You may or may not know that I just finished teaching my Library of Memories course that started way back in January. I had a marvelous group of scrapbookers in this 2007 session and we were joined by many of my "graduates" from last year too. One of the reasons I love teaching this class is because it always teaches me so much about women and what we need … not too long ago, I received an email from Rebecca, and am sharing a portion of it with her permission:

… this past six months or so, I haven’t scrapbooked at all. Why? I had plenty of page ideas, but…my photo organization was hindering me. WHERE did I put those photos? DID I print them off? ARE they still in the envelope somewhere? ARE they still on the computer? DID I burn them to a disk? WHERE are those picture disks, anyway?

I’d heard of your photo organization system before through SS magazine and DVD’s, but the task seemed just too overwhelming.

The LOM class has given me an extensive overview of the system, and finally allowed me to get started organizing, but this class has done something even more.

I recently had a weekend to myself at home, no husband or kids (yes, it was WEIRD!), and spent a lot of time with the television OFF, praying and reflecting on life. I realized how often lately I have put myself last. Not enough sleep. Not enough exercise. Eating on the fly. Roots in my hair that are so long, they are more appropriately referred to as "prehistoric ancestors".


There’s a baker’s rack in my kitchen, with various little pretty stuff housed there. I cleared it all off and put my storage albums on there…beautiful blue and spring green albums, labled with round metal-rimmed tags and tied with colorful ribbon. Now, lest you think the kitchen is a strange place to store my albums (my husband did!), I need to tell you what these albums, and your class, mean to me. Every time I see them (every DAY…it’s a KITCHEN after all), I’m reminded to make time for myself and my hobby. I’m reminded to create beauty, design my life, and enjoy myself. I’m reminded of the passage of time, and how important it is to use little moments to make more time for the things I love.

Thanks, Stacy. You’ve changed my thinking about more than just photos. I’m grateful to you and all you do to not only help people scrapbook more with less guilt, but also to allow them to SEE life differently. Every time I open my eyes a little further, life becomes just a little more precious.

This might seem like a shameless promotion, but really it’s not. I don’t share this for any reason, except that I LOVE what Rebecca shares about truly valueing and integrating scrapbooking into our daily lives. I can’t change the way anyone thinks really — but I love that I get to point out new directions and encourage the exploration of new perspectives. My class (or any at BPS for that matter) is really what each student makes of it and I LOVE what Rebecca has brought to this process. In spite of the fact that she has wanted to embrace a new approach for a long time, she  still felt overwhelmed (we all do) but she persisted and she realized that magical things happen when we take care of ourselves and surround ourselves with reminders of what matters. Scrapbooking is so much more than a hobby — it is the insight and energy we crave. We simply need to let go of the pressure and the expectation. When we do, we experience exactly what Rebecca shares "… every time I open my eyes a little further, life becomes a just a little more precious."

thank YOU Rebecca!


  1. Boy OH boy I hear Rebecca on this one. I’ve done design work for other people for almost ten years and never dawned on me to apply my creative skills toward my personal life experiences. That is until I met a scrapbooker (and now dear friend, OF COURSE!) that exclaimed you HAVE to scrapbook. Letting go, reminders, creating and making room in your life of what really matters. Amen, Rebecca!

  2. Cindy McDannold says:

    I have not had the chance to take your LOM class, but I am taking Heidi Swapp’s AYTR and I must say that I have loved every minute of it! I’m in a rural area and classes like these give me a chance to broaden my perspectives, meet others on the MB, take time for myself to reflect on my life and much more. PLEASE keep up the great work. Maybe, Ali Edwards next year…WOW that would just make me tweet! Cindy

  3. so what is your photo organization??? Many in need NEED to know!

  4. WTG Rebecca! Your story is insipring I am grateful that Stacy shared it with us! But I will confess – those binders ARE SO PRETTY! I am inspired through that photo! Time to confess – where did you get them :-) just another scrapper admiring your products – that’s such a scrapper thing to do! Congrats on the life change!

  5. Sara Foreman says:

    Well said Rebecca! Thanks to you for putting it into words and thanks to you, Stacy, for sharing your wonderful perspective!

