husband’s birthday …

today!  I forget every year how busy May is and I realized earlier today that I’ve fallen off the blog-wagon again. oops.
So anyway, the table is set …

I got these fun chair ties in Puerto Rico at the biggest party store I’ve ever seen (thanks again Wilmarie!) The lettuce wraps from Ding How are picked up, sticky rice is in the cooker and I even found two fresh mangos (his favorite) to slice up. After dinner we are all headed to hit a bucket of balls at the driving range (Jell-o cheesecake is waiting there) and then we’ll stop by Home Depot on the way home to help him spend his gift card (from Aunt Amy) while we’re there, they will make an announcement over the loud speaker, call him up, sing and give him the candy bar poster that Clark made. We are going to thoroughly embarrass the man — but what FUN!

oh, and btw, I have help …
Jenna — thanks to you, another birthday party ready to go!
later tonight, I’m working on a new SS class for BPS — this summer is all about COLOR and I can’t wait!!


  1. and the fun napkins to boot! wow! i bet it will be a lot of fun. happy b-day to G!

  2. Oh what a fun birthday you have planned! So very creative!! Mine’s June 8th. Want to come play with me?? That would be a birthday present to remember! :) Melissa

  3. Jen(aside) says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Julian

  4. Hey…I didn’t know that Geof and I shared a birthday! No wonder we get along so well!

  5. Your husband and I have the same birthday. Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday Geof!! I love lettuce wraps… oh the thought of it is making my mouth water!!!
    And I had no idea that you could get Home Depot to sing Happy Birthday… I wonder if Best Buy will do that. I’ll have to try next year (since that’s Mike’s favorite store!!). Thanks for the good idea! Talk to you soon. :-)

  7. Nilaja Whitaker says:

    Happy Birthday to Geof!! I hope you all have a great fun day!! Everything sounds so festive and fun. It’s what having a family is all about. God Bless you!

  8. Michele T. says:

    Stacy, you are just so cute! I really love how you get into the theme of things. Hoping Geoff had a great birthday. How could he not when surrounded by his wonderful family? :) Can’t wait to read more details on your class. I am all about color these days!

  9. slammie says:

    Hope that hubby had a fantastic birthday!

  10. sounds like a fun birthday!

  11. I read your birthday plan to my husband and am now on warning to never do anything like this to him… but thanks for the ideas! He won’t remember in a couple of years, but I will :]!

  12. your dining room is BEAUTIFUL! what inspiration!

  13. Can’t wait to hear how the birthday surprises went! What a great set-up!
    Also can’t wait for your color class.

  14. I love seeing lil’ sneak peek’s into people’s homes. Thanks for taking a moment to share the beautiful table setting you’ve put together for your DH. :-)

  15. Hey – Geoff shares a birthday with my brother…sounds like you all had a great celebration!

  16. How do you do this all without caffeine? Your energy level just blows me away, not to mention your endless creativity! Geof is such a lucky guy to have such a spunky whirlwind for a wife, and mother of his kids.

  17. don’t know how your target looks, but outside of ours there’s this big red wall/column type of thing with a big circle cut out of it, perfect height for people to sit in. was thinking that if your store is similar you could have pictures taken in the circle since you like target so much. :)

  18. love the chair wraps! supper cool touch!

  19. I wish him a happy birthday. Thats a great setting you’ve made there, it is flawless!

  20. What a fabulous plan!!!

  21. Kari Bates says:

    Stacy – can I just tell you that I love you all the more for NOT blogging every day like you said you were going to? It makes me feel like there is hope for me and all my good-but-unfulfilled intentions. You’re the best!

  22. andrea duncan says:

    i’ve missed you around here. i got used to the every day postings!

  23. Stacy – Just wanted to tell you about the “UN-birthday” we had for my husband. His birthday is close to Christmas, and while we do keep things separate, he never gets fun summer things. So, we had an evening when we (4 kids and us) had NOTHING planned, so a few days before,the kids and I went into over-drive and did some clothes shopping, balloon-gathering, and made a great dinner, complete with his favorite dessert. He was totally surprised when he came home from work, and really touched. We had an awesome family evening, and he got to experience a summer un-birthday! It’s going to make a GREAT scrapbook page for my LOM!

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