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sharing a gelato with my mom, in London. I was browsing all my pics and I got some good ones — the expected ones, but when I scrolled past this one it stopped me and I just sat there and smiled. I don’t remember exactly the flavors, but I do remember strolling along with my mom in that  magnificent city feeling so very lucky that we were together. I bet this one makes its way onto a layout before most of the others.

and here she is (I know, looks more like my sister than my mom) waiting for the curtain to go up on Mary Poppins — what a thrill that was and what a great musical to see in London!

OK, haven’t been this in love with a product in a  LONG time. If you don’t have any of the new border stickers from My Mind’s Eye. You will want to drop what you’re doing and go purchase some NOW. I’m serious — and I’m pretty sure that you will thank me. I am tearing them and layering them and using them like tape and wrapping them around things and basically having so much FUN.  And no, they have no idea that I am writing these things — I haven’t even said "thank you" for the very nice package in the mail (I do know I’m spoiled btw)

and just one more happy thing for today. This from Gina in my Library of Memories class. Check them out at everyjotandtittle.etsy.com – can’t wait to PLAY.

Ok, I lied — one more very happy thing. Check these OUT! Ruponoset

post-it notes from Ruzzell & Hazel (for Mother’s Day) a little pricey perhaps, but completely delicious — almost as good as gelato!



  1. Catherine says:

    You’re mother really is a beautiful woman-I’m sure both inside and out! She is so trim, beautiful and stylish. This is from me – a woman who is struggling with getting older and not liking how it looks or feels.

  2. I love Ruzzell and Hazel! Their field notebook is where I make my lists and jot down all of my ideas! Also, thanks for sharing Gina’s Etsy store… such fun stuff!

  3. Such eye candy today! I love reading about what makes others happy. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Love the Etsy shop…such great things!!

  4. thats some great candy for my eyes…and that gelato is making me hungry! LOL

  5. I LOVE those MME border stickers! I have quite a collection already – totally my new favorite thing. And now I’m making plans to go out for gelato after dinner tonight, too… it just looks so good! :)

  6. I love all the pictures you post, they’re all woderful.
    I really like the one of your mom, haha =]
    On your page it shows where your gonna be and all that, I was wondering if your gonna be around in Philly or New Jersey soon or alater because i want to meet you. You seem like a pretty chill person, very cool =]

  7. I agree! Mom is lovely! Her skin is gorgeous! How does she do it? Love all the pix! I’ll save the stickers to buy at my next reward for “sticking” to my exercise plan! Perfect!

  8. katie scott says:

    Ok so I’m totally jealous that you get free scrapbooking samples, how do I get a job in scrapbooking!?!

  9. I’ve been looking all over for those MME border stickers…they look like so much FUN! Any ideas where I can locate them online?
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  10. Hi Stacy,
    Love the picture of the gelatto. really nice pink in there, will go well with your favourite colour on a layout!!green!
    Your mum looks so beautiful and happy on that picture.
    I was so impressed how young she looks during the event. NOw I know where YOUR young and energetic health comes from… Good gens.
    Very inspirational products but I love your message. Remind me of the fundamental points on your brilliant lecture.
    Finish my Happy Book and using it a lot!
    Thank you for keeping a smile in my face everytime I sit down to scrapbook now.

  11. Gorgeous eye candy! :) Thanks for the inspiration.
    Love to hear that you and your Mom got to enjoy time together in London. That is just absolutely precious and should be cherished always! :)

  12. Jocelyn Stevens says:

    your blog makes me so happy! Thank you for brightening up my day. I love all the little things you talk about. I love your pictures and reading about your family. I had the honor to meet you a couple years ago at a CKU and you are a true inspiration. I have read Big Picture Scrapbooking over and over. I adore you. Have an awesome day.

  13. I saw your blog and the first pic and smiled! I live in Va. and I scoop gelato everyday!!!!!
    Love that stuff. When you’re in Va. come see me at Colangelo’s Gelato it’s just like what you had in London or even Italy!

  14. Your mom is gorgeous! I bet Mary Poppins was a great experience! Specially to be able to see it in London!!! For me that would be a dream come true for sure! THANKS FOR SUCH A LOVELY post!!! :)

  15. Deb Jones says:

    Stacy I really enjoy your blog. I will have to depend on it for my Stacy fix since LOM is over. I am excited to see what kinds of layouts and things we see as you scrap your London trip. The gelato looks yummy. Your Mom is beautiful. I didn’t even finish your blog before I went to Etsy and bought some of Gina’s tags. Will be checking out Ruzzell & Hazel too. Enjoy all your tips and tricks and links.
    Deb (DeeJay on BPS)

  16. The Mary Poppins theatre experience must have been fun! Your mom is pretty and you all look a lot alike. This border stickers look wonderful and I’m going to have to get some. Thanks for making me smile today.

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