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so about two or three months ago (right before the Superbowl I think,) I went to my door and found this big yellow and black box on my porch. It was printed "To Stacy from Stacy" I was a bit puzzled …

inside was four bags of pita chips in four different flavors and a very cute card/brochure, from you guessed it, Stacy, a girl that had a dream of opening a restaurant that serves healthy food — this was a big dream, so she started small, with a food cart in downtown Boston, MA — her pita bread sandwiches became very popular and soon people were waiting in line. To keep her customers happy while they waited, Stacy would pass out baked pita-bread chips — a big hit, and that is essentially how Stacy’s Pita Chip Company was born.

I have of course purchased Stacy’s chips from Costco once, and really liked them (because they have my name on them — and it is even spelled right) but I never thought I’d get happy mail from Stacy herself! The card is just hilarious, it says she has always dreamed of being able to share her pita chips with everyone in America, but since she couldn’t do that, she would send them to every person named Stacy she could find (ha!) On the back it says "We hope you enjoyed getting your free box of Stacy’s Pita Chips as much as we enjoyed sending them to you. If you did, why not share the joy by sending a FREE gift box to a friend? Since we’ve already sent them to every Stacy, you’re free to send them to Bill or Mary or Cheryl or John — or whoever you think would enjoy Stacy’s chips the most.

I totally dig companies who do cool stuff like this — I guess I’m a sucker for clever marketing,
but I’ ve now bought a bag of Stacy’s chips each time I go to Costco, and I think I’m going to call them up one day soon and see what FUN thing we can do together — can’t you just see pita chips as the scrapbooker’s snack of choice?! So I’m going to give away my FREE box of Stacy’s chips to the first person that tells me who’s photography is featured on our NEW HAPPY MAIL feature at Big Picture Scrapbooking. We launched this fun "connection tool" to help you celebrate National Scrapbook Day, and every day after today. Go check it out and send some happy mail of your own!
After you’ve done that, sign up to take Lisa Damrosch’s NEW class with
her exclusive ScrapSupply chipboard album — it’s a four week workshop
that results in one of the coolest projects I have ever seen
(seriously) it’s all about celebrating scrapbooking and it’s simply
amazing!! We are taking an automatic $5 off any registration today as a little NSD thanks for all you do to support BPS!!

Have a wonderful day — today is very special for LOTS of reasons, more on that soon!!


  1. Lisa Frenette says:

    Of course it’s Barbara Carroll, she’s fabulous and so are you Stacy.

  2. Is it Alison Tyler Jones? Had to go with it, since we have the same name….

  3. Stephanie says:

    Oh, darn! Guess I’m second. :-) But I do love Barbara’s photography…just amazing! Happy NSD!

  4. kathy fritz says:

    I’ll Guess Rebecca Cooper!

  5. Meredith Greene says:

    I’m thinking Tara Whitney?

  6. What a great idea — I’ve been loving those pictures for a while now! Thinking of you today — happy day to you!

  7. Mary S. says:

    I’ll guess Elisha Snow…it’s just fun to guess, even if I’m not right!

  8. that would be Barbara Carroll!

  9. Barbara Carroll.
    Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to look for these at the grocery store.

  10. evalyn says:

    Barbara Carroll.
    And yes, Stacy’s Pita Chips are delish. Try them with the jalapeno-artichoke dip from Costco.

  11. I don’t know the photographer and haven’t had the pita chips! There is no Costco near me… :( I’ll have to see if I can find them elsewhere… :) melissa

  12. Is it Lisa Damrosch?
    She has some great shots.

  13. carolyn m. says:

    hmm, i’m the second to guess tara whitney. now i need to go find some chips. . .

  14. My friend Stacy also got these awesome pita chips in the mail. We were all so happy to help her eat them. Aren’t the cinnamon sugar ones awesome!?

  15. Lisa Day says:

    I guess I’m too late to guess Barbara Carroll!! Happy NSD everyone!

  16. Leauriy says:

    Barbara Carrol…wish i could have taken her BPS class. Stacy’s chips are da bomb!

  17. Happy National Scrapbook Day! :)

  18. Leauriy says:

    Barbara Carrol…wish i could have taken her BPS class. Stacy’s chips are da bomb! and i’m so excited that your happy mail is up…can’t wait to send lots of happy mail!

  19. Sue in Grapevin says:

    is it Elisha Snow?

  20. okay, that is the coolest marketing ploy EVER. already loved the chips, and now i love them even more!

  21. okay, that is the coolest marketing ploy EVER. already loved the chips, and now i love them even more!

  22. Lindsay says:

    I just looked at the happy mail section on Big Picture. So fantastic. Barbara’s pictures are gorgeous and the concept is awesome. Thanks for doing so many wonderful things with your life and career. You have brightened my life considerably.

  23. Happy mail is fun to send!!!

  24. What a fun package!! I wonder how many Stacy’s have been lucky enough to receive packages!?
    I always buy those chips from Costco too :)

  25. Wow, I knew I forgot something when I was at Costco today.

  26. Laura Daniel says:

    I found Stacy’s chips at our local stores about a month ago…they are the best. I couldn’t think of better Stacy than you, to get a special treat. Beware the Texarcana Hot is Hot, but Oh so good.

  27. Laura Daniel says:

    I found Stacy’s chips at our local store…they are the best. If you like things hot, try the Texarcana Hot variety. They are hot, but oh so good.

  28. Carmen Goddard says:

    Ditto “Barbara Carroll” – she is an awesome photographer!!

  29. I love those chips! Of course it was Barbara Carroll…waiting for her to start her class over! Happy NSD!

  30. love these chips.. yummmm.. I added a happy mail link to the sidebar of my blog, it’s such a good thing!

  31. I got a box too! Wasn’t that a fun surprise? I especially liked the sticker that said, “I was a Stacy before stacy was cool”.

  32. Oh I love these chips! I eat them with spinach dip…my fav!

  33. cindy b. says:

    Alison Tyler Jones…. :-)

  34. That’s so cool – a marketing inspiration!! Hope that it pays off for her. I ‘ll have to look for these next time i’m at Costco – I like to hear a story like this. Someone is willing to take a chance to have a go at her business!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Beth (mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)

  35. Stacy,
    just so you know — found me some Stacy’s multi-grain pita chips at the food coop – that and some Paul Newman’s Peach Salsa and I have one HECK of an awesome snack!
    Have a happy day!

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