note to self …

next time when the dentist offers to give you Ibuprofen before you leave the office, take it.

I’m in PAIN!! This is because I had a 30yr old silver filling drilled out and replaced with the modern white stuff and even though I promised Dr. Mark (our family dentist) that I would take some pain reliever at home, I didn’t. I have been happily working away with my half-fat mouth until about 10 minutes ago when all of a sudden in a sharp, shooting fashion I was reminded that traumatized teeth have a way of communicating their angst.

life is still good. Summer is official today and I’m still liking it! Snapped these three pics after my jog this morning:



Found my cheap Adirondack furniture at Domestications. Required "some assembly" but saved me a bucket load.

Love that my flowers are filling in and just thought the little weed was adorable. Made me think you can even "bloom where you’re not planted!"

Glad so many enjoyed the clipboards and other ideas.
Popsicle jobs? so far so good. My teenager likes to cut corners and tell me he’s "done," but I’m taking it one day at a time. Today he pulled the stick with dust/vacuum TV. He grabbed the ostrich-feather duster, ran it over the surface of the TV and check off the box. When I called him on it, he said he did exactly what the stick said and that if I expected more, I should have put it on the stick. The job is to pick-up and vacuum the TV area and then dust the TV and entertainment center. Let’s just say we postponed his plans for a few minutes while I showed him what I had in mind (kids!) So .. for those of you with independent children that want to make assumptions regarding what is implied in the popsicle stick notations, consider yourself warned!!
These jobs (since someone asked) are like 10-15 minute tasks all around the house. The three oldest will be vacuuming individual rooms, wiping down bathrooms, organizing toys and games, etc… Taft will be doing a fair amount of appliance shining (stove, fridge, washer, dryer etc..) He can also wash windows and mirrors, straighten the shoe closet, dust and put water-bottles in the outside fridge. There are two popsicle sticks that say FREE and two that say "Mom Picks." The rule at our house is you need to have your checklist done BEFORE you make plans for the day and if by chance you blow something off, you forfeit plan-making privileges for the following day.

Yesterday was Kid/Costco day — haven’t had all my kids in Costco at the same time for awhile! We got some interesting comments and looks as we made our way through the aisles with two carts and five kids!! I loved it. A couple of times I smiled and said "Yes, I meant to do this!" We passed a young couple with a screaming one year-old and I said "Stop while your ahead" followed by "Believe it or not, it get’s easier!" We really did have FUN, bought fun treats, and swimming suits and fresh raspberries, blackberries and blueberries!! We did however set a new spending record. In fact, I have a really pretty  dark green 6×8 Anthology album (ScrapWorks) for the first person that can correctly guess the wad I blew, stocking up for Summer. Remember The Price is Right game where you had to rearrange numbers to reflect the "right price?"

The numbers are: 6,9,1,3, and 8

I’m look for dollars and cents here. good luck.
p.s. did a Diva Craft Lounge on Blog Talk Radio interview yesterday (from a parking lot — you can listen here)


  1. april chapman says:

    that is my guess

  2. $369.18??

  3. $819.36? Sounds like a fun shopping spree!

  4. Kim Schroeder says:


  5. I’m going to guess $381.69

  6. $318.69???

  7. Betsy Partridge says:

    $619.83–love Costco…my husband and I used to go there on dates before we got married!

  8. $398.16?

  9. How about….
    $396.81?? It’s easy to do at Costco! I love that place!

  10. $369.81. But you needed everything you got and still didn’t have anything for dinner!! Have a FABULOUS summer Julian family.

  11. Frances C. says:

    $639.18 is my guess

  12. Debbie Dill says:

    $368.91?? Atleat I hope it starts with a 3! :)

  13. $613.89

  14. Um…I’m guessing $386.19. I always WAY over spend at costco–there is just too much good stuff to buy!

  15. $638.91 is my guess.

  16. 613.98

  17. Babette says:

    How about 318.96?
    no Costco here :(

  18. $316.89

  19. $698.13 and I can spend that much without 5 kids!

  20. I love Costco!
    How about 389.61

  21. 318.69

  22. 639.18

  23. $618.39

  24. $396.18…how about that

  25. Donna Bolsar says:


  26. My guess… $918.36

  27. it’s high but I guess, $913.68

  28. dancingly Denise says:

    We don’t have a Cosco’s…but I am guessing it is simmilar to Sam’s? I ALWAYS spend way to much…but I am gonna guess $198.61 ???

  29. hope your tooth feels all better soon! I’ve been there…

  30. Daurene Turpin says:

    wild guess,$386.19. I can so always put that down at times while shopping costco. So don’t try to go very often, can’t really afford it. And if the truth be told, I try really hard not to. I mean it!!!

