Flower Therapy

I did manage to finish planting flowers on my front porch before the flu struck, and I have to say they were total therapy when I was down.

I’ve been working on the SS/BPS class on color and pulled out notes from a seminar I attended a few years ago — I was reminded of some cool info on the About Flowers website. Just for FUN, when you have a few minutes, check it out. It may not teach you anything new, but I bet it confirms your color tendencies and proves out that even in flowers it’s possible to express our personality
and individual creativity.

Be Happy.
Take a photo of some flowers today and let it inspire you.
p.s. you gotta love my yoga frog (yah?)


  1. I’ll do ya one better! How bout my new FIRST HOUSE! I can’t wait to move in and I’m sharing with everyone!

  2. Sorry forgot to post…lol Got too excited ;)

  3. Stacy,
    Did you read my mind??? I have been outside since early this morning, pulling weeds and cleaning up my garden. I’ve been making a list of what needs to be done…not feeling very excited about it though…until I sat down to take a look at what you’ve been up to! I love it and can’t wait to get going now! You’re an inspiration!! Thank you!!

  4. BEAUTIFUL post! One of my favorite posts from you!!!! I JUST LOVE flowers….with a passion! I have been in flower heaven for the past month or so…I love it when I can garden!

  5. Love the flowers… and yes… I love the frog.

  6. Hi Stacy…nice to see you back to posting…glad you are feeling better. Your flowers look great and I love, love, love the frog. I guess I’m biased since I collect them.
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!.

  7. Jennifer B. says:

    That looks so amazing. We don’t have enough sun on our front porch to have good flowers, but I have a nice hosta bed growing. I’m hoping to put more flowers in on the back part of the house next year. :)

  8. The frog is what got my attention, he’s cute! Love the flowers also, I love a splash of colour!

  9. Man, Stacy, you have just been a blogging fool! I skip one day of checking in and all of a sudden there are 3 new posts and a contest I totally missed out on. I really liked your flowers, but especially your variety of pots. So colorful and beautiful, and such a great way to welcome people to your home.

  10. slammie says:

    beautiful flowers and porch!

  11. Your flowers are gorgeous and I SERIOUSLY love your yoga frog!

  12. love your flowers, and that frog is adorable! too cute stacy! hugs, glad ur feeling better!

  13. Love your flowers! Mine are still in the garage waiting to be put in the ground, which is too wet at the moment. Hopefully, this afternoon I can get them planted. Yoga Frog is very cute and a whimsical addition to your front entryway.

  14. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    stacy! wow. i just want to say that seeing your flowers has totally made my day. my flowers are out and do look good, but it’s nothing like seeing someone else’s creativity to help respark your own. i wish that i could bottle up the feeling i have right now. i couldn’t bring myself to be happy this holiday wknd. my husband kept asking me what was wrong and what did i want to do. i didn’t know. i know this is probably too much info! but anyway, you’ve made me feel energized again. thank you.
    nilaja w.
    columbia, sc

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