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Brooke (who posted at 3:34) with the correct answer. Operating on the proven fact that brown fat is much more appealing than white fat –I got a spray tan today!! Can you believe it?
You’d have to understand how truly white I am, and have always been (except that one summer when I was 17 and did nothing but lay in the sun — which is totally boring if you ask me) to appreciate how giddy I am now. The whole process took 30 minutes, cost me $45 bucks and I walked out at least 3 shades darker — with a smooth, even and totally "healthy" tan.

email me Brooke and I’ll arrange for your very Happy Mail! Speaking of happy mail,
if you love …

and you are registered at BPS, you may be receiving Happy Mail too. Kiley and I put together LOTS of fun packages the other night and they were sent out today.

On the homefront, love this bath-time photo of my sweet baby girl, who is 11mo. next week (how did that happen so fast?) I was pondering on the disturbing growth and change in my children and especially my princess and how I might do some kind of a compare/contrast project and then one a week or so ago, I pulled into the garage, and it dawned on me…

I’m going to do a FUN annual highlights album called Addie and the Dogwood

and I’m going to make it super simple — in fact, I think I’ll do a "photo-album" scrapbook (which btw is going to be the topic for either a book or special issue next year for Simple. We had a great 2008 book planning meeting the other day and it’s a topic that I’ve wanted to address for a while  now.) In this little album, we’ll watch Addie and my new little Dogwood tree grow up together — all I have to do is snap a picture every May and add it to the album.

and speaking of Simple, go here NOW.  We just added video to our site and first up is the adorable Rebecca Cooper (and her book editor Ali Monson) talking about Rebecca’s new book. I am very excited for this one, as it celebrates both real-life, everyday scrapbooking and the real-life everyday women who make it happen.

simply put, Rebecca you ROCK!


  1. I totally agree with the tan fat thing. God blessed me with lily white skin as well and every March I head to the store for my favorite “tan in the can.” It’s great. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Tan in the can :-) is lot healthyer option than the wrinkle lights.

  3. PS cuch a cute baby :-)

  4. Addie is soooo cute! Glad to hear you’re on the mend!!

  5. we had a dogwood tree at the house i grew up in. although, my mother didn’t take any pictures of me in front of it, i always thought of it as my tree. it was planted at the same time that we moved in, when i was about three years old. i spent so many days watching it, amazed at how much it had grown. every time i drive past that house, i specifically look for that tree and remember how small it once was. what a fun memory you are creating for your daughter.

  6. Addie and the Dogwood – what a great idea! I can’t wait to see what Simple comes up with for photo album scrapbooks. I loved that project in the LOM class (which reminds me I need to finish mine).

  7. That is an adorable photo, great idea and beautiful tree (I LOVE Dogwoods). But be careful not to have the tree growing out of Addie’s head every year! : )

  8. I love the photos of Addie! Great idea to photograph the dogwood and Addie each May. In about 10 years you will be amazed at both!
    PS Sorry about the flu bug. Hope all are well soon

  9. Congratulations Brooke!
    Love the idea of Addie and the tree. So real – So simple – So Great!
    Hope you and your family have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

  10. Jennifer B. says:

    I want to see a picture! ;)

  11. Where are you going?

  12. have a great trip! addie is so cute.

  13. beautiful pic of your sweet little girl.. and the dogwood idea is sooo fab.. love it!

  14. adorable photos of your baby!

  15. Thank you for sharing the picture of Addie. She is just too cute. It brought a smile to my face this Tuesday morning — at work after a long weekend.

  16. kat-in-texas says:

    Addie is too precious!!! Love the Dogwood idea. I think I’ll just park my two boys outside next to our huge pecan tree and take their picture every year….or just buy a new tree…hmmm!)

  17. these photos are adorable. love the idea of the book with her growing up with the dogwood…too cool!
    can’t wait for rebecca’s book, sounds/looks too cool!!!
    and THANK YOU for my happy mail, got it today and LOVE IT all! YOU ROCK!!!

  18. Wow, Addie’s almost a year old! Are you going to do the Korean first birthday thing?

  19. I just had to comment that your baby girl is absolutely beautiful…I have tears in my eyes reading your story. I have been a huge fan of yours for litterally years, keep up the amazing & inspiring work that you do for the scrapbooking industry!!!

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