  31. Jamee Zayas says:

    $ 689.13

  32. Melissa Kaiserman says:

    My guess is $398.61.
    (See you Saturday at Apropos–can’t wait! :)

  33. $368.91

  34. Since noone has guessed it yet, how about 639.81. I can understand the excessive amount spent. I have 4 children and can not seem to get out of Sam’s when we go for under $350.00. Maybe that’s why I don’t go much.

  35. I’m guessing 631.89… I have 4 kids and know how it is…. actually I was there today and spent 369.72 and there wasn’t much food!
    I met you in Edmonton at the Urban event, I just wanted to let you know I was one of the girls that didn’t have pics for the finishline class and I finished the book a couple weeks ago, album cover, embellishments and all.. The thing I love about it is that it’s unperfectness is what makes it perfect!
    Take Care

  36. 381.69? Have a great summer

  37. Michelle Early says:

    $816.93 ?
    Happy Summer!

  38. 316.89
    Maybe it has been guessed but thought I’d try. I know what you are saying about five kids at costco…I always smile when people ask me “Are they ALL yours?” Of course they are…why would any woman drag five kids to costco with her if she did not have to??? LOL! I also have four homegrown boys and adopted our girl from Taiwan last August, are you getting many stops with the four boys and an “asian baby”? Wow do we ever draw the attention where ever we go!!! I love it most of the time but we have had our share of very rude people asking very personal questions in front of my kids…brings out the mama bear in me sometimes!
    Hope you had fun.

  39. Dorothy Rhodes says:

    136.98 is my guess

  40. My guess is 319.86

  41. 361.98, wow.

  42. Linda from KS says:

    $196.83? Though I’ve spent more at our local Sam’s store, which is similar to Costco (we don’t have Costco here)…

  43. 396.18

  44. I know what I can spend going through BJ’s warehouse sooo my guess would be 318.69

  45. siobhan jefferson says:

    Hi Stacy
    I am not going to guess as I am sure that there are not combinations left to choose. I just wanted to say that we are foolish to think that we can have a family and money. I am looking forward to meeting you in November when you come to Australia with Kiwi Scraps. Can’t wait!!!!

  46. $613.98 my god i hope not but 5 kids and 2 shopping carts- easily done!

  47. O, I’m thinking it might be up there with my all time record soending at Costco…$831.96.

  48. Debbie Koehler says:


  49. 391.68 is my guess :)
    sounds like a fun day!

  50. Rachel Cardenas says:


  51. 639.18
    i know i’m not the first to guess that… but wanted to throw it out there with my thought process. i have ONE child. I can’t get out of target fo runder 125.00 for stocking up on “stuff”… so.. times 5…. that’s about close!

  52. Tami Newman says:

    We don’t have a Costco but we do have a Sam’s and spent about $242 last week for just a family of 4 plus 1 dog and a bunny. I will guess $391.68.

  53. 896.13? is my guess!
    I love Costco too!

  54. I’ll be brave – $936.18? Is that possible? I wonder how many possible guesses there are? I thought for sure they would all be taken by now, but looks like I found something new. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for this fun game!

  55. 931.68 I know how spending there can get out of hand. I work at Costco and see some very high totals. Hope you enjoy all your new goodies

  56. I’ll guess 369.16 :)

  57. hmm, 369.18 lol.
    And if I could get on to check your blog before I go to work I would do better yet ;)

  58. Heather says:
  59. Hi Stacy!! Sounds like a fun trip! I’m guessing $681.93

  60. 916.38 ? Sounds like a fun trip!

  61. Tammy Wathen says:

    $618.93 is my guess sinse $300+ can happen pretty easily. Either way it hurts:)

  62. 631.98

  63. Melissa says:

    How about $319.68? But, in my book, if that IS your total you got off light! :-)
    Flower Mound, TX

  64. Margaret says:


  65. My guess is $691.83. Sounds like a fun time.

  66. I’m going to guess $631.89. I love the Price is Right!

  67. $918.63
    is my guess Stacey!

  68. scramperj says:

    631.98? It adds up fast

  69. Lisa E. says:

    I’m guessing….$391.86. Sounds like you had a fun day! I know that once my 4 kids are home for the summer, I enjoy running errands with all or some of them, and my kids especially like it when it’s just “mom + one!” (But to be honest, by the time summer ends, I’m ready for just “mom + none!”) LOL. Have a great day!

  70. Pat Steele says:

    Family of 7 for the summer right? I guess $961.38. I figure at least a few boxes of brownie mix and milk for the ice cream machine.

  71. 869.31
    I love love love Costco!!!
    Karen Borges

  72. 869.31
    I love Costco!!!

  73. 986.13

  74. Cherisse L says:

    I think you could pretty easily spend 813.69!

