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julie was kind enough to invite me to a 2Peas dinner in Buffalo (I didn’t even read her email until I got home — told you I was a dork) but I had a date with Trey I couldn’t break (we ate at the HardRock Cafe next to Niagara — got the ribs) anyway … yesterday, she sent me this. I really hope you’ll take ten minutes out of your Friday, because, it will be worth your time.
It’s called the Optimists Creed and you can print the pdf here.

good stuff — i have The Secret on CD and have been listening here and there, while I scrapbook — anyone else?
julie btw, is the creative editor of scrapbook dimensions and you can see her work here.
love this page!

thanks julie for invites and inspiration.


  1. How funny…I’m actually listening to the audio at this very moment while I’m working…very inspiring and I love the Optimists Creed. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I have The Secret on DVD … love it! Thanks for sharing the Optimist’s Creed.

  3. Tiffany H says:

    I printed this off yesterday too-Love it-put it next to my full length mirror and read it today while I was getting ready. I listen to the Secret while scrapbooking and driving. The kids have their movie in the back seat and I just put the radio speakers up front for me-Love it! I always hear new stuff and it keeps me in the right mindset for the day!

  4. I also have the Secret on DVD… and audio and the book. I love it! It has actually changed my life in many ways.

  5. Thank you so much for this honor. :)

  6. Andria B. says:

    At the hair salon last week all of the stylists were going on and on about The Secret. Then my sister in law told me about it earlier this week. Sounds like it’s good stuff. I’d better check it out.

  7. I blogged about this too. Just such good stuff we shud all remember. I’m hanging it in my studio.. and saving a copy on my desktop. to reread all the time.. important not to forget! hugs

  8. Loved it! I want to share with you this as well, also very powerful, well at least it is for me!
    I have been practicing the secret all my life without knowing that it was the secret but it did made me aware of the fact that I can controle my own life, my own destiny….something that I thought was’t possible, but since I practise it it has opened my eyes to all the possibilities that are in my reach. It is scary and exciting all at once for me.

  9. I, too am living by the *Secret*. It’s amazing how such a simple act of waking up in the morning, and deciding BEFORE I get out of bed, that it’s gonna be a great day, will MAKE it be a great day! (oh… and HI Stacey!) I’ve been teaching my kids how to live the *Secret* and it’s amazing to see the difference in their lives!

  10. Marilyn says:

    I’m not so hip on The Secret. Before I go any farther, let me say I definitely believe in positive thinking – especially in being thankful for all I have been given, both big and small, every single day of my life. But I think control is an illusion – we are not in control of anything. The only thing we can control is our response to what happens in our lives – how we choose to handle it. I think it’s not about trusting in ourselves – it’s about trusting in the Lord. That’s “the secret” to me!

  11. Yes, have been reading, and practicing The Secret for a few weeks. Thanks for the link to the Creed. Keep reading, it will change your life.

  12. If you like the secret, try The Law of Attraction: The Secret Behind The Secret (Esther & Jerry Hicks).

  13. A lot of scepticism out there … but for me? I’ve done a lot of self-help and personal development over the last ten years (I have read and applied beliefs and insight from books by Sarah Ban Breathnach, Steven Covey, Anthony Robbins, Julianne Williamson), and I’m a Christian. And The Secret for me hit me like a ton of bricks making a lot of what I already believed come together and make sense as a whole. It’s made a profound impact on me and your outlook and view on life can really change in an instant… :-)

  14. Thanks for the Optimist’s Creed.

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