  6. such valuable thoughts… loved reading it… and question.. are those american crafts albums? just curious.. love the colors.. cud u perhaps blog the source for these album? thks,

  7. Thanks so much for sharing that with us Stacy. I know that you not only feel great after hearing someone has learned so much from your classes but she has not inspired me to embrace this hobby that I love so much!
    Ok, now fill us all in on some details…
    When will the class be offered again?
    Who makes those albums?
    What is your organization system?

  8. Mary Hogue says:

    I was in your class and got photos put away from 1993 – 2006, but that’s as far as I got. Will you offer this class the opportunity to join in the next class like you did the previous alumni? I did get everything printed before the classroom closed, so I hope to work on it in my spare time.

  9. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    stacy! don’t you offer a class that shows you how to scrap an album about yourself? what are the key elements? i am a wife and mother who desperately needs to scrap something for herself! any advice would be seriously appreciated!
    thank you,
    nilaja w.

  10. This was really nice to read – I had wanted to take LOM this spring but it filled before I was able to sign up. Hopefully next year I will get in. It’s surprising how profound our photos can be as reminders of the lives we’re living.

  11. I love this, I took the class the first time, and the 2nd time and it has impacted me greatly as well. I love the way Rebecca expressed how it has colored her world.. good stuff. Tena

  12. Okay, I just really want to know what albums Rebecca used. LOL

  13. I’m wondering when your LOM class will be offered again? Have heard so many great things about it…soon?!?!

  14. mom2jnk says:

    Thanks for posting this Stacy. LOM was an awesome experience for me…had many of the same relevations as Rebecca. I highly recommend the class…as a matter of fact, I highly recommend any BPS class by Stacy!! If I am not mistaken, the photo albums are the ones available at Target a few months ago that several people in the LOM class used to organize their photos. They were offered in a two pack for around $10, I think, and available in these three colors and a brown too. They had slots for three 4 X 6 pictures on each page. I have not seen them since that time at Target…I think that they were a one-time only deal? Anyone else seen them lately?

  15. I relate to entirely to what Rebecca said. I just completed your LOM class and very much look forward to taking the task at hand and seeing this project through. It takes time and dedication and I will get there.
    Thanks, Stacy, for sharing the guidance that many of us are looking for. I think once I complete this task, scrapbooking will come more easily for me.

  16. alexandra says:

    I would love to know more about the class and if it will be offered again.
    Thanks so much,

  17. Wow! was the word that came to mind when I finished reading that. I could relate to everything she said. I copied it and pasted it and emailed it to my husband and said “this is why I scrapbook”. Thanks for sharing that Stacy. I would love to know where to find those albums as well.

  18. I am also taking Heidi Swapps Y2R class and it is awesome. I would love to take you LOM class and hope that it is available again. AND I too would love to know what or rather who makes those albums are? They remind me of the ones that you had in your album in a Day class in Seattle?

  19. OK when she talks about “storage albums” Is that pages she has finished or pictures waiting to be scraped????

  20. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    It’s me, Rebecca. Those albums are all from a seasonal promotion at Target…they fit my need for three ring storage photo albums with pages that can be moved around as the pages empty because I’ve scrapped the photos. Target gets these type of albums in about every 4 months in a new set of colors…currently they have them in gray-blue and a stately brown. I paid $8.99 for a two-pack of the spring colored albums pictured, and their current supply of blue and brown are $4.99 each. Next season, they should have new colors once again. Hope that answers the album question!

  21. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    Rebecca, again. Two more questions answered: 1.)You can find out more about Stacy’s photo and scrapbook organization system in her books Simple Scrapbooks and The Big Picture as well as in Simple Scrapbooks magazine issues and her Library of Memories class that is periodically offered at theBig Picture Scrapbooking website. 2.) PLEASE do not think my photos are ALL organized. The photo albums pictured are in the kitchen, with many unsorted envelopes of developed pictures slowly migrating into them bit by bit. Anything prior to about five years ago is still in photo boxes, and will probably remain there for quite some time. I have been able to create a workable system, but certainly not a perfect one. I’ve decided to focus on what is important to me right now, and not worry about the rest. After all, this scrapbooking thing is supposed to be FUN, right?
    P.S. to Stacy: My kids LOVED seeing a picture of part of their kitchen online. What fun!

  22. What a fabulous idea!! It’s so pretty and I’m sure everyone will want to look through them being so visible. You always inspire Stacy! :)

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