:

    Yeah! I am so excited that you will be blogging all month long. I find your blog so inspirational and it always makes me think a bit.
    Thanks Stacy!

  21. As I anxiously await updates to your blog already, you have just made my day! My month of May will be great! Love the new banner too!

  22. oooh! can’t wait!

  23. Looking forward to all the blog posts next month.

  24. I love your new banner! Especially the “mom flowers”, as my boys call them. I don’t have the heart to tell them they’re weeds, so “mom flowers” they are!
    Can’t wait to see what May has in store…especially since I’ll be in LOM withdrawal! LOL

  25. I can’t wait for May!

  26. Let the party begin! I am super excited. I miss your posts. I love your posts!!
    Thanks for stopping by our new little blog, Unpubbed. It made our day to see a celebrity leave a post! :)

  27. Kat (Lovebug Kat - the chatty one) says:

    that banner rocks and so does your new hairdo girl!
    can’t wait to see what you have in store this month.
    And finally, another “quality time” hater, I thought I was the only who was annoyed beyond words with that phrase LOL

  28. Can’t wait!
    Love West Ed Mall – esp the Roller Coaster inside when you think you are going to crash into the wall. Loved the self portrait on the swings. FUN!

  29. So excited for this. Party, party, party!! Woo hoo :)

  30. Sounds like fun! I also have to tell you that you were so inspirational this past weekend at the convention! I really feel so uplifted when you speak and motivated to make changes in my life! I enjoyed the “Glimpses” reception so much even though I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath from all the emotions of hearing everyone share a bit of themselves. It was an incredible night. Thanks so much!
    Kim :)

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