Happy Birthday to Darci

My super cute sister …


she is not going to like this picture, but I do. Aside from the fact that she is going to have a monster wrinkle right in the middle of forhead when she is my age (I know this b/c I have one) I love the adorable look she gets on her face when she is listening with real intent!

I actually have two super cute sisters, Darci lives in Utah and Chanda in Arizona, but Darci is the one turning 30 yrs old today — hello? My "younger" sister is thirty? YIKES. I’m not going to tell you how old I was when daddy came home and woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me mom had given birth to the girl I had been praying for (way back, before the days of sneak-peak ultrasounds, you just had to wait)

Anyway, when I was in Alabama, at Monique’s very inspiring ScrapETC,  I saw and had to have this little KI "heartfelt" mini-album — link to the store and the shopKI site — I’m such an enabler!

Anyway, it’s been hanging around begging to be used, so I decided to turn it into "30 Wishes for Darci" b/c we are always talking about the things we would and could do together if we lived in the same town (which would be the ultimate cool thing btw.)

pics aren’t that good, but I finished in Sunday evening and it turned out so darn cute. I am reminded again how fun it is to think about someone you love, while you make them some kind of scrapbooky thing — some of my wishes for Darci and I may never come true, but I bet now that I’ve recorded them, most of them will —

and when they do — we’ll snap a photo and know just where to put it!

Happy, Happy birthday Sis — hope you are having fun in St. George soaking up the sunshine.
Say hello to Jessica for me — tell her I’d love a package soon!


  1. Stacy this album is GREAT. Darcy is going to love being 30 and going to love this album. I just posted one I did “30 lessons learned at 30″ for my birthday! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful gift!

  2. Wait tell 40 comes along (lol). I have determined it can be the best years of your life. Love the album, remember you mentioning it in AL.

  3. Adorable album…adorable sister! Happy Birthday Darci!!!!!!!

  4. stacy…this album is so cute. i’m going to have to do one like this for one of my friends. now i just need to find that album.

  5. LOVE the album!!! Darci will too!! I’m fortunate to be just 30 minutes of each of my 3 sisters–maybe someday you will too!!!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful album and the idea! I cannot wait to scraplift you on this! :)
    And happy birthday to your sis.

  7. What a great idea for a sisters’ album. I have 3 sisters and we’re always wishing we could spend more time together and this would be a fun gift for all of us! Thanks for the idea.

  8. sooo cute! how did you do the white lettering on the first page? did you print it on the computer or is there something new that i don’t know about? you couldn’t have done all of that with rub-ons or stickers… right?! if so, kudos, that’s patience!!!

  9. Happy Birthday to your sister Darci. My little brother turn 30 this year too and it is freaking me out.
    BTW-Just wanted to let you know I competed in my 2nd 5K. I did the Salt Lake 5K while my hubby did the marathon today. I was very proud of myself for going out there again, but especially proud of his HUGE accomplishment. Thanks for challeging/inspiring me last year.

  10. Another awesome idea!!!

  11. What a great idea! I will be 31 in June, but how wonderful to make something like that.
    Maybe 30 blessings in my 30th year…

  12. Wonderful idea!! wish I had a sister…

  13. Happy birthday to Darci!!!! Wow, birthdays are fun! And what size is that album….because it is adorable. I am all over the mini albums right now!

  14. Great gift Stacy! I am totally inspired for my 2 sisters too!

  15. Happy Birthday Darci! Your outfit in the picture looks like the new black and white Doodle Bug paper! And I know how much you love DB!

  16. Happy Birthday Darci! I actually “officially” met your sister Darci the day before her birthday. I went with her and Jessica (and others) for lunch and time at the spa. Wish I had known it was her birthday and I would have wished her a great one.
    Great album – what a lucky sister!

  17. Love the scrapbook and the sister. How do I know about the sister? I adore people who love polka spots! :)

  18. Love the colour scheme of the album, what a great gift!
    My bday is coming up soon hint hint! LOL

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