93 items …


including gummy bears and jelly bellies for my studio (I go through these two staples much faster when the kids are  home!) and a big box of LARABAR my NEW favorite health bar/meal replacement, two boxes of Tide with Bleach (with a $2 per box rebate!) bug repellent, sunblock, milk, baby formula (but not diapers or wipes) 6 jars of peanut butter (I was down to one!)
Ok, I’ll spare you the details of the entire list. The total was, and I tried not to look shocked, eight hundred, ninety one dollars and sixty-three cents (that’s $891.63) CONGRATULATIONS S. Patel — you Win!!
I’m also sending Chris (you must check out her "scrappers tool belt" btw) a set of very cool Motif alphabet stamps for this hilarious comment:

"Wow- Lots of combinations! I was going to be all technical, but it was taking far too much work.
If I did the math there are 120 possibilities, but we can pretty much
ignore any option beginning with 1. SO, based on that there were 86
viable guesses before me (after removing duplicates). I was going to
take the time to figure out what options were remaining, but that part
is far too time consum
So, my guess is $931.86"

I’m also send the following four ladies

Dorothy R (136.98)

Laura (163.98)

Amber (193.68)

Heather (189.36 or 198.36)

an adorable mini Motifs set of stamps, because they were kind enough to think that I could somehow escape Costco for under $200 (gee, thanks!)

And one final prize, will go to Kim, not only for her guess of $198.36, but for the fact that she asked about Vitamin Water (promise me you’ll dedicate at least 5 minutes to this website today — guaranteed to make you smile!) I’ve been meaning to post and sing the praises of this, my new refreshment of choice ever since my attempt at Blog Mania back in May.  You’ll just have to wait. In the meantime, if you haven’t purchased and read the label on a bottle of Vitamin Water, you are seriously missing out!! Kim, happy mail prize coming your way too!

Winners, email me HERE (with your snail mail address) and put BLOG WINNER in the subject line.
You are all way too FUN.
thanks for playing. I wish I could show you what I made early this a.m. (it’s so darn cute) but it’s for the Nov/Dec issue. (Hint. I used this and a bright and fun paper line from here.)

have a happy day.


  1. How fun – congrats to the winners! Now I’m hungry for jelly belly’s! :o)

  2. Holy cow, that is one impressive Costco trip!

  3. Wow, Stacy, all that fit in two carts?
    Love your popsicle stick jobs. I did that a couple of years ago with my kids and we have all gotten out of the habit. I may have to rethink how I was doing it and start it up again. Good Luck!

  4. Holy Cow.
    At least you are stocked up! :) melissa

  5. Wow, that’s some serious shopping! I have to agree, the Vitamin Water labels are hilarious- I love to read them, but can’t drink the stuff- I just can’t get past the all the sugar in one bottle! Plus I’m saving money now- I can’t believe how much money I was spending on one Vitamin Water!

  6. WOW! that is one heck of a trip. and it was fun trying to guess too.

  7. I am impressed!
    I thought my just under $400 trip was a total blast.
    I figure if I can get in and out of Costco for less than $100 I have done good.
    I don’t even have my own card either.

  8. A Costco employee told me once that the total is usually an average of $10 per item. So, you actually came out ahead of the average if you spent 891.00 for 93 items. As a little game, I check my receipt for this every time. You’d be amazed at how accurate it is.

  9. Hee Hee, thanks for the game and the prize!! I would have been shocked if i was right, i have never made it out of there under $200!!!

  10. kat-in-texas says:

    Stacy, what a great contest! I was a day late and $891.63 short of winning. Ha. I just wanted to say if your tooth is still sensitive (can sometimes take days or weeks to calm down :( then ask Dr. Mark if he has “Vanish” fluoride to apply topically. It seems to really work well for others with the same annoying “ailment”. Hope that helps!

  11. s.patel says:

    Thanks Stacy!
    Just e-mailed you. You’ve just added gummy bears and jelly bellies to my shopping list for the road trip I’m going on! :)

  12. I am a HUGE fan of vitamin water! :)

  13. We call Costco the $100 an hour store. A Costco is opening in Greenville, SC soon & we’ll have to see what the new price per hour is. There has to be a kid multiplier too – for every kid you take, you spend 10% more or something.

  14. Okay, I went to the Vitamin Water website. “Hydrate Responsibly”?!!! ROFL!

  15. I love Larabars – they are my new favorite bars as well! I didn’t know Costco sold them! Now I need to go find someone with a card that won’t mind me tagging along!

  16. All I can say is at least you had the boys with you to help unload once you got home! That’s the second part of the Costco double whammy (the first being the smiling cashier telling you your total).

  17. Michelle says:

    Hi Stacy,
    This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but is something I have been trying to figure out this week as I organize my photos. Unfortunately, I’ve been too late in getting a spot for Library of Memories. So, I’m trying to piece together your system as best I can using your two books. One thing I am just completely confused on is how you chronologically file photos as well as categorize photos? Is there a category for each year..like Things we do – 2007? And if you do both, how? Maybe I’m just thinking about this too hard:)Maybe this is a secret only revealed in Library of Memories and if so, will it be offered again?
    If you can help, I’d so, so appreciate it as I sit here staring at my piles and boxes and albums…I’m about ready to shred everything….ahhhhhhhhh!

    That total almost equals my house payment…ROFL!
    I bet it was tons of fun though getting that much loot from Costco!:P

  19. Stacy,
    I have been a Larabar fan for quite some time now. I just wanted to tell you that keeping them in the freezer is a great way to eat them. Just wanted to pass that along. Just pull it out about 10 minutes before you want to eat it.
    Enjoy! You should check their website….they have some really great flavors. Lemon is my favorite.

  20. Stacy,
    I have been a Larabar fan for quite some time now. I just wanted to tell you that keeping them in the freezer is a great way to eat them. Just wanted to pass that along. Just pull it out about 10 minutes before you want to eat it.
    Enjoy! You should check their website….they have some really great flavors. Lemon is my favorite.

  21. I have to agree on the Vitamin Water!! YUM! I love it and I love the little quirky info. Love it and drinking it as I type!!

  22. sue rood says:

    Congrats to the winners! Loved your colorful pics today.

  23. oooh congrats to all these fab answers…I should’ve posted, I assumed someone had already guessed my answer when I saw their were 186 guesses! LOL

  24. Mmmmm… Jelly Bellys!
    Sorry to hijack, but nice Praying Mantis — did you take that photo?

  25. OMG!! That’s the largest Costco bill I’ve ever heard of! But then again I don’t know many people with 5 kids and two active adults! Hope you have fun with all the goodies that you bought there! I’m heading there tomorrow to pick up some of my digital layouts. They do an amazing job of printing photos there!

  26. crystal says:

    I’m definitely impressed by your Costco “damage.” :)

  27. Beth Gianturco says:

    That is some serious damage. Good on you for not fainting at the checkout or having to ransom one of the kids to pay for it. I just want to know how long will all this last before you have to go to Costco again? :-D

  28. i do remember that price is right game! and LOVED it. what a fun idea for a rak:)
    wonder who will replace good ol’ bob barker?

  29. okay, so i’ve gotta ask… how in the WORLD do you plan for (and rack up) a $800+ CostCo bill? I’m assuming it’s by VERY good planning (I don’t picture you as a waster!) and as someone who stares at an empty refrigerator every night, I’d LOVE to know what your gameplan is. After reading about your summer plan, I can only assume you have something as robust for your food schedule.
    If you have time, I’d love to read a post about it!

  30. Your blog has made me feel so much better. I spent $375 at Costco yesterday and can’t figure out what I bought. The most expensive thing was formula!

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