Party Day!!

Taft is six today — I might have a new "baby" but I’m still in a state of shock, that my little boy is growing up so dang fast! I think six is one of the "hardest" for a mom. Five is exciting because of the school thing, but six is a total drag — so not little anymore. Anyway, Taft has been talking and  planning his DRAGON party for weeks. First we’ll be playing "pin the fire on the dragon" (Jenna totally drew this up and cut it out for me yesterday, when I was in an all day meeting!) and then "slay the dragon" (think blindfolds, a baseball bat and pinata full of goodies) after that it’s off to rescue the princess stuck high in the tower (picture Ragedy Ann at the top of the slide in our backyard park) as long as we get decent weather, we’re set to go!

Before all that happens though, I’m hosting a small bridal luncheon for Ashli (my long-time babysitter who is getting married next Thursday) at 11:00 a.m. The big shower is on Friday night, but I wanted to do something special for just her and her close family/friends. I have a new neighbor, Debra who moved up from San Diego where she left behind her catering business. She is bringing the decadant dessert, so even if I mess up the rest of it, everyone will leave with a good taste in their mouth!


invites turned out cute — don’t ya think?

and speaking of parties, I’m leaving for Buffalo four weeks from today,
for the CK Convention. This will be the only CKMedia event I am doing this year and I am really, truly excited. The events team in Utah always does an amazing job of organizing and preparing to make my “show up and teach” job easier. They pull of so many events every year, that they’ve simply got the process down, in fact, it’s a well-oiled machine and I’m thrilled to be returning to the east coast too! I am doing a Backstage Party on both Thursday and Friday night,  which is probably my favorite thing to do. Last year, we gave everyone  who attended this party a copy of The Big Picture. This year, I’ll be presenting everyone  with  a seriously cool and brand NEW “surprise gift,”valued at $15. You’ll also receive  a packet of  “my favorites” – stuff you’ll need to create  a very fun layout (and more.) The best part for me is that I get to field questions and dole out prizes galore — there’s even a movie,  and of course, chocolate. If you are coming, and already have my book,  be sure to bring your "my big picture" tag book (even if its not completely done) I want to see, photograph tag books — come party with me in New York!!


  1. You are the ‘Party Queen’ today and at CKU! Wowzers!
    Love the favors for the shower. So pretty and I may ‘lift’ that idea for my niece’s shower in the fall.
    Happy Birthday to Taft! His party sounds like a LOT of fun.
    I wish, really wish, I could go to CKU and attend all these fun events. You will be a lovely hostess at your party and I’m sure your classes are primo!
    Have a WONDERFUL day!

  2. Lisa A. says:

    Buffalo will be my first scrapbook convention ever. I was looking forward to it before today’s post but after reading your post today…now I am really excited!
    Happy Birthday to Taft. I agree, six is a whole new world!

  3. those are the cutest invites i have ever seen. :)

  4. Heather Ferris says:

    I just had to mention how impressed I am with Trey and Taft’s pictures. I did a double take when I first looked at each of them and it took a minute for it to sink in that they were not done by adults. Upon reflection, it isn’t hard to figure out where their artistic talent comes from.
    On another note, I want to thank you for creating the Glimpses class over at BPS. You just don’t know what it has meant to me – especially the video & audio message. I am so very grateful for your spirit of optimism and the effort you put into your work and the inspiration of others. There have been several times that I needed a little extra push to keep going when I wanted to just cry and say the heck with it all. I wish there was a way to return the favor.
    Much happiness to you and enjoy your spring!

  5. Alice P. says:

    My son’s 6th birthday was yesterday. We are having a Ben10 party this weekend. My son is excited to be six and is growing and learning in so many ways.
    Enjoy your year of the 6!
    Thanks for the month of inspiration and it’s only day 3. Can’t wait to learn with the remaining 28.

  6. Elaine says:

    You are my hero!!! I am absolutely amazed at your boundless energy and thoughtful, giving spirit, even though you have a family of five to tend to and a killer travel schedule. You are an inspiration to us all!

  7. When I was in Grade 1 and you turned 6 my teacher gave us this poem that said:
    When I was one I had just begun
    When I was two I was nearly new
    When I was three I was not much me
    When I was four I was not much more
    When I was five I was just alive
    But now I am six and I’m as clever as clever
    so I think I’ll be six now forever and ever.
    I can remember my sister hanging this in our room (for years) and I couldn’t wait to turn six so I would get one too.
    Happy Birthday Taft!

  8. what cute invites! And the Dragon party sounds AWESOME. I will file that in my memory recesses until I have a 6 y/o party (3 years from now, thankyouverymuch).
    I wish I could attend CK Buffalo and get all the fun goodies you’ll be giving away….sigh. I don’t even think I can make CKC-KC which is actually CLOSE to me.

  9. Michelle says:

    I tried to e-mail my photo to the challenge through my yahoo account, but I’m not in the group?
    Should I try again through yahoo? I’ve tried your link, but my husband has so many “protections” on this computer that I can’t access Microsoft Outlook, which is what the link throws me to.
    That probably made no sense. Ah well, if you have time, let me know if yahoo will work.

  10. Stacy-
    I want the “recipe” for those invites! What did you put in them, and did you make or buy those bags? I love to make great invitations- and those are spectacular! Share, share, share- please!
    JoAnn Motta

  11. I love all the posts lately! It’s fun to stop by and have something new to read.
    I recently downloaded glimpses and while I haven’t actually got started on it, it helped me to reconnect with the reasons I love this business. It has inspired me in other projects and I’m keeping glimpses in the back of my mind, observing, mulling it over and I’m sure I’ll get started on it soon.
    Thank you for your inspiration and for loving all the quirky things that I love. Why does it sound so cool when you talk about them?…and I feel like a dork (nerd? hahaha)

  12. This sounds like such a blast, Stacy! You continue to amaze me. You rock, girlfriend!
    PS Happy birthday, Taft! LOVE the Raggedy Ann as the princess (I was relieved you weren’t going to hide Addie somewhere and have them “rescue” her – LOL!!).

  13. Can I just complain that you aren’t coming to New Hampshire….just for a moment?
    Okay, now I’ll stop complaining! I love the bag invites and Taft’s party sounds fantastic!

  14. Please tell us what you included in the “invitations”. I love that idea!

  15. Hopefully you are doling out “prizes galore” and not “prices galore”. :)

  16. Your invites are TOO Stinkin’ cute!!! What an amazing IDEA!!!

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