headed to Cleveland …

in just a few hours!
I will be filming 13 "Big Picture" segments for the PBS show Scrapbook Memories. The new series will be available to public television stations this JULY. If you aren’t familiar with this long-running show, check out the website — you can even learn how to contact your local station and make a request for Scrapbook Memories in your area.

Anyway — I’m packed and ready to go (well almost ready to go) I’ll be updating my Brownie Tracker scrapbook on the airplane!
This picture goes inside –  conceivably the cutest brownie I’ve ever seen. I purchased it in a little deli-type store called  EAT in London and I brought it all the way home to photograph (ate it last Sunday and it was still really, really good btw)

I’ll check in soon.


  1. Cindylou says:

    Brownies just happen to be the perfect food. Good luck (or is that break a leg) on your segments.

  2. I have a really good brownie to send you……..made by a local company. They were in the goodie bags at the Oscars. Where do I have them send it? (Do you like just chocolate, with nuts, with anything else? I think they have peanut butter cup brownies, peppermint brownies, etc.)

  3. It’s a beautiful day here in Cleveland, enjoy your visit!

  4. No offense to anyone but you will be a fresh new addition to the shows that I have seen! Can’t wait!

  5. Scrapbook Memories is the very first scrapbook show that I ever started watching, a long time ago. I had actually forgot about them as I don’t watch tv very much. Will go check em out. Also just saw on your blog GO HERE NOW! and I did and I really like what I saw! Wonderful!

  6. Pamela S Kaszar says:

    Oh, Stacy, I wish I would have known ahead of time that you were going to be in Cleveland!!!
    I would have loved to have seen you!
    Welcome to Ohio!
    Pam Kaszar

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