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Q: My question is , "where did you get that great green bracelet that you’re wearing in the photo on the BPS website"?  It catches my eye everyday and I too,love green.
All the best…thank you for helping so many women relax and create!!!! (from Linda in CO)

A: My sister Darci gave it to me. She is the "trendspotter" in our family — she is the one that told me to go get my nike mary janes for CHA (which have had more compliments than any other pair of shoes — evah!) anyway, I’m 90% sure she bought it at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Ut — I don’t think there is an online store, but she has told me on numerous occasions how cool this one store is, so we visited last time I was there and it was indeed cool. I get most of my jewelry though from my sis-in-law hillary. I posted her website back in December, here it is again – beadhive jewelry – cool thing about hillary is you can tell her what you like and know she’ll get it right.

Q: You mentioned awhile ago that you were going to do a show on PBS in April…has it aired? if not, when will it be on? what is it called?

p.s. I have been a fan since seeing you with Deana Lamson on More Than Memories…you absolutely ROCK!!!!

A: Anyone (thanks Lynette) who thinks I ROCK(ed)!!! on that original PBS show should get a prize or something. Here’s the deal. I now have a short "big picture" segment (more like a message) on every episode of in the new series (#1100) of Scrapbook Memories. I filmed these segments in April and they could start airing as early as July, depending on what city you are in and which PBS affiliate station you watch. You can find out more at scrapbookmemories.com

Q: Hi! I just discovered your book The Big Picture and I LOVE it. It is going to change the way I scrapbook forever – so very freeing. (I am also taking classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking right now too!) I love the idea of the Family Fun Library. I was curious, since the albums you used are not longer available (they were very cute), what 8.5 x 11 albums are you using now/or do you recommend? I am not very familiar with albums as I have only used CM albums and now I scrapbook digitally and have yet to print out my pages.
Thank you for your time and your wonderful book.

A: Thank you Pam! I completely refreshed my library system when I moved into a new house and developed my online Library of Memories class. I am using the Modern albums by American Crafts and have been assured that they will be available for years to come. These albums are affordable and sturdy, but a rather "casual" style (which works for me!) I am still using four different colors — I love color and it makes finding the right album much easier for kids. They come in both 12×12 and 81/2 x 11 sizes (I have now added one 12×12 album to each of my categories btw — so I have more freedom when creating pages for my library — this is a change since writing my book) If you want albums that have more of what I call a "living room" feel. I love the linen albums from We R Memory Keepers. They cost a bit more, and purchasing a "library" of matching albums can get pretty pricy, BUT the colors are absolutely delicious, and the quality outstanding. I use these albums to house my Photos I Love layouts!! Both of these companies have top-notch customer service — so they will answer any questions you have and stand behind their products. Scrapbook.com is a great online resource for both lines as well! Hope this gives you some ideas.

two more things.
check out the cool layout that Paulina created about our Finish Line walk in Buffalo!

and just for the record shelley, your purse was seriously adorable

i’ve already ordered this doo-dad pouch in spring fling (lined with black gingham) and this one too!

I’d love to work with you someday too btw (even without the gushing)


  1. Stacy you are amazing…have I told you that enough?! It’s obvious that anyone that comes in contact with you can pick up on your passion and they totally fall in love with you!!

  2. Stacy, love the q & a format with a lot of great questions. Also, love those purses. Are you a pursoholic? LOL

  3. Julie Brooks says:

    Hey Stacy! Love your Q&A. I had to comment…I have a pair of Nike Mary Janes and they are the BEST ever shoes! I too have gotten more compliments on my MJ’s then any other shoe. They are so much fun.

  4. woo hoo!!!! I’m on Stacy’s BLOG!!! yee haw! yee haw! seriously, though.. thanks for the kind words. I received SOOOO many compliments on my lil ElisaLou… I need to email her and tell her!
    as for the working part… where do i apply? I am not even remotely kidding…YOU are what my career needs right now! we’ll talk! :O)
    have a ROCKING weekend, Stacy! keep in touch… and I wrote about you on my bloggity blog… my girlfriends now think i’ve officially lost it! :O)

  5. Holy cow! Was I ever surprised when I read this and saw Shelley on here . . . we were just talking about how much we admired you this morning when we were comparing notes on our Finish Line albums. Mine is travelling with me this weekend to be embellished and, of course, to show the pics to our cousins (who we only get to see a couple times a year).
    Thanks a million for the awesome class last week, an inspiring blog, and The Big Picture book. Love it all!

  6. Stacy, I loved your Big Picture book! Thank you for the update on your album system. I had been thinking about trying the American Crafts album and now I am convinced. I am glad to hear that these albums will be available for a while.

  7. HeatherV says:

    I’m on your blog. WAHOO!! What a cool page Pauline. I had a blast in your class last weekend. Not totally for me but I took lots of info out of it.
    BTW, my lens works fine Thank Goodness. Just had to replace the filter.

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