No time ..

for words, only pictures!

Amy, our brilliant hostess — love how the British use the word brilliant.


dinner on Wednesday — porridge and honey.


The clock tower that houses Big Ben — what a thrill to be walking around and hear this bell toll
I realized that I am nostalgic, but WOW. It just sent chills down my spine.


tea with my mom. we spent our first day on and off a tour bus in the rain and I didn’t wear a coat!
trust me we needed the "warming up"

Must go teach my last class.
What an amazing place and wonderful people.


  1. Fun photos Stacy! Thanks for the trends magazines in the mail. Appreciate you.

  2. How brilliant that you can take in all that wonderful history!
    Have a cuppa for us all!

  3. Welcome to the UK, glad you’re enjoying your stay. Wish I had been able to come and take your class =o( Hope you’ll be coming back again!!

  4. Glad you are having a good cup o’ tea with your mum. :)

  5. Cammie Churdar says:

    I noticed your post about Chase. I have a seven year old boy who has been diagnosed with severe ADHD. I have come to the conclusion that God created Peter so uniquely that no one can reflect God’s glory in the way that Peter does. He is happy, compassionate, and creative in a way that no one else in our family is. We have followed his lead. He brings out the best in every one of us. When we are bound up in our past failures or anxious about the future, Peter is the opposite. He is joyful in the now. What a blessing he has been in our home. God bless these boys of ours.

  6. Enjoy and drink lots of tea!

  7. Just wanted to say, thank you for some fab classes this weekend – I loved them. It was really nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time here in London :)
    Love Sarah

  8. Wendrie says:

    Hope you had a good trip – loved being in your classes at ScrapFever. What an inspiring weekend :) Thanks for coming all this way – hearing Big Ben is still a thrill for those of us who live here.

  9. Stacey, it was great meeting you and doing your classes this weekend – they were such fun! I still have the Don’t worry, be happy, song going round my head! Thanks :-)

  10. Such a lovely trip for you. Enjoy.

  11. Aren’t the clock tower, the sound of Big Ben, and Parliment just amazing? Did you get to Westminster Abbey?
    My daughter’s favorite things were the “two-headed buses” (double-deckers!) and the clock tower!

  12. Giselle says:

    Hi Stacey – Thanks so much for the 2 wonderful classes. The sychronised stapling was….hmmm, unexpected but fun! And I’ll do my best to Scrap Happy from now on :D
    Hope you & your mum have a great time during the rest of your visit here. :) Safe journey home.

  13. Dear Stacy,
    Thank you for such inspire lessons. The Happy Scrap class made me extremely HAPPY!! came back home determine to make the most of those happy moments inside my studio. Thank you also for the speedy fast album…. my family was delighted with the project and very proud of our memories in Brazil. Hope you have a safe trip home with your mum and Paula. Enjoy your Easter break and find the strenght to continue to inspire us with your ideas and beautiful smile. Thank you again!

  14. Thanks for the brilliant classes at ScrapFever Stacey.
    ScrapHappy wasn’t just good for my scrapping progress but good life advice. I am working on sharing myself more and being more spontaneous (loved the image of a child checking their schedule to see if they could fit in a trip to the zoo!).

  15. Sarah P says:

    Stacy, Just wanted to add my thanks for the wonderful classes too. They really inspired me and that was just what I needed right now!
    Hope you’ve enjoyed the rest of your stay and all the sights.
    Big Love,

  16. It’s funny, I’ve noticed that the word brilliant is used quite a bit by every British person I know :)

  17. I feel the photo of you and your Mum is lovely. You inheirited her beauty. I also want to tell you I love BPSB and am taking the AYTR class taught by Heidi Swapp. I hope to be able to take many more classes in the future.

  18. Lynn Sorensen Flanagan says:

    Stacy – You and I have many paralells. I’ve been so inspired by BPSB. I have not started scrapbooking yet but, am going to follow your lead. I’ve purchased many supplies already! I love paper, I’ve discovered. More than that, it is the color. I was so sorry to hear of your Grandma Addie’s passing. You were so lucky to have her for as long as you did. Keep up your wonderful work and spirit and God Bless your beautiful family. I feel like I know you. I frequent Scrapbook Clubhouse in Westbrook, CT. They told me you spent the weekend. I cannot believe I missed you. They raved at how inspiring you were. Hopefully you’ll come back to the east coast again. Just wanted to say Thank You for getting me off to a great start. I’m taking my first beginners class at the clubhouse this weekend. Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!

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