can you say …

FIVE day stomach flu? Add to that two days of playing catch up and that brings us to today! Hello. so much for the blog mania thing eh? I seriously, have not been that sick in a very LONG time. There are still three down at my house — and they are a couple days out yet. Amazing how something like being sick can remind you how good the simple things in life are — things like food. I used to really like Cream of Rice — it will be a while before I voluntarily eat a bowl again.

But really, I don’t want to talk about that. What I want to do is give away a brand new, beautiful Magpie shelf (with nine adorable silver tins) from Quickutz …

I just hung one in my studio last week and I’m in love. Just have to collect some updated alphabets now, and I’ll be a die-cutting fool. Anway, I’m giving away one in each of my backstage parties in Buffalo and I decided to give away one here too!

I am leaving in the morning for an undisclosed location that is part of a birthday surprise for some friends of ours. All you have to do to win (drumroll please) is guess what "cosmetic" thing I did today (for the first time ever) in preparation for my weekend getaway. It’s all a bit vague I know, but that’s why it’s so FUN.

Start guessing … and then I’ll tell you where I’m going!


  1. Rachel :0) R says:

    My guess . . . professional pedicure

  2. Lynn M. says:

    There is definitely a virus going around…it’s hit our house in Illinois.
    My guess is: shaved your legs!
    Lynn M.

  3. had a bikini wax… :)

  4. Professional Pedicure or manicure

  5. eyebrow waxing?

  6. christine says:

    Did you have a set of artificial nails put on? a lovely french manicure maybe?

  7. StacyTea says:

    Two of my guesses have already been mentioned and they are: bikini wax or eyebrow wax. My third guess is professional teeth whitening. We had the stomach flu here two weeks ago. Terrible! Glad you’re better and prayers for the others sent your way.
    Stacy :-)

  8. eyebrow waxing…my thought as well!

  9. all my first guesses are taken, so I’ll go with laser hair removal, or laser vien removal

  10. thinking eyebrow wax or maybe lashes tinted?

  11. A spray tan :)

  12. Dee Dee says:

    Since my first guesses are taken, I will guess wear foundation/base makeup.

  13. Catrina says:

    Mustache wax, or bleached or You got Botox.

  14. hmmm…it seems that all of my guesses have been guessed!! How about extensions – did you get hair extensions?!? :o)

  15. Highlights in your hair!

  16. Jennifer B. says:

    Tanned using a lotion. :D

  17. Desiree says:

    My guess was that you got waxed, and I know it’s been mentioned, but that’s still my only guess. I hope you have fun wherever it is you are going.

  18. My guess is that used to a tanning bed…. my first 3 guesses were already taken!!!
    Have a good time!!

  19. Spa pedicure! I don’t know why, but it’s something I love to do before I go to conventions. Why do I get a pedicure to hang out with girls??? You would think I’d get one to impress hubby.

  20. My guess is that you went to a tanning bed!!! (My first 3 guesses were already taken)
    Have a good time!!

  21. Got your teeth whitened

  22. My guess is waxing.

  23. I see my guess has already appeared but I’m sticking to it! LOL. It’s something I had done for the first time not too long ago and now I want to do again- a pedicure.

  24. Damon Crawley says:

    Went and had you makeup done.

  25. I’m gonna say a facial…I have yet to do that…;o) Have a great weekend!!!

  26. Sarah Pandolfo says:

    I think you colored your hair. All of it…not just highlights. Did you go really blond??? lol

  27. did you get your legs waxed?

  28. Anna McConnell says:

    flat ironed your hair?

  29. The only thing I can think of is a facial. Waxing was taken and you did say for the first time ever. Anyway, have fun.

  30. Hmmm – I would say a pedicure but if it has to be unique then my second guess is manicure :) Hope you enjoy your trip!

  31. I’m guessing something to do with tanning! Went to a tanning bed! :)

  32. hmmm… wish I could think of something unique. did you have a mudbath? LOL! Ok, bad guess. All the good ones were taken!

  33. Nancy Peacock says:

    Eye lashes tinted?
    You have great eye lashes!

  34. Sherryann says:

    Since my first 10 guesses were already picked I will go out on a limb and say you had a Botox injection.

  35. Waxing?

  36. acrylic or gel nails?

  37. threading? for brows?

