a dream come true


Edmonton girls in their "catch a glimpse" shades!

when I first began putting ideas on paper that would become Big Picture Scrapbooking, my goal was really to share and teach concepts. To try and shift the focus away from the product (which I adore) to the core of what we  have the potential to do with pictures and memories. I wanted  to provide a different kind of “sketch” if you will, not a sketch for how to arrange elements on a page, but a sketch for how to include insightful and meaningful content into a scrapbook – scrapbookers would adapt and customize these “sketches,” just as they do the other kind. This is exactly what  my glimpses class and album is – a content sketch,  ready to be embraced and personalized by anyone (although I feel this one is especially important for women.) Then, as I was preparing my class  as a “projects now” knowing that it could be downloaded at any time for as long as we make it available,  I had this idea – a shower idea. The kind of idea where you can’t get the soap off of you, or the towel wrapped around you fast enough – you race to grab a pen and paper and write furiously – that kind of idea. I would include on my printable handout, a ticket – a ticket to attend a reception with other students that have taken the glimpses class in areas where I would be teaching or appearing at live events. This would mean I could meet my students, and learn from them and see their albums and give them a chance to share with each other in person. 
With the help of incredibly talented partners and the other girls on the BPS team, we  are reaching (and constantly resetting) our goal,  and it hit me like a ton of bricks this weekend  at the Urban Scrapbook store. As we collected tickets and gathered into the “backroom” for a glimpses reception – I started to cry (not terribly unusual) and said out loud, “this is a dream come true" Now, this was not our first reception – but it was the first one that “worked” really well.  Several women brought all or part of their album with them and they got to stand and share two or three entries. Others shared one thing that they are planning on photographing and/or writing for their albums. For me, it was phenomenal – we were  just there and the atmosphere was  safe and encouraging and the wit and wisdom and sincere emotion that was expressed was nothing short of powerful.

naturally, the brownies and milk played a part!

I love being around women,  especially those that either “get it” or want to. So … thanks Edmonton and thanks to everyone that was there — for everything. Thanks for being a part of something I will never forget.

p.s. several have asked … the next glimpses reception is happening in Buffalo at the CKConvention. It will be Friday, June 1st at 8:30 p.m. The exact location (as in classroom number) is coming soon. It will be at the convention  center,  following my Backstage Party which is from 6:00 to 7:30. You will  need your ticket  and I strongly encourage you to come prepared with even a page or two from your album!! Treats provided.
I am planning on some very fun “extras” in Buffalo, more on that soon!


  1. You have been so inspirational to so many people – I’m glad you feel your dream has come true. I hope you can really enjoy the ride – you have earned it.

  2. Maribeth O'Dell says:

    Hi Stacy!
    Will you be in Chicago for Summer CHA? If so, will there be a Glimpses Reception there? This album is very important to me and was brought into my life at just the right time — when I needed it most. Thanks for everything!

  3. Lisa A. says:

    My album is ready and waiting to make the trip to Buffalo! I’m really looking forward to your Backstage Party and the Glimpses reception.

  4. Melissa Kaiserman says:

    How fun! I’ve been considering the Glimpses class and am going to go download my project right now. Are you going to have a reception at Apropos in June? Please do! :)

  5. Stacy, the Glipmses reception was so wonderful. I had no idea what was in store and got totally “caught up” in it as the eveing went on. Hearing different perspectives and stories from so many women was exciting, inspiring, liberating…thank you so much for bringing us all together like that and reminding us that we should be celebrated.

  6. cindy b. says:

    Stacy, I am really happy that your Glimpses reception is coming together in the way that you envisioned it. I know things were insane at the first one and you always find a way to make improvements. Think you could find a way to come to Missouri so I could go to another reception? Pretty please!!! Peace and blessings,
    Cindy B.

  7. I am now officially a Stacy J groupie….I’m in both your classes, the Backstage Party AND the Glimpses reception…all on Friday….YIKES, I hope that I don’t scare you Stacy!!! I am absolutely thrilled to be able to meet you…you are such an inspiration to me!!!

  8. Jeanne Ann says:

    I think we as women depend upon eachother for support and recognition and of course inspiration. You, Stacy, provide that to every woman you meet whether in person or through a class.
    There is something to be said about someone who is always striving to make herself a better person and in doing so impacts the lives of some many.
    My only hope at this time is to some day be able to thank you in person for helping me become the woman that I know I was meant to be. Blessings to you Stacy J!

  9. Stacy as one of the first alumni (lol) of the Glimpses reception I know you didn’t think it went that well. But I wanted you to know it was one of the big highlights of the Scrap Etc event for me. So much so that I have already scrapped it:
    I am sure that by the end of the year it will have evolved into something completely different then from what you could ever have imagined. Nomatter what it will not change the moment for me and I am sure for many other ladies.

  10. Nicole says:

    I’m taking one of your classes in Buffalo and I am very excited. Can’t wait to have you as a teacher.

  11. Nicole says:

    I’m taking one of your classes in Buffalo and I am very excited. Can’t wait to have you as a teacher.

  12. I was really touched by the glimpses reception and all that so many wonderful ladies shared. I have been working on my own album and have enjoyed the time to reflect on the woman that I am and all that I can become. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration to put together this album.

  13. Crystal says:

    Attending the Glimpses reception was such the most special part of a totally incredible weekend – thanks for coming to Edmonton, Stacy! You bring so much energy, enthusiasm, joy and caring to your messages that you are truly making a difference in so many people’s lives. I have thought of your message and the life glimpses shared this weekend several times already. Surrounding one another with compassion and joy is truly something I want to strive for everyday.
    I’ve been raving about your class and the Glimpses project ever since I got home. My husband loved the Finish Line album that I brought home, completely finished! He says he thinks he should meet you so he can thank you for encouraging me to work faster!! If you come quadding with us, you could totally bask in his adoration :)) Remember, the invitation is open for your whole family whenever you can make it work!
    I’m loving all these blog messages!! You are rockin’ it, Girl!!

  14. I am enjoying your daily double posts. And I am waiting for my Glimpses reception in California. When will you be coming this way?

  15. i look forward to being able to sit in front of you in a class and let your goodness totally soak in!

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