  75. My tab at Costco is routinely above $250 and I have fewer kids. My guess is $368.19.

  76. $389.16 to be redundant

  77. 938.16 is my guess

  78. 819.63? With 5 kiddos, you have to be up there! :)

  79. i agree on the 396.18. a month ago i had my kids plus 2 neighbor kids who carpool with us for school, and the looks we got! funny thing is, they were all of ages that they could have been siblings had i had them quickly enough, and the neighbors were blondies too, so they fit right in. LOL! I love Costco though, dangerous, but wonderful.

  80. I’m guessing $319.86. That would be a high for me too – I just spent $325 at Walmart last week. Unbelievable!

  81. Kathi K says:

    I could easily spend that much and I don’t have even one kid!! I take that back. I have one 40-year old! He’s kid enough for me!! Hee Hee.

  82. I’ll say $619.38….that is a wad!

  83. I’ll say $619.38…that’s a wad!

  84. $398.61?

  85. 986.31 (With kids… when I take my 3 it could easily add 100 per… LOL) Glad you have fun.
    And did the parents of the screaming infant laugh… hope so. It truly does get easier

  86. 986.31 Easy Peasy! Especially with kids in tow

  87. 986.31 Easy as that and probably in less than an hour!

  88. 613.98 gets my vote!

  89. 398.61…seems odd..but I don’t know what the tax rate is…with three that’s something I’d easily blow…but you seem more thrifty (and your kids are no dipes, wipes or formula)..than I…so that’s my guess..
    Oh wait there’s your little yea you’ve got that too…ummm I’m sticking with thrifty.

  90. Debbie J says:

    I guess $381.96

  91. Julie Brooks says:

    That amount just makes me shudder, but I know it’s an easy number to reach at Costco without a lot of effort!

  92. my guess is 689.31. I was at costco today too, with 5 kids as well, all under 11 years old. FUN. Polish sausage dogs for lunch YUMMY

  93. Tanya Summers says:


  94. 896.13? It really wouldn’t be hard to spend that much! :O)

  95. Julie Coryell says:

    $369.18…. surely you could have at least spent that, I can with my family of 4.
    Thanks for the game,
    Julie Coryell

  96. oops, that’s been guessed. How about 893.16? (especially if you’re hungry, lol!) :o)

  97. I hope I’m not too late.
    Love the blog!

  98. 896.31?
    I didn’t see this one yet…

  99. $938.61 ? :)

  100. $391.68…or was it 6???

  101. 913.86 is my guess…i know how fast i can drop 200+ with just one kid…LOL!!! Thanks for the link to the chairs…I NEED some!

  102. $968.13. Sheesh, I hope that’s not right. With five kids and four of them growing boys, I suppose it very well could be.

  103. 913.68…big, but hey, i can drop 200 with one kid every visit to costco! also, thanks for the link to the chairs…i NEED some!

  104. Is it 831.69 – I would have no trouble spending that much and I don’t even have kids !

  105. Jennifer says:

    869.13 Now that’s stocking up!

  106. whoops…didn’t think the first one went through and darn it cause i mixed the numbers up…oh well :)

  107. Meredith S. says:


  108. $389.16

  109. 198.36 is my guess.

  110. Marilyn Cline says:

    $918.36 Is this right??

  111. Marilyn Cline says:

    $918.36 Is this right??

  112. Marilyn Cline says:

    sorry about the double post – thought the first one didn’t go through!

  113. $893.61. Costco is such a great store!!!

  114. $893.61. Costco is such a great store!!!

  115. $893.61. Costco is such a great store!!!

  116. Joanne P says:

    My guess is $968.31! I love how organized your fridge looks. It makes me happy looking at it.

  117. Joanne P says:

    My guess is $968.31! I love how organized your fridge is, it just makes me happy to look at it.

  118. 381.69.

  119. 381.69.

  120. Hmm…. 896.13 I shudder to think, but there are quite a few mouths to feed at your house :)

  121. My guess is $369.81

  122. Trina Jaynes says:


  123. Trina Jaynes says:


  124. Lynette E says:

    My guess is $813.69. Sounds like you had a GREAT trip to Costco.

  125. I’m guessing $631.98. I only have two kids and we easily hit $200 on a regular basis. :) BTW – LOVE the chairs!

  126. My guess is $638.19! It sure adds up fast! Glad it was FUN tho!
    Blessings! Sherry

  127. My guess: 683.91 :)

  128. How about 983.61??

  129. could it be 613.98? i can bet it wasn’t 136.89, lol:)
    have a great summer!!

  130. $683.91

  131. $683.91

  132. Leanne Smith says:


  133. sam Clarke says:

    my guess is 831.96

  134. Could it be just the order you’ve given us? $691.38? :)

  135. My guess is $198.36! You are a savvy shopper after all!

  136. could it be…386.91? See, to me that’s a LOT but w/5 kids…that would almost be frugal!
    Stacy — have to come to VT now — strawberries are ready for picking — we had HOMEMADE strawberry shortcake last night (from-scratch biscuits and hand-whipped whip cream) and there’s a couple of biscuits left!!!!!!

