may day challenge

pick, purchase, paint or punch some flowers and give them to someone you love, or surprise someone who needs a lift.
Taft painted these flowers for me, in watercolor class!

I have very fond memories of may day growing up. I don’t suppose it was
every year, but more than once or twice my mom helped me make paper baskets out of construction paper, fill them with little flowers
from the yard (I remember the blue bells especially) and leave them on
neighbors doorsteps in ring-n-run fashion.
I think this should be a ritual of spring.


  1. Robyn W says:

    cute idea
    ring and run….i like it

  2. We used to ring and run also for several of our friends and then we always made a nice bouquet of flowers and a plate of cookies for an elderly neighbor who lived across the road. Thanks for the reminder that I need to do something for someone today!

  3. What a little artist, love the new banner

  4. Great painting! Taft has all the creativity of his mom!
    At my elementary school we used to do the dance around the May Pole with the ribbons wrapping and weaving in and out… wish I had pictures.

  5. Beautiful painting! I love the ring and run, I can remember doing something similar as a child, so much fun. I love making paper flowers from patterned paper for layouts, crumple the paper, ink it and layer, looks awesome!

  6. Kelly Jo says:

    Happy May Day!

  7. Sara B says:

    I remember as a child doing the same thing, ringing our elderly neighbor’s door and running away and watching intensely as she received her flowers :)

  8. Love your new banner. Planting flowers today. :)

  9. So cute!

  10. lisa slocombe says:

    so glad you’re back with sweet inspiring ideas, stacy! i love this flower idea!! you’re awesome!

  11. I did the ring and run may baskets, too, growing up. For some reason it’s not a tradition where we live though. We have do it anyway!

  12. For the past 30 years (since I was a little girl!) my sister and I have been delivering flowers to our neighbor, a woman who used to watch us when my mom went back to school. She can’t believe we remember her every year, but we wouldn’t miss a May Day!
    Now my little girl has taken over the tradition. I love rituals like this!

  13. I took pics of flowers yesterday.. I’m planning on giving my blog readers, all of them a lift, with pics of such gorgeous colors! btw, ur son can paint wow! gorgeous pic.. just gorgeous!

  14. Judy in Carefree says:

    Wow, your son has talent! Made over 200 button flowers and “planted” them in decopaged and wire handled tomato cans. Decided we needed to get back to old traditions even if it wasn’t a May pole!

  15. So there with you on this one! Love doing that for friends, neighbors and even strangers! Who doesn’t just love flowers? I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t get a big smile from getting flowers!

  16. debbie susee says:

    Love that watercolor!! Beautiful!
    We used to ring and run and leave flowers on our neighbors’ doorsteps when I was a kid. Very fun to remember.
    I think I’ll punch out some fun flowers and send them to my scrapbooking friends. Thanks for the idea.

  17. There’s nothing better than a few dandelions picked by my little guy! Who knew that a few “weeds” could mean so much! Thanks for the layout idea!

  18. We did ring and run when I was little and again when my children were growing up – such fun. I brought flowers to the office today.
    Love the watercolor – Taft has some artistic talent there. (wonder where he got it)

  19. Stacy–I got one of those baskets today. Totally made my day. If you have time hop on over to my blog and take a peek at it. Oh so cute and so thoughtful.

  20. Oh Oh Oh, I remember this…we did it when I lived in Kansas (birth to 10), did you maypole too?
    I loved May…
    Doesn’t seem to be a practice now…
    I remember the May when I couldn’t do this because my best friend gave me chicken pox.

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