  38. Tweezed your eyebrows?

  39. Lisa Bracale says:

    Went to a tanning bed

  40. Michelle Payne says:

    How about you wore prefume for the first time in five days!

  41. Barbara says:

    Well my thought has benn taken – so I will be moe specific and say you went to one of those “med spa” places and got permanent hair removal – legs, bikini
    2nds guess a spray tan

  42. Barbara says:

    Well my thought has benn taken – so I will be moe specific and say you went to one of those “med spa” places and got permanent hair removal – legs, bikini
    2nds guess a spray tan

  43. Annie Adams says:

    I guess pedicure!

  44. I was going to say pedicure, but most women have had one….except for my sister. I took for the first time and she’s hooked.
    How about a laser facial? I would love to have that done, to removed dead skin and zap some age spots. My son got me a magnifiying mirror for Mother’s day. Now I’m thinking that laser hair removal woundn’t be a bad idea either. :o)
    Whatever you did, I hope it made you feel pretty!

  45. Shannon Simpson says:

    My guess like many before me would be a pedicure! That’s what I love to do before leaving on a trip.

  46. Lisa Frenette says:

    I’ll say nails, because I’m due for a manicure and pedicure.

  47. Bikini wax or eyebrow wax were my first guesses but I think spray tan….hmmmmm?

  48. Got professionally fitted for a bra? That’s the only thing I could think of that hasn’t already been said and that you could possible never have done.

  49. Babette says:

    Hmm, all the good ones are taken. I guess that leaves the unmentionable …. lip waxing!!! ??? that’s all I have
    glad you’re feeling better

  50. I would have to say a spa for a massage.

  51. I have to put my vote in for a pedicure. I mean, I really hope you got one because they are positively awesome! But then I would be a little sad that it was your first one ever, but also a little happy because, well, sooooo cool!

  52. Lots of the things I guessed have already been said, so I will go with a face mask ?

  53. hair cut

  54. Though I do have to say most of the below…should totally be on my list of things to do. Or maybe, more simply, you just washed or combed your hair. 5 days…long time, but you’re a busy woman! lol

  55. oh duh…FIRST time ever. I’d say teeth whitening.

  56. Sue in Grapevine says:

    got your hair highlighted?

  57. andrea duncan says:

    dyed your hair!

  58. did you have a scar or mole removed?

  59. Looks like everything has been guessed. I’ll go for the brazillian wax. Hope not though. Seems like too much pain involved!

  60. Katherine McKamey says:

    I will have to go with a spa body wrap! Great way to refresh after the virus/bug has run its course (at least that is what I’ve heard since I ‘ve never actually had one Lol!!)
    Glad you’re feeling better!!

  61. staacey says:

    Well, today I treated myself to a facial – so I’ll say facial, kinda like we were there together! I had a blast, did you??

  62. Machele says:

    I’d guess pedicure or manicure also.
    Have fun!

  63. plucked your eyebrows !!

  64. A bikini wax

  65. Kelly Jo says:

    1st time ever, aye. I’m guessing a leg wax. If that’s it, you’ll have to let us know how painful it was. LOL.

  66. ears pierced?

  67. Sheri Colautti says:

    I’d have to say a magnificent pedicure! If not, definitely get one!!

  68. Did you get a make over at one of those make-up counters.

  69. ooh, you lucky thing, you! I think you had a pedicure, especially if you are going somewhere where you can show off your toesies! I hope you and your family are all feeling better soon!
    Tracy V

  70. My guess is you shaved your legs?

  71. Teeth whitening? I am trying to guess something that you would do as a first time out of the ordinary??

  72. Dorothy Rhodes says:

    a pedicure?

  73. Leigh anne says:

    waxed your eyebrows?

  74. You had your eyelashes tinted???
    Fun quiz Stacy!
    Lee :)

  75. You got something waxed!!!! :)

  76. My guess is – a facial.

  77. Jackie Hughes says:

    You got a bikini wax! ~Jackie

  78. Chemical peel?

  79. my first guess was bikini wax, second spray tan or tanning bed. love your blog.

  80. Daniela says:

    You had your bikini area waxed… Painful, but totally worth it! No razor bumps ;)

  81. Did you go tanning?

  82. Did you go tanning?

  83. Did you go tanning?

  84. Ann Marie says:

    someone beat me too it, but if it is threading- I just did that for the first time too- Loved it! so for my next guess-low lights?