  137. $691.38?
    I didn’t read all the answers, so sorry if it’s a repeat!
    Sounds like fun!

  138. Carol S says:

    How about $698.31? Hopefully, you won’t have to go again for a while…

  139. Andrea Conlon says:

    $913.68 fingers crossed. I have never spent that much but I figure my kids are little and my day is coming.

  140. Susan28 says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I’m guessing 319.68. Although if the pic above is your overflow fridge, it appears my guess may be too low! Enjoy the abundance of summertime!

  141. Cindy McDannold says:

    $861.39 is my guess. Not to hard to do with 5 kids these days. Cindy

  142. Cindy McDannold says:

    $861.39 is my guess. Cindy

  143. $986.31? that’s my guess.

  144. Tracy Rizzo says:

    my guess i hope for your sake that is so wrong!Although I am 1 of 5 kids so it could be close!

  145. Was it 368.13

  146. Used two of the same number
    let try 368.19

  147. 931.68 is my try. I did some damage at our local Sam’s yesterday, too!

  148. We spend quite a lot each time we go to BJ’s with a family of 5, so my guess is $693.81

  149. I’m guessing…

  150. s.patel says:

    i’m guessing 891.63?
    it is, afterall, a lot of people to stock up for! :)

  151. Tracy Frazier says:


  152. 963.81 ??

  153. Oh my goodness…I can’t believe nobody has gotten it right after all those combos! $681.39…another guess.

  154. 869.31

  155. Tracy Schmitt says:

    $691.38??? It all adds up so fast :)

  156. Tracy Schmitt says:


  157. My guess is $968.31

  158. not sure if it’s been guessed or not but here’s my guess…$631.89.

  159. My guess is $968.13

  160. Hi Stacy!
    My guess is $689.13, it would be easy to spend so much more at Costco especially when you are stocking up for summer!

  161. My guess….$893.16

  162. My guess is 163.98 —-

  163. I’m gonna say $681.93. Sometimes fun can be really expensive!

  164. 631.89 that’s my guess!

  165. Nicole Mantooth says:

    I too love Costco and always spend way too much. Gotta love it though. I have 4 boys myself so keeping the fridge stocked is a challenge around here. I know also what you mean about the looks. I have a 12 yr old, 10 year old, a 2 year old and then a 23 1/2 week old. Why the looks I don’t know, but I tell you I would not change it for the world. And yes I meant to do it too. :)

  166. LOL! Love the fact that you’re so happy it’s summer you took a happy picture of a weed. (I was going to ask you if you thought it was a weed – they are after all, in the eye of the beholder – because I do at my house).
    As for the guess, I know what I could drop at Costco when I had only one, so lets see… $381.96. Hope no one else guessed this, as I didn’t look.

  167. Lynn Ashcraft says:

    How bout 693.81

  168. Wow- Lots of combinations! I was going to be all technical, but it was taking far too much work.
    If I did the math there are 120 possibilites, but we can prettymuch ignore any option beginning with 1. SO, based on that there were 86 viable guesses before me (after removing duplicates). I was going to take the time to figure out what options were remaining, but that oart is far too time consuming.
    So, my guess is $931.86

  169. Shannon Simpson says:

    My guess would be $319.68. Love Costco!

  170. My Guess 698.13

  171. 916.83 is my guess. I skimmed the othes but don’t think I saw this one… could be wrong. Oh well!

  172. 916.83

  173. WHat a great contest! Did you know there are 120 possible combinations of those 5 numbers? Pretty unbelieveable, huh? (Gotta love being a math teacher)
    My guess is $896.31

  174. Amy Quertermous says:

    Okay – I don’t think this as been guessed but if I’m right – WOW.

  175. $693.81

  176. Kim Chalfen says:


  177. Michelle Z. says:


  178. what an awesome idea to use popsicle sticks for quick chores! where did you get that idea? i need a book or website w/ more ideas like this. i’ll be going back to school full time and will need to distribute the load at home.

  179. 389.16

  180. is the rocking adirondack chair comfortable? we’ve been wanting to get one but are suspicious of ordering one online for fear it won’t be comfortable.

  181. I’m surprised there are any guesses left with all you’ve gotten! Hmmm…I know I can drop $400 easily on 1 child and a husband. Figuring in for five and considering what numbers haven’t been chosen…Wow!
    Okay, I’m going for 836.91.

  182. michele says:

    Stacy–love the popcicle stick jobs…(kind of like the category sticks for LOM right?) A lot of those jobs sound like they are from….have you been there? Go there NOW! So cool! It will change your life!

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