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covered a little CTMH album about 15 minutes before guests arrived and had each write a bit of "advice" to the bride-to-be.


both parties went off without a hitch. Clark even decided to dress up like a princess and while I promised I wouldn’t post any pictures, it was the FUNNIEST thing I have seen a long time!!

I have some realistic party-going advice for all my challenge takers. You know today was party day, right? You know that I invited my neighbor to create a delicious dessert for the bridal shower right? Ok, here’s the deal: I am NOT going to say to Debra "Thank you so much for bringing this delicious dessert. I wish I could eat it, but I can’t because I’m participating in a can’t-eat-dessert challenge right now." That is just plain absurd, not to mention rude and honestly, do you really want to sound like your boasting about your amazing will power anyway? Here’s what you do (and what I did.) You serve yourself a very small portion of this flourless, chocolate mousse delight cake and you enjoy it and that’s it. Partaking of it, doesn’t change your comittment to the challenge, it doesn’t mean you are weak or that you will continue to "blow it" the rest of the day. It simply means you made the right choice — that of being a socially responsible and sensitive person. You don’t have to eat the other chocolate-covered nuts and fruits. You don’t have to have another piece to be polite, you don’t even have to finish the whole thing — you can take the "it’s so rich" plea and you’ll be fine. Keep in mind, that eating the really rich and delicious portion of your neighbor’s homemade dessert does not mean you need to eat the bakery-made birthday cake and ice cream at the other party later in the day (no risk of offense there.)

We all know that diets don’t work. So whatever you do, don’t act like this is a diet. This is not about restriction, but about awareness of what is contributing to or taking away your energy, this is about correcting the balance from a perspective of wellness. Remember this: Nothing you eat tomorrow can change anything you ate today — so don’t fall into the trap of "Oh, I already blew it today, so I might as well go hog-wild and then just starve myself tomorrow, or just eat grapefruits or something — Ok, that kind of mentality is NOT going to work for this challenge or ever. Do the best you can and do the right thing and then be really proud of the good days and willing to evaluate not-so-good days.

I’m totally blown away by the response so far (and totally thrilled) Be sure to check out the challenge album (right side of my blog.) Simply click on each photo to read more about each  person’s commitment notes and thoughts. If I have missed you, let me know! I know I received a few more later today — so those aren’t up just yet.


  1. Jan in AZ says:

    Hey, Stacy — I wanted to share what’s worked for me in this regard. I have had a lot of weight to lose for a long time, and this year I decided it was time to make my health a top priority. Using my Year to Remember class as a springboard, I created my January page to help remind me of my commitment. My plan is pretty simple…#1: I drink 64 oz. water EVERY day – haven’t missed a day since Jan 1. #2 I exercise at least 5 times/week – I started out walking and now have also incorporated strength training at the gym a couple days a week. #3 There’s nothing I can’t consume except sugared soda, although if I really wanted one, I’d even have that…it’s just all about balance and portion control. And finally, #5 I created a small journal from one of those calendar books you recommended at the end of last year – can’t recall the name of them, but they have a page a week and photo pages at the start of each month…mine’s a 4×6. I decorated the front and back, and each day I document the water and the exercise, and assess whether it was a + – or ok food day. Oh, and I have my daughter take my photo on the 1st day of each month to put in the book. That’s it. That’s my plan. The journal really helps because if I have a difficult day, I can look back and see the whole string of good ones. Now it’s the beginning of May and I have lost 25.5 pounds since Jan 1.

  2. Jan in AZ says:

    OK it’s late–there really are only 4 parts to the plan -

  3. A dragon birthday! How darling! I only have girls, so my parties are more to the princess/Barbie/tea party theme.
    So right on the challenge. A story I heard… If your tire goes flat (ie you eat something you probably shouldn’t have), do you get out and let all the air out the rest of your tires? (Just decide to eat everything since you already “blew it” that day?)
    Nope, you fix the bad tire and MOVE ON.
    Thanks for the inspiration and all the great party ideas. (How CUTE were those invitations?!?)

  4. The party looks adorable!
    Thanks for the post – I already slipped up this morning and ate a cupcake left over from my daughter’s “special student” day today (I “planned” to do something more healthy but when I realized at 10 p.m. last night that today was the day, I had dh run to the grocery store for something easy – bleh. I really need to work on my planning). Anyway, I woke up in one of *those* monthly moods, and ate the cupcake, then pretty much decided to blow the rest of the day – then I read this and right afterwards my kids ran in begging to go to the gym (thank goodness for a great Kids Club!!) so I’m getting up and getting back on track.
    I love the journal idea, I think I’ll have to find something and do that!

  5. Love your Spring Into Action challenge… what I’m focusing on right now is too far off your goals to participate, but I’ve used your format to come up with a challenge of my own. If you’ve got a minute, take a peek!

  6. You know, this is one of the reasons I struggle with dieting. It seems like everyone I know who is trying to lose weight becomes obsessed with it, like that is the ONLY thing that defines their identity, and they’re constantly talking about food and losing weight and not eating food. I don’t want to be obsessed with it, I don’t want who I am to be defined only by my waist size, and I DON’T want to be the rude girl at the shower who won’t eat because she’s on a diet. Geez…hope that doesn’t sound snarky. What I’m trying to say is YES, you hit it on the head—take a little piece and move on with your life! Thanks for writing this today!

  7. Good Morning.
    Part of what makes the challenge a challenge is the everyday challenges we are faced with. I agree with you when you a faced with the whole cake dilemma, especially in the situation. As I type this, I am in Disney World. The happiest place on earth for a reason: It’s filled with happy foods. Now, while I have been here lots of times and have indulged myself in all the wonders of food while here, I am doing my best. And, if I “slip up” I won’t cry in my water, but I will just keep on going and know that it’s ok.
    I can do this.
    I can do this.
    I can do this. :) Melissa

  8. Funny about the chips. My Uncle is the COO of Costco. He is actually the #1 guy in charge of all products. He is the one that makes all of the final decisions of what goes into the stores. My husband is the manager of the Costco here in Missouri and I just asked him about those chips. He said that they are a HUGE HIT and they are flying off of the shelves! Funny stort huh?

  9. I have been with WW for a few years and last month the leader said something that was my lightbulb moment…she compared the weightloss journey to eggs. If you have a dozen eggs and you drop one, do you throw the other 11 on the floor and say the heck with it? No, so if you eat a less than stellar meal/dessert or just have a down right bad day, should you say the heck with it, there goes my whole week?
    NO. Start fresh the next meal, or day, and go from there.

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