  85. Sorry about the numerous posts…computer problems over here.

  86. Annabet says:

    I’ll guess that you got a pedicure! Have fun wherever you go and hope everyone is well soon!

  87. I’m going to guess…. did you straighten your hair by yourself (vs. with the help of the folks @ the salon that make it seem so easy?)
    Glad you’re feeling better & I hope you have a terrific trip!

  88. i will say colored hair.
    Your going to have a tough time choosing with this one.
    Good Luck

  89. New lipstick in a funky shade? :)

  90. My guess is a manicure and pedicure…so relaxing and well worth it…

  91. a summery pedicure!

  92. Got to say eyebrows – waxed

  93. eye brow wax.
    Tami Newman

  94. eye brow wax.
    Tami Newman

  95. Karen Young says:

    Bikini Wax?

  96. I’m going with teeth whitening. I don’t really think you’d do it, but since no one else has guessed, I’ll say, as a second choice, permanent eye liner.

  97. Michelle says:

    OK, I sooo know that I am not going to win because really, I don’t ever win…but the anticipation and hope is always there. So for my answer I am going to say you prepared yourself with a facial….yeah? Am I right? Have an awesome get-away Stacy! m

  98. Did you fake tan , after being down with the flu I thought you may like to be another color than green!

  99. april chapman says:

    I know–you had your belly button pierced!!
    probably not, but if you did-go you!!
    all of the other obvious guesses have been taken-
    have fun–

  100. I am glad that you are feeling better and hope that the rest of your family is well soon!!
    I’m going to say that you had a facial. I’m sure someone said that already, though.

  101. waxed your eyebrows, maybe?!?!? :)
    Have a great trip! Those tins are SOOOOOOOOOOoo cute! : )

  102. My guess would be you had urself waxed!

  103. Melissa says:

    All of my guesses have been taken already – what can ya’ expect after over 100 comments, right? *wink* I was going to guess eyebrow wax, tanning or mani/pedi. HAVE A GREAT TIME on your trip and glad that you’re feeling better!!

  104. Robin Chapman says:

    I’m thinking quick trip to the tanning booth. It’s been about 15 years, but now with the quick sprays…seems much safer than old school UV Lights

  105. Eyebrows waxed.

  106. Julie Coryell says:

    I’m so glad that you are feeling better! I’ve missed your cheery blogging!!!!
    I’m going to guess that you had a good wax! (It may be your brows, legs, or maybe even a good bikini wax!!!)
    Have a great trip!

  107. Heather says:


  108. You got a pedicure????

  109. Tanning would be my guess but it could also be eyebrow waxing. Too many things to choose from.

  110. my first thought was eyebrow wax, but I’ll have to go with bikini wax….not that I’m the first to guess that though! :) Have a great time!!

  111. Cute shelfs
    I will never win but
    mmm I will guess waxed
    or got your hair dyed.
    PS I hope you feel great

  112. Janette says:

    I’m going to have to go with the pedicure! There is nothing better than freshly polished toes in a pair of great sandals.
    Have a great time!!

  113. Traci in Virginia says:

    I am going to say you are going somewhere tropical and got a bikini wax.
    I do hope you are getting to go on a cool vacation!
    Have a safe mystery trip!

  114. I am guessing a lip wax… u know the ones, the stray hairs above your lip?
    no???? just a guess!

  115. Carolyn K says:


  116. Perhaps you colored your hair?

  117. Well Stacy-I’ll guess something totally different from all the rest- acrylic nails. Is that it? I would like to win that drawer set so I would have a place for all my diecuts.
    Julie from Ohio

  118. had your teeth whitened?
    It something I really really want to do :)

  119. Judy Grubbs says:

    Bikini wax?

  120. everyone has guessed the good stuff already, just have a good time–sorry that you and the fam have been sick, that’s no fun.

  121. Rachel Burgess says:

    Im gonna go with bikini / leg wax
    if so you’re braver than I am!

  122. missed your blog….did you get a facial? I haven’t had one of those yet…but it’s on my things to do list! Happy weekend to you!

  123. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    Regarding the five day stomach flu…you too? Six days here, but who’s counting? I haven’t been that sick for at least five years. SO glad to be feeling better. Happy for you, too.

  124. claudia draper says:

    wore mascarra

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